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  1. WK unisex work overalls. Designed To Work
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    WK unisex work overalls. Designed To Work
    As low as €26.03 €21.69 Regular Price €32.54
  2. Combinaison de travail Redhawk Dickies Marine
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    Dickies Redhawk Work Coverall
    As low as €40.33 €33.61 Regular Price €67.22
  3. Vert foncé
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    Men's Green double-zip work suit FUSIBLE LMA
    As low as €28.90 €24.08 Regular Price €30.42
  4. Marine
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    Blaklader suspender overall 100% cotton 370g
    As low as €90.68 €75.57 Regular Price €151.14
  5. Marine
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    Blaklader stretch back sleeveless jumpsuit 100% cotton 370g
    As low as €84.07 €70.06 Regular Price €140.11
  6. Marine / bleu
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    Blaklader Industrie work coverall long sleeves 100% cotton
    As low as €91.45 €76.21 Regular Price €152.42
  7. Rouge
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    Dickies 100% cotton coverall with retro reflective stripes
    As low as €30.31 €25.26 Regular Price €50.52
  8. Bleu Royal
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    Portwest Polycotton Euro Work Coverall
    As low as €22.81 €19.01 Regular Price €25.34
  9. Orange
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    Liverpool Portwest Combination
    As low as €20.22 €16.85 Regular Price €33.71
  10. Orange
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    Portwest C811 Work Coveralls
    As low as €25.50 €21.25 Regular Price €42.50

11 Items

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Overalls are recommended for workers to avoid damage to their personal clothing.

Why the name overalls and why wear it?

The name blue work comes from its blue color, which was originally called Prussian. This color is also known as Berlin blue because it originated in this city and not so long ago many artists used the same blue with its type of pigment for their works long after it was used for this work outfit!

Following the industrial revolution, the wearing of overalls became widespread. This suit allows you to work without worrying about the wear of clothes, this work garment is less messy and more solid.

Today work overalls are protective clothing that appears in many trades. In fact, to avoid getting their own clothes dirty, workers prefer to wear overalls. This equipment is popular with professionals (warehouse, logistics, garage) but also with individuals who wish to benefit from protection.

Even if overalls have kept their name despite the passing years, this good is available in many colors as well as in different materials (cotton, polyester, etc.). Seeing a person wearing red work overalls is therefore no longer shocking and very common.

The particularity of this work outfit lies in its resistance to wear, its partial protection against harmful matter and its greater ease of cleaning against stains, hence its practical side for any job. In addition, there are multiple pockets if the need arises to facilitate the worker's tasks.

Despite what one might think, overalls are comfortable clothing that in no way hinders the freedom of movement of the individual. There are still prejudices according to which there is only "men's work overalls" while we even find for children .

Overalls, an uneven color (red, black, green) - Mechanic, Farmer, Welder, Winter

The work overall comes from its distinctive color which was used by workers to differentiate themselves and keep track of their status. Today, clothing has different colors depending on the job or field the individual does; there are green dungarees for farmers (who also wear white hats), brown ones that go with pom poms in certain professions like woodcutting/burning etc, gray clothing worn mostly during winter months winter when you are not doing hard work but rather tending to the needs of your household.

The different safety requirements of the work sectors mean that the suits must be able to cover many risks. For example, waterproofing is necessary for workers in outdoor industry, but not for food professionals who need more chemical protection on their clothing.

How to remove stains from your jumpsuit?

When you're done with your work clothes, it's important to wash them properly so they can be used again. However, if just washing in the washing machine isn't enough to get rid of some stubborn stains on our pants or sleeves, then we need another cleaning method to get rid of those stubborn marks!

First, you need to focus on the most stubborn stains. Apply moistened Marseille soap directly to these areas and leave it on for a few minutes without rinsing off any excess liquid that may be present so as not to interrupt its effectiveness against stubborn dirt particles or clinging organizations (savings, n 'is this not ?). Then put your garment in an automatic washing machine set to its lowest temperature and agitate mode only - no spin! After adding a cup of distilled white vinegar per load to anything that might need cleaning next time…

Where to find and buy this cheap men's/women's work clothes in an online store?

Dickies, LMA, BLAKLADER workwear, and many other brands at Oxwork

The "women's overalls" have their place in the product catalog made available by our online store Oxwork. In addition, they are important to know that many benefits can be added to the wearing of this work outfit in your trade.

Indeed, the safety shoes, the ear-cancelling headphones are examples of products that can be worn with a working combination, but there are many others.