Portwest offers torches and inspection torches that combine power and performance, ideal for professionals (mechanics, garages, craftsmen...). Portwest uses a new CREE technology up to 10 times brighter than LED bulbs.

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Browse our selection of headlamps, from tool carriers, from belts , professional cutter blades, and chemical absorbents. These personal protective equipment accessories are designed to meet the highest safety standards, ensuring optimal protection in the workplace.

Our flashlights are essential products for any expedition into wilderness areas, whether for a trail or a nighttime running session. Built to withstand the harshest conditions, they serve as reliable floodlights, illuminating your path and keeping you safe. Each lamp is tested to ensure optimal performance, allowing you to fully concentrate on your activity without worrying about visibility. Perfect for adventurers and sportsmen, our flashlights are essential companions for all your explorations.

The rechargeable electric flashlight

Whether at work or in everyday life, the flashlight is an essential accessory. In the professional world, the torch is essential protection and safety equipment for employees working at night or working in mines or others. It is also used by security agents as well as police officers, firefighters and even the military. A work flashlight must be powerful, efficient and versatile. Follow the guide for more details!

The laser flashlight

Small in size, thelaser torch is equipped with a simple laser diode instead of a bulb. It is powered by a battery or batteries. This flashlight is distinguished by the power and finesse of its light beam with which it is possible to point at objects from afar, with great precision.

Originally used by professors and lecturers, this type of torch has become popular in astronomy. Indeed, the laser torch allows you to show the position of the stars during the initiation sessions. It can also be useful to professional hikers, as it serves as a signaling.

The rechargeable electric flashlight

The rechargeable flashlight is generally held in the hand. It can also be attached to the wrist or transformed into a headlamp. Equipped with LED bulb, it displays superior performance. This torch differs from a normal model in that it is equipped with either a battery or rechargeable batteries.

This type of work flashlight is used by many professionals such as craftsmen, security services , truck drivers or even police officers. Indeed, it is designed for professional use thanks to its considerable lighting capabilities. For even more light, some models even have several LED lamps. As for rechargeable torches to be worn on the forehead or wrist, they are mainly used by professionals who practice their activities during the night. This goes without saying.

Tactical flashlights

Tactical flashlights are so called because they are equipped with a tactical switch. Intended for professional use, they are mainly used in the army, the civil service, the gendarmerie and the police. Indeed, this type of torch is an effective means of self defense since it has a strobe mode. In other words, stroboscope defines a light source where light phase and dark phase alternate. This function is useful since it can create blindness. Efficient and powerful, the tactical flashlight allows professionals working in the field of security to protect themselves against any attack. It is also used in mechanics. Also called intervention lamp, it is most of the time designed with resistant and solid material.

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Whether you are a truck driver, a police officer or even a security agent, it is important to have excellent visibility at all times for this type of dangerous job. Therefore, it is more judicious to equip yourself with flashlights (headlamps or not) combining reliability, efficiency and power. Models with a range of up to 120 meters or an autonomy of 32 hours are among the most recommended. Which is normal.

Certain work torches can also be fitted to a helmet to form part of the official equipment of police officers, firefighters, soldiers, or even workers working in industry. In terms of headlamps, manufacturers today offer numerous models offering a visibility distance of up to 30 meters and which are easily attached to the helmet or directly to the head. These torches make carrying out the work easier since they free both hands.

You can also opt for the portable projector providing autonomy of up to 12 hours of light. Combining power and practicality, this type of flashlight offers intense light adjustable to three different points: low, flashing or high. Besides this, it is equipped with a 120° rotating head. Among the most popular work torches are also long-range lamps allowing you to dazzle objects or people in delicate situations. Find our ranges of flashlights on

Flashlights represent essential tools among personal protective equipment (PPE), providing a portable and versatile light source for a variety of applications. With models available in aluminum versions, waterproof and designed for use in ATEX zones, these lamps meet the specific needs of users in varied environments.

Lenser, Nitecore, and Maglite LED flashlights offer high lumen levels, ensuring optimal brightness for illuminating work areas, camping, expeditions, or nighttime running. Some models, such as the Petzl Core, offer USB charging options, making them convenient and economical. Compact flashlights can be easily carried in a pocket for convenient use on the go, while larger versions, such as those in the Peli series, are ideal for professional use requiring added robustness and durability.

These flashlights offer several lighting modes, such as red mode for discreet use or strobe mode to signal in the event of an emergency. Some models are certified waterproof, providing protection against splashing water and allowing use in wet conditions. In summary, flashlights represent an essential complement to PPE, providing a portable, durable light source suitable for a diverse range of professional and leisure activities.