Women's metal-free safety shoes

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    Maxguard SX310 S3 SRC HRO membrane safety shoes
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    Membrane high safety shoes Maxguard SX410 S3 SRC HRO
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    Maxguard SX420 S3 SRC HRO high membrane safety shoes
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    Diadora D-Blitz S3 SRC low safety shoes
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    Helly Hansen ADDVIS LOW CUT S3 low safety shoes
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      Lemaitre AEROBLUE S1P SRC safety shoes
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        Lemaitre MASTER S3 ESD safety shoes
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        Women's safety trainers Lemaitre RANDA S1P
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      • Basket de sécurité basses sans métal végan Albatros DRIFTER GREEN LOW S1P SRC
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      Items 1-32 of 114

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      Safety shoes are collectively personal protective equipment (PPE). They can equip professionals, individuals and administrations.

      According to the labor code ofarticle R.233-83-3, the wearing of PPE for employees is a reminder of the risks that can affect the safety or health of an individual during his work. This regulation therefore advises the wearing of protective equipment to prevent the risks and dangers of your sector of activity. This equipment is defined as a device or means of protection for those who wear it. It must be emphasized that the protection is individual and not the equipment.

      Therefore, safety shoes are essential. There are several quality models that meet protection standards on Oxwork. The online store offers safety shoes for women which are available in several suitable sizes. In addition, they meet the protection requirements equal to that of men's shoes. They also benefit from a light style and incomparable comfort.

      Women's safety shoes

      Like men, women also need to wear protective equipment, shoes and safety clothing for work. Protective clothing can make women feel comfortable and safe.

      Safety shoes allow women to perform their tasks efficiently and confidently. There are many models of safety pairs specially designed for the female gender. There are high and low types of shoes. There are also safety boots and trainers that are both comfortable and sturdy, while maintaining the feminine touch.

      Today, work and protective sneakers are increasingly easy to find to complete the work outfit dedicated to women. Women's safety shoes can therefore complement work clothes.

      Metal-free safety shoes for women

      Most metal-free safety shoes for women are naturally lighter compared to shoes with steel toes. They also offer more comfort thanks to the technologies with which they have been designed. They are often made with quality materials such as composite or kevlar to give flexibility and lightness.

      Non-metallic safety shoes are very practical for women and useful for certain trades. They are ideal for professionals who go through security doormen or intervention agents in airport areas. Non-magnetic safety shoes do not trigger the security doorbell bell. When the shells and soles are not made of metal, the weight of the shoes is reduced.

      These shoes dedicated to women have anti-perforation soles in textile to provide excellent flexibility. They can thus allow a better rolling of the feet during the steps.

      Non-magnetic safety shoes are strongly recommended for women who work in clean rooms, in environments with dangerous electrostatic discharges and in automated industries. These pairs offer protection against the risk of electrostatic discharge.

      Women's non-metallic low-cut safety shoes

      There are several types of metal-free low shoes for women to ensure your safety in your working environment on the platform. They govern European settlement standards.

      In the collection of shoes for sale on the site, the low models are light and comfortable. They comply with the European standard EN 20345 S1, S1P, S2 or S3 to meet the requirements of industry and trade. It depends on your sector of activity, because each profession has its requirements. On the one hand, workers exposed to difficult environments must wear S3 safety shoes. On the other hand, there are women who work in a dry environment and in indoor work such as storekeepers, carpenters or tilers must wear S1P standard footwear.

      Women's non-metallic high-top safety shoes

      Like low-top safety sneakers, women's high metal-free shoes also comply with the European EN 20345 safety footwear regulation. Indeed, the boots also meet S1, S1P, S2 or S3 standards.

      Oxwork offers several high-top non-metallic safety shoes for women. They are old