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  1. Portwest Breathable Mesh Short Sleeve Kitchen Jacket
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            • LMA kitchen lanyard
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                LMA cook's hat
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              Kitchen clothes - work uniform

              Who has never dreamed of knowing how to cook delicious dishes? Moreover, the only satisfaction of the cook is to see his customers delighted. But for that, he must equip himself with the right clothes and work equipment in order to work in the best possible conditions. Indeed, it is to protect against dirt but also from the risks that may arise at work.

              The cook's jacket

              When we talk about the chef, we immediately imagine the white jacket with his headdress. However, you will find it in several colors even if white and black remain the most requested colors. In addition, the jacket is pleasant to wear for the great comfort of the professional. It is also light and elegant.

              Professional kitchen outfit for men / women

              Many colors are available when it comes to kitchen uniform for pros. There are white or black, kitchen clothes, but also more daring colors such as blue, orange or green. Several items are mixed and will suit everyone. For students and small budgets, there are also several models of cheap kitchen clothes with an unbeatable quality / price ratio on the market.

              Use of wearing protective clothing in the kitchen

              Wearing kitchen clothes is necessary for comfort, hygiene and worker protection . With the risks that can arise, it is essential to protect yourself by wearing standard-compliant PPE. In order to avoid accidents, it is crucial to wear appropriate work clothes. In order to protect consumers from the risk of food contamination, all staff must comply with HACCP standards.

              The work of a cook requires a lot of freedom of movement and movement. Dressing in comfortable clothes to provide the best possible service in the dining room is most logical. It starts from head to toe: the chef's hat, long-sleeved jackets, kitchen pants and safety shoes.

              Its different characteristics

              In the hotel and restaurant business, the tasks can be very varied. This makes choosing the right outfit quite difficult. There are jackets in cotton, polycotton, polyester or Texpel fabric. These materials are all resistant. Some are breathable and allow to evacuate your perspiration in order to regulate your body temperature. Others have vents in the armpits. This is why they provide you with great comfort in your movements.

              Choosing your kitchen blouse and shirt

              The blouse or kitchen shirt is a crucial choice both for the cook but also for the brand's image. Indeed, it also conveys the image of a restoration in addition to being a clothing protection. Often personalized, it is also worn with pride.

              Custom kitchen staff outfit

              The clothing is the reflection of the company for professionals in the catering or hotel industry. These professional outfits make it possible to have an impeccable presentation for customers in addition to being the identity of the establishment. As you will have understood, dressing in professional advertising clothes will allow you to collect stars at the establishment.

              Where to buy a cook's outfit?

              It's up to you to choose the ideal kitchen outfit for your morphology. Discover the sites that offer the best quality/price ratio for your purchase on the internet or in specialty stores. You should know that there is a wide choice of models of inexpensive kitchen clothes for everyone on the market. It is important to choose a kitchen outfit to cook in good conditions.

              Kitchen clothing, PPE like no other

              Today kitchen clothing is an implicitly regulated outfit. It must be recognized that unlike standard PPE, kitchen clothing is not just work clothing intended to ensure the safety of the person wearing it. It is also and above all a distinctive sign with a touch of elegance that connects the professional to the world to which he belongs: the kitchen. The garment is then functional and at the same time a communication tool. It is true that the environment in which the kitchen professional evolves is strewn with great and small dangers. His work clothes thus allow him to protect himself from the heat of the stoves and fireplaces, stains and other splashes which do not fail to threaten in this work in constant agitation.

              The apron, the best-known kitchen outfit

              The first defense against spills, the kitchen apron has always been a accessory required. It is now available in different models: short, mid-long, long. The bib model is the most classic and the arrival of new fabrics has diversified the appearance of the apron. There are top-of-the-range bills, standard styles and sometimes humorous styles. Having become a ceremonial outfit, the kitchen apron is no longer the garment that one removes when one is in contact with the customer but on the contrary a garment that one exhibits. It is at the same time a protection and a parade. Customizable at will, you can frame it with your own personality by printing your name, text or even a photo.

              The jacket, a kitchen outfit that emphasizes elegance

              The "officer" collar is the classic model. Like the gown in the medical world, the kitchen jacket has a role in the kitchen hygiene because the professional does not wear clothing soiled from the outside in the kitchen. Today, the trend is to use press studs because the jacket is as easy to put on as it is to take off, a detail that is important in the event of a burn accident. The kitchen jacket can be long-sleeved or short-sleeved. Some people think that short sleeves are unhygienic because of arm hair. Others feel that long handles are unsafe because of the risk of snagging on the handles of utensils in the kitchen.

              Kitchen pants, now an essential part of kitchen outfits

              The kitchen pants, men's, women's or mixed models, are also imposes in the elegant kitchen outfit. Together with the kitchen shoes, the trousers complete the uniform of the perfect kitchen professional.

              The shoe, too, fulfills a safety function with its non-slip soles and the material that protects against sharp objects. Usually white in color, the kitchen shoe contributes to the elegance of the kitchen professional.

              The chef's hat, a distinctive sign of kitchen attire

              A chef without a chef's hat is not a chef! The assertion is to say the least to be strongly nuanced but this visual element makes up the kitchen outfit which distinguishes the culinary environment. The kitchen hat exists in different forms. The most classic is the chef's hat, an accessory that differentiates the ranks of the kitchen world. There are also flat toques, designed for obvious reasons of practicality. The bandana style adds a relaxed and exotic feel to the team behind the stove. The hair is then protected from the smells of cooking and possible splashes. To add even more spice, the designers drew kitchen caps. Kitchen professionals suddenly have a cool appearance that appeals to many customers.