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Like its gas mask models, Oxwork offers you different ranges of personal protective equipment (PPE) at the best price. Our store is committed to providing comfortable, best quality and competitively priced hardware and accessories in the market. Oxwork focuses on the safety, well-being and comfort of its customers.

The need to wear a gas mask

What type of mask and what material (fabric/disposable) for asbestos, paint, etc?

Wearing a gas mask is part of the standards and obligations for professionals in the chemical, hydrocarbon and logistics industries. Indeed, this class 3 filtering respiratory protection equipment provides maximum protection respiratory tract and eyes against toxic, corrosive and irritating substances.

The gas mask happens to be the best accessory to protect yourself and limit the impact of particles on the eyes, face and lungs. Likewise, it is an excellent tool to protect against viruses.

The gas mask models offered by Oxwork come in two categories.

A full face mask combining comfort and safety

Oxwork offers you a model of full mask in black color, made of very waterproof thermoplastic rubber.

It has the following characteristics:

  • Presence of adjustable ergonomic harness with 6 quick-release buckles fixed to the rigid body of the mask.
  • Featuring breathable and comfortable fabric.
  • Connection of ABS bayonet filters.
  • Panoramic visor in polycarbonate with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment.
  • Bayonet connection.
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop closure for an adjustable size.
  • Anti-scratch treatment to last over time.
  • Anti-fog coating for greater wearer comfort.
  • Large interior space that makes it easier for the user to breathe.
  • Excellent protection against contaminants.
  • Designed for intense daily use.
  • Weight 0.700000 kg

A quality half mask

Discover the model of half gas mask in black color, and of premium quality available on Oxwork. Designed in silicone, this variant of gas mask offers exceptional comfort to its users. In addition, the presence of a harness attached to the rigid part ensures a perfect fit.

The characteristics of the half mask:

  • Bayonet connection.
  • Large interior space for easy vision and breathing.
  • 4-point plastic suspension harness.
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop closure for all sizes.
  • Ergonomic design for optimal movement, comfort and breathability.
  • Weight 0.2200 kg

Mask with valve:

The FFP3 or valve mask is designed to facilitate breathing, opening up when you inhale. The valve facilitates natural breathing for those who have a dry mouth or who are tired from long periods of working outdoors in harsh conditions due to their working environment, such as on the construction sites of construction where there is little space - air pollution can also cause problems, especially if a person already has respiratory problems, which makes life even more difficult than necessary.

Mask with air filter:

These masks are equipped with a motorized system that helps the person wearing it to breathe thanks to its filtration capacity. They provide extra comfort with filters that pass air through pleated cotton-like material and remove any kind of contaminants from inside your room or wherever you try so hard not to. let in!

Charcoal filter mask:

This mask has a carbon filter that is inserted into the fabric part, providing an additional barrier to bacteria. The 10x10 cm pad has an opening on one side so you can peel it off easily and cleanly when needed!

Standards and certification of respiratory protection masks - PPE

The personal protective equipment (PPE) offered by Oxwork are all CE certified. On this, the models of gas masks meet European requirements and compliances in terms of safety, health, environmental protection and performance.

On the standard side, the gas masks of the Oxwork collection meet the most recent requirements in order to offer a maximum level of protection to their user.

The full face mask complies with the EN 136 standard required for this type of accessory. These are the minimum requirements for full face masks for respiratory protection. This includes laboratory testing and practical performance testing. This model:

  • Supports temperature.
  • Resists impact and particle jets.
  • Fire resistant.
  • Supports heat radiation.
  • Resists tensile strength.
  • Resists cleaning products and disinfectants.

Finally, the marking and the manufacturer's information leaflet must be clearly visible on the product.

For its part, the half-mask meets the EN 140 standard intended for these variants of gas mask. This includes minimum requirements for half and quarter masks intended for use with respiratory protection devices. Among other things, it contains laboratory tests with practical performance tests. In all, the EN 140 standard takes into account the specifications below:

  • Shock and particle resistance.
  • Resistance to cleaning products and disinfectants.
  • Temperature resistance.
  • Fire resistance.
  • Respiratory resistance.

However, these types of filtering respiratory equipment can only be used in the presence of an oxygen level greater than 19%.

Additional information

These models of gas mask ensure better use during long hours of wear. In addition, filter models P902, P921, P941, P952, and P971 are compatible with these masks. Finally, Oxwork also sells different ranges of filters.

Where to buy respiratory protection masks with filter?

Find at Oxwork our range of respiratory filter masks.