Men's lined boots

Fur-lined boots, ideal for winter periods, provide essential protection and comfort for the feet. Designed to standards, some of our fur-lined boots are waterproof, abrasion-resistant or can even be equipped with protective shells. Whatever features you are looking for, at Oxwork you will find the fur-lined boots that suit you.

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  1. Rigger Steelite S1P CI HRO Portwest Lined Safety Boots
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    Rigger Steelite S1P CI HRO Portwest Lined Safety Boots
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  2. Noir
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    Lined safety boots S1P (reinforced toe cap) Portwest
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  3. Winter Box Lined Boots BESTBOOT S3 Safety Jogger
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    Winter Box Lined Boots BESTBOOT S3 Safety Jogger
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  4. Water repellent lined safety boots S3 SRC Blaklader Winter
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    Water repellent lined safety boots S3 SRC Blaklader Winter
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  5. Winter Box Botte de sécurité en cuir avec doublure chaude Safety Jogger NORDIC S3 SRC CI
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  6. botte de securite fourree rigair pro fur dunlup s5 ci src
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    Lined safety boots RIGAIR PRO FUR Dunlup S5 CI SRC
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  7. Bronze
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    Portwest RIGGER Pro Steelite S3 CI Lined Boots
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  8. Bottes de sécurité fourrées Saftey Jogger Bestboot S3
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    Saftey Jogger Bestboot S3 lined safety boots
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  9. Noir
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    Lemaitre Tundra SBP SRC 100% Non-Metallic High Top Safety Boots
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  10. Marron
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    Lined boot Lemaitre S3 Vertix SRC
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  11. Marron
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    Coverguard Patagonite S3 SRC CI Leather Lined Safety Boot
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  12. Noir
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    Coverguard Perlite S3 CI SRC Lined Leather Safety Boot
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14 Items

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To ensure uncompromising safety in demanding working conditions, discover our range of boots safety, designed to combine comfort and durability. Professionals will appreciate the superior quality of our leather safety boots, while our S3 safety boots offer reinforced protection against mechanical risks. For the harshest environments, the S5 safety boots are ideal with their increased resistance to penetration and water, ensuring maximum security and protection.

In periods of extreme cold, it often happens that the feet are somewhat neglected, due to a lack of accessories to protect them from the drop in temperature. However, they are delicate and must also be protected as best as possible. For gentlemen, wearing men's fur-lined boots is recommended, whether in the professional environment or in private life. They will provide the necessary protection and comfort during your activities so that the winter goes smoothly. Oxwork presents some things to know about the different models of fur-lined boots.

Lined work boots and safety boots: warm shoes perfect for winter

As mentioned previously, fur-lined boots can be worn at work, but also for everyday life. Of course, fur-lined boots are not the same since notable differences exist between those worn in everyday life and those for professional use.

Men's fur-lined boots worn for everyday use are simply fur-lined, waterproof and with more reinforced soles to retain maximum warmth, but have no other specificities imposed on them.

In the professional context, men's fur-lined boots are divided into two categories: fur-lined work boots and fur-lined safety boots whose standards are very distinct and divided into several categories to correspond to the needs of agents operating in the field . The main difference between these types of boots being the presence or not of a protective toe.

Why wear fur-lined boots?

Fluffed boots are the best outfits to wear during winter periods to protect your feet from the cold. These are pairs of high-top shoes: the upper covers the foot, the ankle and part of the leg. They provide many benefits to the wearer. Generally made of leather or waterproof synthetic material, they are well and truly resistant to water and humidity. They also have good thermal insulation and ensure optimal sealing. In addition, men's fur-lined boots are characterized by their waterproofness and their grip. Featuring a synthetic or natural fur lining, fur-lined boots keep feet warm even in the lowest temperatures, allowing the wearer to accomplish its activities comfortably and in the best conditions.

Conditions of use for men’s and women’s professional fur-lined boots

These boots are designed to be worn when winter is well underway and temperatures start to drop, or possibly when it rains. They can be categorized as shoes against the cold. In addition to being recommended to be worn when temperatures are low, they are also recommended to be worn in flooded areas.

Our men's fur-lined boots, available in classic black, are designed to provide exceptional comfort in cold climates. They adapt perfectly to different clothing styles, whether with pants or shorts, offering versatility and style. These boots don't just protect against the cold; they also allow people to stay connected with their environment, whether in an urban environment or during outdoor excursions. The inner lining of these boots provides warmth and comfort, making them an ideal choice for those looking for shoes that combine functionality and aesthetics.

Standards governing men's fur-lined boots for professional use

There can be fur-lined safety boots or simply work boots, the choice will depend on the environment and working conditions of each user. As for work shoes and safety shoes, the difference between the two concerns the presence or not of the safety toe to protect against crushing due to falling objects.

Work boots are governed by standard EN 20347, however standard EN 20345 governs safety boots.

- Work boots

The EN 20347 standard is divided into subcategories to encompass as many rules as possible. But the basis is the OB standard which requires that boots have non-slip soles, that they are waterproof, and are resistant to tearing, bending or even abrasion. Waterproofing is an additional requirement when using the boots in a very humid environment. Additional standards (S1 to S3) are also present to complete these requirements. It includes, among other things, protection against the absorption and penetration of water and even studded soles.

- Safety boots

Like all standards that govern shoes used in the professional environment, safety boots have a basic standard, the SB standard. The requirements of this standard are as follows: the presence of a protective shell at the front of the shoe, protective soles, waterproofing and finally resistance to tearing, bending and abrasion. As with fur-lined work boots, other standards exist to offer maximum protection and comfort to the wearer. In the case of safety boots, the main standards range from S1 to S3, but there are additional standards to complete the whole.

It is precisely in these additional standards that we can find fur-lined boots, more precisely in the additional standard CI (insulation against the cold). These boots are generally designed with nitrile, a leather exterior and of course fur on the interior to keep the feet dry and warm.

Purchase: where to find cheap professional fur-lined boots for winter?

To protect your feet from the cold during the winter, we offer various models of fur-lined boots, safety or not, on our Oxwork website. Whether you are a man or a woman, professional or individual, you will find on our website a wide choice of models specific to your needs and meeting current standards. Comfort and safety are guaranteed for your feet this winter.

Men's fur-lined boots, a must-have product in the winter season, combine style and functionality. Designed to brave snow and rain, these sturdy boots, often in black or brown, feature a non-slip SRC sole, guaranteeing optimal grip. Their wool or sheepskin lining offers ultra-chic comfort, ideal for facing the cold without compromising on elegance. These ankle boots, sometimes confused with sneakers, are distinguished by their ability to keep feet dry and warm. Brands like Aigle offer models suitable for everyone, including children and girls, often available on sale. The current trend is stuffed, integrating the stuffed style into various items, such as pants or shorts. These boots, ideal for a seasonal look, are an excellent compromise between the robustness of hiking shoes and the practicality of sneakers. By connecting to the sales sites, you will discover a varied range, with fast delivery options and attractive prices, allowing every man, woman or child to find the perfect pair for this season.