Women's work parkas / coats

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  1. Marine
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    Blaklader stretch winter hooded jacket
    As low as €123.96 €103.30 Regular Price €223.58
  2. Noir
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    Women's Regatta Professional BENSON III Waterproof Breathable 3-in-1 Parka
    As low as €65.80 €54.83 Regular Price €109.66
  3. Marine
      Coverguard winter work parka KABAN
      As low as €44.48 €37.07
    • Noir
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      Coverguard ISA 3 in 1 Work Parka
      As low as €45.30 €37.75 Regular Price €75.50
    • Marine
      • Rouge
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        BEAUFORD Professional Regatta Winter Parka
        As low as €38.33 €31.94 Regular Price €63.88
      • Marine
        • Outlet -40
        Women's Parka Regatta Professional BEAUFORD
        As low as €38.33 €31.94 Regular Price €63.88
      • Parka de travail hiver haute visibilité matelassée Femme Portwest jaune
        • Parka Softshell 3 couches matelassée FEMME Pen Duick noir
          • Parka de travail imperméable Coverguard Ripstop Gris
              Coverguard Ripstop Waterproof Work Parka
              As low as €56.54 €47.12
            • Parka de travail Coverguard America
              • Outlet -40
              Coverguard America 3in1 work parka with fleece lining
              As low as €59.41 €49.51 Regular Price €99.02
            • Coverguard Bodyguard 4-in-1 Work Parka
                Coverguard Bodyguard 4-in-1 Work Parka
                As low as €72.90 €60.75
              • Vert
                • Outlet -40
                Coverguard Rain Parka
                As low as €6.32 €5.27 Regular Price €10.54
              • Bleu
                  Beaver Coverguard Winter Work Parka
                  As low as €73.80 €61.50
                • Parka de travail softshell hiver Coverguard Yang Winter II noir
                  • Noir
                    • Free delivery
                    Blaklader winter work parka
                    As low as €284.75 €237.29
                  • Gris Foncé
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                  • Orange / Marine
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                  • Noir
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                    Albatros professional parka RASMUSSEN
                    As low as €45.32 €37.77 Regular Price €75.54
                  • Jaune / Marine
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                  • Jaune / Gris
                    • Gris
                      • Noir
                          Quilted Parka Pen Duick Challenger
                          As low as €19.90 €16.58
                        • army
                          • Free delivery
                        • Parka 3 en 1 avec blouson amovible Penduick Caphorn ouvert
                          • Free delivery
                        • Parka softshell doublée capuche femme Kariban Gris foncé
                          • Marine
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                            Portwest ELGIN Women's 3-in-1 Parka
                            As low as €79.73 €66.44
                          • Marine
                            • Outlet -40
                            Portwest Arbroath Fleece Lined Breathable Waterproof Parka
                            As low as €37.18 €30.98 Regular Price €61.96
                          • Jaune
                              Portwest 122cm High Visibility Rain Coat
                              As low as €38.54 €32.12

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                            Choosing comfortable women's parkas/work coats

                            The working conditions of certain trades can sometimes be difficult, but with the appropriate work clothes, the professional can work in comfort and in complete safety. Among the essential work clothes to protect against bad weather are parkas and pro coats. They allow both to keep warm while being waterproof. These garments can also be equipped with specific textile technologies to ensure the safety of the worker according to the requirements of his job. To enjoy the benefits of parkas and work coats for women, it is important to make the right choice, especially with regard to their different features.

                            What are women's parkas and work coats for?

                            The parka or work coat is the outer layer of your work outfit. They are recommended for difficult outdoor working conditions to protect you from the cold, humidity (snow, rain, etc.), but also from the wind. Parkas are shorter while coats are longer. In both cases, their roles remain the same. These work clothes can even take on other functions depending on the requirements of the job. They can be fireproof, anti-cut, anti-UV, etc., thanks to specific technical properties provided to the manufacturing textile.

                            To enjoy the benefits of parkas and work coats for women, it is necessary to choose quality models. They must be ergonomic, light, resistant and breathable to promote the comfort of these ladies on a daily basis. But these work clothes must also be thick enough to keep you warm throughout the day, without impeding your movements. It is also important to choose a model that covers enough, whether at the level of the neck, torso, back or arms, but also the thighs, sometimes up to the knees depending on the length chosen.

                            Choosing aesthetic women's parkas/work coats

                            Don't skimp on the aspect of the garment either, which must be pleasant to see. For a feminine model, choose a model whose cut is slightly fitted at the waist. Pay attention to the details at the seams, openings, pockets, etc. Even the choice of colors matters, as does the choice of material. Prefer a resistant fabric, but comfortable, especially at the level of the lining. To make your daily life easier, your parkas and coats must be practical and easy to maintain. Generally, thanks to their impermeability, these garments are not difficult to wash. But you still need to find out about the care instructions before any purchase.

                            Choose women's work coats/parkas that meet safety standards

                            Finally, parkas and work coats must ensure your safety at work. This is why, depending on your job, you must check the safety standards that your work clothes have. Others are designed according to the High visibility standard EN ISO 20471 with class 2 reflective strips. This type of garment has been tested after washing. Parkas and work coats also effectively protect against the cold and are certified to the EN 342:2017 standard. But this PPE must be supplemented with the appropriate accessories: gloves, hats, etc., for optimal protection.

                            When work is imperative, regardless of the weather, it is important to wear the appropriate clothing such as parkas and work coats. The latter must therefore be effective against rainy and windy weather. In this case, it is advisable to choose a EN 343 standard. The first number indicates that the garment is waterproof while the second number indicates that it is a breathable fabric. In addition, these parkas and work coats can also be suitable to avoid the risk of cuts (EN ISO 11611) or burns (EN ISO 11612), they can protect against thermal hazards (IEC 61482-2), liquid chemicals (EN 12034) or anti-UV (EN 13758-2), anti-static (EN 1149-5), etc.

                            Warm parkas and women's work coats, the best brands at the right price at Oxwork

                            First, it should be noted that all the products on the Oxwork site comply with the standards in force, such is the case for the coats and parkas on offer.

                            A whole selection of these stylish work tops are available on the site, in various colors and sizes (size S to 3XL). They can be plain or two-tone, with hoods or without, with stand-up collar, with taped seams, with windproof fabric, with buttons or closures.

                            In terms of comfort, quality and durability, these parkas and safety coats for women are made of very solid materials (nylon oxford), but cozy inside (100% polyester, cotton).

                            For protection capacity, there are several, depending on the working conditions of each professional:

                            • Parkas and waterproof coats,
                            • Padded parkas and winter coats,
                            • Parkas and raincoats high-visibility,
                            • Parkas and work coats with thermal lining,
                            • Parkas and flame retardant safety coats.