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Safely on all construction sites

From jackets to goggles, shoes and work gloves, all this equipment is available to employees to provide them with maximum safety and comfort during working hours. . They are standardized in such a way as to withstand working or even living conditions which can sometimes be daunting. In addition to having accessories that can cover many sectors, the Portwest brand offers comfortable and stylish personal protective equipment.



7 pockets for more storage


Removable liner and sleeves for versatility in all weather conditions


Compliant with EN ISO 20471


unique technology that prevents the spread and growth of harmful microbes such as bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses. This treatment has been independently tested and proven to reduce the spread of coronavirus by 97%.


Flame retardant cotton fabric, available worldwide and designed for maximum performance, comfort and durability. This high-tech fabric is used with confidence by thousands of workers in the welding and allied industries.

300D Oxford Weave

Robust fabric for tough conditions. The polyurethane coating on the inside makes the fabric breathable and waterproof. The exterior has a hydrophobic coating that helps keep the garment clean.

Portwest workwear

The Irish brand Portwest, world leader, offers a whole range of clothing that we qualify as also PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). These clothes are useful to equip any person adequately in relation to the risks incurred and the conditions under which they must face in the professional environment, but also personal. The brand offers many models so companies will be able to choose the appropriate portwest workwear that suits. Portwest offers various clothing pilot jackets, suits, tops (polos, t-shirt), kitchen aprons or smocks, among others.

Portwest work shoes

Some activities also require the wearing of regulated footwear. Some models may be simple work shoes, practical and comfortable. But in other cases, we are dealing safety shoes, worn to ensure maximum safety for agents in the field. Portwest thus offers work sneakers, but there are also safety shoes standardized.

The various Portwest work accessories

The accessories considered to be PPE are numerous. We find the most famous accessories such as hard hats, noise-canceling headphones, safety glasses or gloves. But to cover as much area as possible, Portwest also sells belts, straps, cuffs, headlamps or even knee pads.

Portwest Workwear: Designed to International PPE Standards

A workwear cannot be categorized as PPE only if it follows strict design standards to provide maximum protection to workers. Thus, the 3 categories of existing PPE have basic standards and additional standards that allow equipment to be perfectly adapted to specific needs of the domain concerned.

In the case of work clothes, the NF EN 340 standard is now used as the basic standard. And this, regardless of the working conditions and the risks associated with the practice of an activity. It encompasses everything related to performance, ergonomics, comfort and of course the maintenance of outfits. Certain garments will thus be designed based on the EN 340 standard to resist fire, heat or extreme cold or for increased visibility for high visibility clothing.

As for shoes, we will make a difference between work shoes and shoes of security. For the former, the EN 20347 standard will serve as the basis, while the 20345 standard is the one that will regulate everything related to safety footwear.

The PPE accessories have also standards that govern them, but unlike shoes and other work clothes, they do not have a single basic standard. Each accessory will indeed have its own standard in adequacy with its use. For example, protective eyewear may be subject to 7 standards different depending on their use. Glasses for welding are thus designed with the EN standard 169, while the EN 170 standard regulates glasses that filter ultraviolet rays.

Work clothes and accessories: stylish equipment

Work clothes are now used as distinctive signs or recognition of the company in addition to serving as protection, some protective equipment is today also designed to give a stylish edge to outfits.

This is especially true for simple work outfits which today can very well use in everyday life. Indeed, they adopt a look inspired by fashion, both level of colors used than cutting. The Softshell jacket is a perfect example of the garment which can be used both at work and in everyday life.

Where to buy Portwest products in France?

You will find on our website Oxwork, a wide selection of Portwest workwear for men and women. From the accessory, to the garment through the shoe, Oxwrok helps you find the complete and adequate Portwest outfit for your occupation. Several models, cuts, colors are available to ensure a modern look, comfortable and functional during your professional or personal activities.