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  1. Combinaison Bizflame Portwest Ultra orange
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    Portwest Ultra Bizflame Wetsuit
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  2. Multi-risk work jacket COVERGUARD THOR
      Multi-risk work jacket COVERGUARD THOR
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    • Warm jacket Bizflame Rain FR Multi Protection Portwest
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    • PORTWEST TIG ULTRA welding glove
        PORTWEST TIG ULTRA welding glove
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      • PORTWEST ultra welding glove
          PORTWEST ultra welding glove
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        • High safety shoes for welders S2 P HRO HI SRA Blaklader ASPHALT
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        • Cotte de travail à bretelles Bizweld Iona résistante à la flamme Portwest
            Portwest Flame Resistant Bib Overalls
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          • Rouleau porte-outils WK. Designed To Work - Intérieur 2
              Tool roller WK. Designed To Work
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                Portwest Bizweld Welder Work Jacket
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                Portwest S3 SRC HRO Metatarsal Steelite high welder safety shoes
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              • LMA BALTIMORE 5-pocket denim jeans
                  LMA BALTIMORE 5-pocket denim jeans
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                    LMA FLORIDE western 5-pocket jeans
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                      Characteristics of professional protective clothing

                      Oxwork offers a wide choice of specific standardized protections for welders. This equipment ranges from helmet, protective mask, to protect the eyes and the face against sparks in accordance with standards NF EN 169, NF EN 175, NF EN 379/IN1 and NF EN 379+A1. Au optical hoods complying with standard NF EN 169 and welding gloves against heat, flames and chemical products complying with standard EN 12477 (protective gloves for welders ). Finally, the welders' clothing complies with the NF EN ISO 11611 standard.

                      Men's and women's cotton welder work clothes

                      Welder's clothing (trousers and jacket set, coveralls) must be made of flame-retardant cotton or non-flammable technical textiles, properly fitted, free of folds, turn-ups or pockets without flaps and clean; a leather apron and a bib to hide the neck constitute additional protective equipment against projections and ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Any clothing made of synthetic fabric or with a synthetic component is banned, as synthetics can ignite or melt and cause serious skin burns.

                      The welder's shoes must be safety shoes with high uppers which must be covered by the trousers or safety boots with an insulating sole. They must comply with the NF EN ISO 20346 standard. Protection anti-noise: earplugs according to standard NF EN 352. February 2, 2013. Personal hearing protectors - General requirements - Part 2: earplugs

                      When you are a professional welder, you have to wear clothes that are specially cut for the job. The metallurgy industry employs millions of workers and accidents in these factories are not uncommon. This is why the welding equipment has its own specificities.

                      Characteristics of professional protective clothing

                      Welders' clothing must all comply with the EN 11611 standard, which particularly concerns protective clothing such as that used in welding. However, it does not state requirements for welding gloves and footwear for welders. These garments protect against limited or short-term contact with flames, metal splashes, heat from the electric arc, and electric shocks during brief contact with an electrical conductor.

                      This standard is applied to different outfits: aprons, cuffs, gaiters, jackets for men, jackets for women, welding pants, the protective hoods. It is generally defined according to the environmental condition and the welding technique used.

                      Protection of the eyes, upper body and arms - standards -

                      For your eyes; there is the welding or electronic helmet. Especially for all welding operations, the electronic liquid crystal mask gives you instant and automatic protection. It is very effective in all circumstances thanks to its variable tint lenses. Resulting from the new LS technology, the mask allows you to have a natural vision of things and therefore more comfortable for your eyesight during working hours. The eye is protected from harmful rays at all times and the coating improves your perception. You will make less effort and thus be more productive. Depending on the welding process used and the intensity of the work, you have a wide choice of electronic brands (MMA, MIG-MAG, TIG, …)

                      We also have the passive mask for occasional welding work. It is often made of thermoplastic or polyester with fiberglass. The thermoplastic one is suitable for light work, but the polyester mask is more suitable for heavy work thanks to its level of resistance to high temperatures and accidental splashes. There are the safety glasses that are common in grinding, welding and cutting operations.

                      Now let's look at the type of protection for the upper body and arms. For the top, opt for a classic welding jacket which complies with the EN 13688 and EN 11611 standards which specify protective clothing for welding operations and related activities. In the same category II as the jacket, there is the welding apron which protects welder's clothing from dangerous projections. It is made of chrome-tanned natural bovine grain or vegetable-tanned sheepskin grain without chrome. While the protective jacket must be in flame-retardant cotton or non-flammable technical textiles with flaps or in leather.

                      Welding gloves and safety shoes

                      Safety gloves are essential equipment to protect your hands. Indeed, this profession is rather manual. They are made from leather for the comfort and resistance they offer. Of course, the gloves comply with the EN 420, EN 388 and EN 407 standards.

                      As all parts of your body are at risk of injury, let’s not neglect any, especially your feet. You have at your disposal the welding shoes standardized EN 20345 S1P or S3. These shoes guarantee you optimal protection with their insulating soles and their robust leather in your work as a welder.

                      Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) regulations

                      • Change of classification for certain product categories;
                      • Declaration of conformity (CE) to be provided for each product;
                      • 5-year validity or expiry date for new EU certificates;
                      • Mailing address of the manufacturer on the label.

                      These changes have been put in place to ensure that all equipment on the market complies with the standards, in particular CAT III products. This is intended to increase the level of worker safety. As a result, the PPE CAT II that goes to CAT III must be regularized with certification files from a notified body and clothing marking. Thus, all the obligations must be put in place and no manufacturer can market products that do not comply with the regulations. Furthermore, if there is equipment certified according to the old directive; it can be sold until the expiry date of the CE certificate by the manufacturer or the importer. But that's only if the stock is available in the country where the PPE was invoiced.

                      In summary, the employer has the obligation to provide, for each welder, equipment adapted to the functions, attributions and risks. For his part, the worker's mission is to keep his equipment in good condition.

                      Where to find a cheap outfit (trousers, jacket)? - Online Store

                      Work clothes are important for every profession being adapted to the needs of the professional, for welders the clothes