Landscape gardener gloves

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  1. Blanc-intérieur
    • Outlet -30
    Eurotechnique 6810 anti-cut gloves (lot of 12 pairs of gloves)
    As low as €43.51 €36.26 Regular Price €62.16
  2. Noir
    • Outlet -30
  3. Marron-ext
    • Outlet -30
  4. Gants de manutention cuir Eurotechnique 2230
    • Promo -30
    Eurotechnique 2230 leather handling gloves (lot of 10 pairs of gloves)
    As low as €34.86 €29.05 Regular Price €49.80
  5. Gants de manutention et travaux de précision respirants Coverguard EUROLITE blanc
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    Eurotechnique 602 Precision Handling Gloves (set of 10)
    As low as €6.02 €5.02 Regular Price €8.60
  6. Bleu
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    Eurotril Eurotechnique 9610 handling gloves (set of 10 pairs of gloves)
    As low as €21.84 €18.20 Regular Price €31.20
  7. Gants anti-coupure Razor Niveau 5 Portwest A630
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    Portwest A630 Razor Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves
    As low as €7.98 €6.65 Regular Price €11.40
  8. Gris
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    Portwest A620 Cut 3 PU Palm Cut Resistant Gloves
    As low as €2.44 €2.03 Regular Price €3.48
  9. gris
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    Portwest A260 sheep leather handling gloves
    As low as €3.76 €3.13 Regular Price €3.96
  10. gris
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    Portwest A640 Saber PVC Dotted Cut Resistant Gloves
    As low as €3.78 €3.15 Regular Price €5.40
  11. Noir
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    Portwest Foam Nitrile A621 Cut Resistant Gloves 3/4 Coated
    As low as €3.61 €3.01 Regular Price €5.16
  12. Orange
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    Portwest Latex Coated A109 Handling Gloves
    As low as €1.70 €1.42 Regular Price €1.80
  13. Gants tricotés Portwest Picots PVC A110 bleu
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    Portwest Dotted PVC A110 Knitted Gloves
    As low as €0.67 €0.56 Regular Price €0.96
  14. Bleu Marine
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    Portwest cotton gloves double induction nitrile A300
    As low as €1.26 €1.05 Regular Price €1.80
  15. Bleu Marine
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    Portwest nitrile gloves ventilated back knit wrist A330
    As low as €1.25 €1.04 Regular Price €1.32
  16. Jaune
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    Portwest ARCTIC Winter Work Gloves
    As low as €4.03 €3.36 Regular Price €5.76
  17. Noir
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    General Purpose Gloves - High Performance Portwest
    As low as €4.62 €3.85 Regular Price €6.60
  18. Orange / Bleu
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    Portwest Duo-Therm A185 Anti-Cold Gloves
    As low as €2.59 €2.16 Regular Price €2.88
  19. Rouge / Noir
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    Portwest Red Cut 1 A641 Gloves
    As low as €1.19 €0.99 Regular Price €1.32
  20. BLAKLADER Dipped Nitrile Work Gloves
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    • Bestseller
    BLAKLADER Dipped Nitrile Work Gloves
    As low as €3.79 €3.16 Regular Price €5.05
  21. Noir
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    Eurotechnique Mechanical fingerless gloves (Pack of 12)
    As low as €93.74 €78.12 Regular Price €133.92
  22. Gris
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    Eurotechnique Eurocut P318 anti-cut gloves (Pack of 5)
    As low as €33.54 €27.95 Regular Price €35.30

Items 1-32 of 52

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The profession of landscaper and gardener is exposed to various work risks. It is therefore necessary to wear protective equipment to protect yourself. Indeed, the use and handling of gardening tools and machinery presents risks. In addition, these are outdoor works that confront the various weather changes.

Wearing PPE is essential for those who perform gardening, handling, construction, etc. This will be an advantage for better adapting to the humid environment, but also for mechanical risks.

Work equipment: PPE for landscapers and gardeners

The work of gardeners, landscapers, or other areas of activity must wear protective equipment. There will always be risks that threaten your safety and health. PPE offers the best possible protection to allow you to carry out your work in the right conditions.

In addition, the work equipment allows you to work in comfort and stability. Rather than hurting your hands, wear protective gloves to protect yourself. Work gloves for landscapers as well as gardeners guarantee your safety and comfort. There are several models suitable for your work environment such as a humid environment. In addition to this, there are other models to protect you from chemicals and toxic.

The usefulness of protective gloves for gardening or green space

Protective gloves for the maintenance of green spaces or for gardening are necessary for different reasons.

This accessory prevents you from staining or dirtying your hands in a damp environment during your maintenance of flowers, herbs and plants. This often happens when you are harvesting, grafting or transplanting. It also allows you to protect yourself from cuts while you are cutting or weeding, be careful to protect your feet too with safety shoes and protect your ears with ear muffs and wear protective clothing dedicated with a good safety pants. Gardening protective gloves also protect you from chemicals when treating plants and weeding. In addition, the gardening gloves give you an excellent grip for hoeing, digging or raking. However, when doing gardening or green space maintenance, stay away from stubborn bad odors after cutting and weeding.

Protective gloves for landscapers and gardeners

In the trade, gardeners are the most concerned with wearing protective gloves, because landscapers tend to take care of preliminary projects. They are mainly leaning in making appointments with customers to see as well as study the site for landscaping. It is the gardeners who take care of carrying out the work and maintaining the green spaces.

There are differenttypes of work gloves for gardeners. Here is a non-exhaustive list of professional gloves:

  • garden gloves in soft leather
  • gardeners gloves with protection against thorns and scratches
  • work gloves to protect against the cold in winter season
  • work gloves thin for fine handling (second skin gloves)

Soft leather work gloves

Leather work gloves are very popular for their breathability and especially for their flexibility. These accessories for gardening are very comfortable, treated water repellent and almost waterproof. They have a high resistance to friction with an excellent manufacturing quality. They also protect the arteries and the cuffs are elastic for good handling on the hands.

Anti-thorn and scratch gloves for gardeners

The brambles are very aggressive, so to avoid being bitten, it is essential to wear thick gloves. Anti-thorn gloves support the bites of thorns.

Professional thorn guard gloves are puncture, bramble, barbed wire, needle, cacti and splinter resistant. These are anti-cut pairs at level F, that is to say, at the level of the palm, the underside of the fingers and the tip of the index finger .

Anti-cold protective gloves for winter weather

Admittedly, there is not much work during the winter season for gardeners, it is always nice to have warm hands. Oxwork puts on sale anti-cold gloves that fight against low temperatures.

The Eurotechnique 6980 anti-cold and anti-cut gloves have excellent tear and cut resistance. They are also non-slip, protect against the cold, good dexterity and flexibility.

Thin landscaper work gloves for handling tools

The landscaper work gloves or second skin gloves are characterized by an ergonomic and thin fabric. They allow you to protect yourself, maintain optimal dexterity and excellent precision in your manipulations. These pairs of gloves are ideal for cuttings, hoeing or transplanting.

The second-skin stretch gloves are made of textile coated with a thin layer of polyurethane. Your sense of touch will be exceptional for jobs that require great precision.