Anti-impact gloves

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  1. gants de travail protection impact Coverguard Eurocut Impact 100 face
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    Coverguard EUROCUT IMPACT 100 impact work gloves (pack of 5)
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  2. Gris / Noir
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    Portwest Impact anti-impact and anti-cut gloves
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    Portwest Impact Grip Nitrile A721 Impact Gloves
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    Portwest High Performance A720 Impact Gloves
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  5. Gris / Noir
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    Portwest thermal cut resistant gloves
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    Portwest 5 Anti-Cut Impact Gloves
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    Portwest Aqua-Seal Pro Multi-Risk Dry Gloves
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8 Items

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In certain categories of jobs at risk, the adoption of a good methodology and a perfect knowledge of technical gestures are essential. However, to ensure worker safety, wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) is mandatory. Helmet, overalls, goggles, shoes or gloves, the choice of suitable equipment must be made according to the type of work. Today, we reveal the essential information on anti-impact gloves.

Use of anti-impact gloves

This equipment is essential to guarantee the safety of agents working in the field of heavy load handling. It is also suitable for other sectors requiring the protection of the hands against possible impacts such as work requiring the use of a hammer or a hammer drill, among others. Indeed, anti-impact gloves reduce the risk of serious injury in the event of an accident, ranging from crushing to shocks.

Anti-impact gloves for optimal protection

The anti-impact gloves available on Oxwork not only offer impact protection, but also against abrasion, the cut, tearor perforation. In addition, many models are waterproof to allow wearers to get their work done without getting wet hands for added comfort.

Some models have a coated palm to increase dexterity and ventilation; a lining without seams totally breathable; and a foam nitrile coating for excellent grip in wet and dry conditions.

Indeed, the anti-impact gloves offered by Oxwork have a multifunction with cutting-edge technology to guarantee optimal hand protection of the wearer.

Anti-impact gloves: the standards to know

For certain types of work, the hands are put to the test. It is crucial to offer them optimal protection to reduce the risk of serious injury in the event of an accident. Specific measures are required, particularly for manual work such as operations requiring the use of jackhammers, for example.

Gloves intended to protect the worker against mechanical risks must comply with specific standards depending on their use. Their level of resistance to various attacks must be specified according to European legislation. These indications guarantee that the equipment in question has been tested and certified in accordance with the required standards.

For impact gloves, EN 388 must be complied with. The latter underwent some changes at the end of 2016. Now, in addition to the mandatory tests in force before this date, the equipment can also go through the impact test phase and incorporates the ISO 13997 test (worldwide standards).

  • Optional, the impact test should be performed according to EN 13594:2015, with 3 potential results, namely P for 'pass', F for 'fail' and X for '