Women's professional tunics

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  1. Bourgogne
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    Premier Beauty & Spa Tunic
    As low as €20.16 €16.80 Regular Price €28.80
  2. Turquoise
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    Camellia Beauty and Spa Premier Beauty Tunic
    As low as €21.14 €17.62 Regular Price €30.20
  3. Blanc
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    Portwest Wrap Tunic
    As low as €14.70 €12.25 Regular Price €21.00
  4. Noir
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    Portwest Premier Women's Tunic
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  5. Blanc
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    Women's medical tunic LMA CLINIQUE
    As low as €15.13 €12.61 Regular Price €17.80
  6. Blanc
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    Portwest Modern Tunic
    As low as €14.70 €12.25 Regular Price €21.00
  7. Bleu
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    Portwest Classic Tunic
    As low as €15.62 €13.02 Regular Price €22.32
  8. Tunique médicale manches courtes polycoton WK. Designed To Work Blanc
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    WK polycotton short-sleeved medical tunic. Designed To Work
    As low as €11.26 €9.38 Regular Price €16.08
  9. tunique classique femme stretch fermeture eclair portwest bleu devant
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    Women's classic tunic stretch zipper Portwest
    As low as €24.29 €20.24 Regular Price €25.56
  10. Tunique de maternité femme extensible fermeture éclair Portwest Bleu
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    Portwest WOMEN Stretch Maternity Service Tunic
    As low as €19.40 €16.17 Regular Price €27.72
  11. Tunique de service Stretch fermeture éclair FEMME Portwest
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    Portwest WOMEN Stretch Zipper Service Tunic
    As low as €19.66 €16.38 Regular Price €28.08
  12. Tunique médicale stretch multipoche fermeture pression Femme Portwest Blanc
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    Women's Multi-pocket stretch medical tunic with snap closure Portwest
    As low as €26.68 €22.23 Regular Price €28.08

12 Items

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In this category dedicated to women's tunics, designed by experts to meet the various needs of professionals. Our beauty salon tunics include stylish designs with different neckline and fabric options, all promising a perfect fit, but also unparalleled comfort for those working in spa or salon environments.

Not only do we offer tunics for beauticians, but we also have tunics for those who work in the medical field. We offer them a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes allowing them to enjoy a wide choice of models, because we know that the professional image requires a quality outfit with a neat design. Made from materials that meet standards in the medical and aesthetic field, our women's tunics for health professionals and beauty salons will meet all the requirements and standards in force.

Tunic, blouse with or without sleeves: what are the differences?

The tunic differs from the blouse by its more fitted cut to the body and its shorter length of 75, 80 and 85 cm, a length that needs to be worn with work trousers or cropped trousers. The tunic is also differentiated by the shape of its collar which is a heart cover. A blouse is a looser piece of clothing with a length of 100 to 105 that usually comes down to the knee. Both can be short or long sleeve.

White medical tunics for nurses

Our Oxwork online store offers you its wide range of nursing tunics for nursing assistants, in a variety of styles to suit your tasks and personal preferences. They are designed for use in all hospitals and other medical and healthcare environments, including medical offices and health centers, dental offices and veterinary offices. They are also suitable for home nursing staff, which can be combined with women's work shoes as well as work pants for women.

We have a collection for all tastes. Do not hesitate to compose the perfect outfit among our offers of comfortable and practical tunics. Our dentist's gowns to nurse's gowns all comply with current standards. Their non-fading fabrics ensure a long-lasting and highly professional appearance. Their ease of maintenance is also a major and essential feature in today's healthcare world.

Created with high quality materials, our women's work tunics offer a flattering fit without compromising on comfort. Choose from a variety of designs from our collection, including different necklines and cuts that help you slim your body. Our work smocks are also available in a number of attractive color options to suit your industry and workplace, or to significantly differentiate personnel from different departments medical.

Tunics for the well-being universe of the beautician

No matter where you operate in the beauty industry, our esthetician tunics offer a professional and bold look with the possibility to compose a uniform thanks to our whole range of pants for beauty salon, spa and hairdressing.

We offer beautician tunics and uniforms in a range of styles, sizes and designs with the ability to supply single tunics or bulk uniform orders to bring your beauty establishment a touch of beauty. elegant and modern touch through the outfit of your staff.

You can compose one or more uniforms with our collection of beautician tunics available in a wide choice of colors and fabrics. Thus, you can give your customers a professional impression of your beauty salon and your brand.

Work clothes: the tunic for all professionals

Browse a versatile range of tunics suitable for the medical and beauty industries. Choose from exceptional, stylish and comfortable tunics made by Portwest, Isacco, Blaklader, Pen Duick, Robur or LMA to meet your business needs.

In our extensive and versatile range of uniform tunics for women, you can find well-designed and attractive workwear to meet your expectations. Whether housework or health care, spa or beauty salon, we stock a wide variety of tunics made to be worn in a number of common workplaces.

Whether you are looking for beauty tunics, healthcare tunics or household tunics, at Oxwork we have made sure to provide you with everything you need.

Professional attire: where to buy a cheap tunic?

At Oxwork.com, you will find what you are looking for at all costs. Oxwork offers a wide range of women's tunics with various models; short or long sleeve, in the color you want, tunics that adapt to each profession, whether you are a doctor, a worker, a beautician. To complete your outfit, you will find on our website all the additional outfits you will need: work pants, work shoes, work, etc We do not forget the men and offer men's work clothes as well. Treat yourself to quality products at the best price at Oxwork.