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  1. Velilla Japanese Style Kitchen Bandana
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    Velilla Japanese Style Kitchen Bandana
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  2. Bandana de refroidissement Portwest face
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    Portwest Cooling Bandana
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  3. Noir
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    Robur Atlanta adjustable chef's cap
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  4. Blanc
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    Disposable cap with Tidy Professional visor (Pack of 100)
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  5. Noir
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    Robur Bandy polycotton kitchen bandana
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  6. Blanc
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    Tidy Professionnal Puffy Round Disposable Charlotte (Pack of 100)
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  7. Blanc
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    Tidy Professional Disposable Catering Cap (Pack of 100)
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  8. Bleu
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    Charlotte disposable clip Tidy Professional (Pack of 100)
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  9. Blanc
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  10. LMA chef's cap
      LMA chef's cap
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      Chef's hat Robur ALBERTVILLE (Set of 2)
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      Chef's hat Robur COOKHAT (set of 50)
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      Portwest kitchen cap
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    15 Items

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    The toque and the cap are essential accessories to complete the professional kitchen outfit. They prevent hair or other foreign bodies from falling into prepared dishes. The work cap is used to standardize work outfits.

    Check out our selection of head protection, including a variety of equipment such as construction helmets, protective glasses, a forestry helmet, work caps, and work caps.

    Within our site dedicated to professional clothing, hats and caps occupy pride of place, perfectly complementing our range of products for men and women, including jackets, pants, shoes, and even charlottes. These headgear, essential in the catering and health sectors, are available on sale, thus offering our customers the opportunity to equip themselves with high quality products at advantageous prices. Designed to meet the specific requirements of these sectors, our hats and caps combine functionality and style, ensuring comfort and hygiene while reinforcing professional identity.

    The chef's hat, a traditional and professional outfit

    The cook's white work coat is not a complete work outfit without the toque. It's a kind of traditional image, but wearing it is a clue to recognizing quality cuisine.

    How to choose the right chef's hat?

    Today, there are several types of toques. It is therefore important to make the right choice based on three things: your budget, your needsand your look.

    The fabric hat

    High and starched, the traditional hat is not always very comfortable. But more modern versions are more suitable today. Made of cottonor polycotton, it is easily machine washable. Being more flexible and comfortable than the old ones, these hats also have the advantage of absorbing the cook's sweat well.

    The disposable hat

    Being lightweight and anti-allergy treated, disposable hats are mainly made of paperor non-woven. They are one size and adapt to all head sizes thanks to a self-adhesive adjustment headband.

    The cook's cap

    Made from fabricor paper, the caps allow you to inject a touch of originality into the kitchen. They are worn close to the head and adjusted with ties.

    The bandana

    Made of fabric, the bandanas can be used toretain the cook's hair.Its shape is perfect forabsorbing sweatand its use is recommended during the summer season .

    What are the advantages of wearing a hat?

    The use of hats is essential to maintain adequate hygiene when preparing food.

    First, wearing a hat in the kitchen avoids hair loss in the food. It absorbs sweat from the forehead and gives status to the cook< /a>. Finally, it offers better aesthetics for the chef.

    The different types of kitchen hats

    There are several models of hats today, but here are the 6 most popular:

    • French or mushroom type: Very useful for collecting hair and guaranteeing the absorption of sweat, this model is the most used by cooks around the world.
    • Military type: Not covering the top of the head, it is used by people with very short hair. It is usually worn by butchers or bakers.
    • Tubular type: Resembling a long tube that rises from the head, it is commonly used by the chef.
    • Cap type with visor: This model is very popular among cooks who wear long hair. Adapted perfectly to the head, this type of cap prevents the hat from falling during the constant movements of the cook.
    • Bandana type: Used by cooks with short hair due to its arrangement, it allows the absorption of sweat on the forehead.
    • Paper hat:It is made of paper and very hygienic in the kitchen.

    The different roles of the work cap

    Made to provide comfort depending on the season, the cap canprotect from the sunthanks to the visor. It is also designed to be breathablein order to wick away perspiration. Finally, the cap can alsoprotect you against the extreme coldthanks to a fleece fabric.

    In the catering sector, the disposable fishnet capis particularly used. Its role is to prevent hair from falling into a given space. For outdoor work,high visibility capsare used to increase the visibility of their wearer. Equipped with reflective strips, they allow the wearer to be better distinguished when visibility is very low.

    Kitchen Cap Model: Portwest Kitchen Cap

    Available in two colors, this kitchen headdress has adjustable straps. It is made of Kingsmill fabric with 65% Polyester and 35% cotton.

    Kitchen hat model: Albertville kitchen hat

    The Albertville kitchen hat has a self-closing tab for a better fit as well as a wide 10 cm wide band.

    Work cap model: Air Tech ventilated bump cap

    Providing maximum ventilation, the Air Tech Bump Cap has a modern textile design. It is suitable for all uses and is easily adjusted at the back using a buckle.

    Toques and caps represent essential accessories among personal protective equipment (PPE), specially designed to meet the needs of professionals in various professions. Available in white, black or other colors, these headdresses complement the uniform of professionals in the service, catering, healthcare and other sectors. Renowned brands such as Robur, Molinel, and Flo offer a variety of hats, caps, and caps that meet safety standards while providing a professional touch to work attire. Some models, such as charlottes, are specially designed for environments requiring rigorous hygiene, such as those of healthcare and catering professionals. Availability in stock, whether in batches or units, ensures efficient management of the equipment needed in the workplace. Promotions and prices including tax make it easier to acquire these PPE, while user reviews often guide the choice by highlighting the quality, comfort and durability of these hats and caps. In summary, hats and caps, as essential elements of PPE, contribute to the safety and hygiene of professionals, while reflecting the seriousness and professionalism specific to each profession.