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    So many technologies have been designed to protect the face from sparks because welding can be dangerous. Considered as simple bits of kit at the time, welding helmets are now essential protective equipment. Currently, they are much more sophisticated. They often feature solar power with brightness options and auto-darkening technology.

    Welding helmets for your safety

    With the right helmet, your eyes will be protected from UV light exposure. Indeed, this light can burn your cornea and cause a condition called or “arc eye” or “welder's flash”.

    Construction helmets

    Construction sites are known to be dangerous places to work. Of course, zero risk does not exist despite the measures and precautions put in place by employers. Minor accidents and fatal accidents still continue to occur. This is why it is more than necessary to wear a hard hat to protect your head.

    Professional welding helmet

    Welding is a dangerous job, which is why several protective measures are essential to avoid the risk of burns. The welding helmet is one of the different types of personal protective equipment ( PPE) that can be used during welding work. By combining multiple elements, the welder's welder hood provides protection for eyes and face.

    Welding helmet

    There are currently several models of welding helmet. Those equipped with a ventilation system, those equipped with an electro-optical device and those with full head protection.

    Automatic solder mask

    Active masks are automatic welding masks which are the recommended models nowadays. They provide additional safety.
    The automatic welding helmet is an essential accessory to your personal protective equipment. It saves you from all the risks to which you are exposed by carrying out welding work. You should know that these masks offer great maneuverability in your work. Indeed, they allow you to weld with both hands. In addition, a screen with photosensitive sensors is automatically activated in the presence of light that they deem harmful to your eyes.

    Solar powered welding helmet

    The solar powered masks are very interesting thanks to their mode of power supply. There are welding masks that work with a solar panel. Just place them in the light to recharge them. No connection is therefore necessary for the power supply. You should know that this model also offers eye and face protection during work.

    Choosing the best welding helmet

    The choice of a welding helmet or welding hood should not be taken lightly. Indeed, the equipment must meet certain standards to be suitable for welding work. The high optical class automatic welding helmets offer you the most comfortable and safe use. Before you buy, you should know that there are several automatic models that go from light to dark with sensitivity adjustment to adapt to various lighting conditions. And which also have a power supply by solar panel. Choosing the right welding helmet will protect your eyes from UV and IR. It is therefore crucial to choose it well.

    The price of welding helmets

    Remember to buy a welding helmet to work safely and to protect yourself from thermal and optical radiation. Currently, there are various models with very competitive prices. You can get it online or in specialty stores. The price of these headsets also depends on its functionality and features. Thus, the price can range from 20 euros to more than 100 euros.

    Welding helmets for the view

    The eyes are very sensitive and must be protected against impact, dust, chemicals and many other hazards. When working, helmets Oxwork provide protection against the hot rays of the arc as well as the projection of molten metal and slag. Typically they have colored lenses (#10 minimum) for welding at 200 amps or less. That is to say, a welding arc should never be ignited without having properly put on the helmet.