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  1. High Visibility Vest HV 2 belts Coverguard NEPPA
    • Pantalon de pluie à bretelles haute visibilité Coverguard Hydra Jaune
        Coverguard Hydra Hi-Vis Bib Rain Pants
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      • Parka de travail d'hiver haute visibilité PW2 Portwest jaune
          Portwest PW2 Hi-Vis Winter Work Parka
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        • Blouson 3 en 1 haute visibilité imperméable PW3 Portwest Jaune
          • Pantalon de travail haute-visibilité avec poches flottantes démontables DX4 Portwest orange
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          • Pantalon de travail écoresponsable haute visibilité avec poches genouillères Portwest Orange
            • Eco-responsible
          • Pantalon de travail haute visibilité Diadora EN 20471:2013 2 - jaune fluo - face
            • Jaune
                Dickies Hi-Vis Waterproof Jacket
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                Portwest SEALTEX ULTRA Hi-Vis Waterproof Padded Jacket
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              • Orange
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                ROTHENBURG Helly Hansen High Vis Bib Overalls
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              Items 1-32 of 479

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              The importance of high visibility in the workplace - PPE

              High-visibility workwear is a critical requirement in industries where a significant portion of the work is done near traffic, cranes, or other motorized vehicles, especially work is often done at night. The primary role of high-visibility clothing is to distinguish the wearer from the background. Thus, they are clearly visible from all angles, which prevents accidents in potentially dangerous situations.

              In some sectors, the health and safety manager is required to refer to EN ISO 20471 or EN 471 on personal protective equipment at work. The main terms of this regulation state that:

              - The types of high-visibility clothing worn by workers must be appropriate to the risk inherent in the performance of the work and in the work itself.

              - The hi-vis clothing you need will vary depending on the conditions and the risks involved.

              - You need to make sure the colors are correct. The permitted colors are fluorescent yellow, fluorescent red or fluorescent orange.

              This type of clothing can be worn by professionals in different high-risk sectors such as transport, Construction, road, industrial and other sites.

              The different classes of high visibility workwear (yellow or orange) - Men / Women

              There are three different classes of high-visibility gear. They are numbered from 1 to 3 depending on the visibility. For each class, the standard dictates the area and placement of fluorescent, reflective, and contrast materials. None of the fluorescent and reflective materials can substitute for the other in the calculation of areas, the purpose being different.

              - Class 3: The total fluorescent surface must consist of at least 0.8 m² and 0.10 m² of reflective material. Class 3 high-visibility workwear is made for high-risk outdoor work such as on the side of the highway, outside a building or an unfenced house, or even on a construction site.

              - Class 2: The total fluorescent surface must be greater than or equal to 0.5 m² and that of the reflective material 0.13 m² minimum. Class 2 high-visibility workwear is made for outdoor work, on or near a demarcated and fenced site.

              - Class 1: The total fluorescent surface must be at least 0.14 m² and 0.10 m² of reflective material. Class 1 high visibility workwear is made for evening work, indoors, offices or homes.

              The products offered by the online store comply with the ISO 20471 standard to ensure immediate compliance with the standards.

              Advice for the maintenance of your high visibility garment - Jacket/Pants/Jacket/etc

              Ensure the comfort and safety of your team by respecting the rules in force on the wearing of this protection. A high-visibility garment should always be closed to ensure maximum protection and reduce the risk of entanglement. Even for the vests, make sure they are well fixed. You must wear clothes that are the right size so that you do not have uncomfortable clothes that easily come off in the slightest gust of wind.

              As a general rule, the dirtier the hi-vis garment, the less effective it is. Take good care of all your clothes by washing them regularly. Remember that it should always be washed inside out to protect the reflex tape. Follow the washing and care instructions to avoid mistakes and guarantee the durability of this workwear. The clothes offered by can also be washed frequently without the risk of altering their reflective and fluorescent power.

              Do not modify, cut or remove reflective or fluorescent sections. If you want to personalize your high-visibility workwear with your company logo or the function of each worker, make sure you don't hide the light strips even by a few millimeters.