Work shirts

A client meeting? It's time to swap your overalls for a shirt! Oxwork presents well-cut work shirts, suitable for professional use.

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  1.  Chemise de travail à carreaux KX3 Portwest
      KX3 Portwest Plaid Work Shirt
      As low as €39.60 €33.00
    • Surchemise de travail renforcé avec capuche Caterpillar SEQUOIA
      • Free delivery
    • Chemise de travail bûcheron KENSINGTON SHIRT Helly Hansen Navy
      • Chemise de travail matelassée épaisse LMA ERABLE
          LMA MAPLE Thick Quilted Work Shirt
          As low as €49.96 €41.63
        • Marine
          • Free delivery
        • Blanc
            Short-sleeved Kariban Pilot Shirt
            As low as €18.46 €15.38
          • Blanc
              Long-sleeved pilot shirt for MEN KARIBAN
              As low as €19.46 €16.22
            • Noir
              • Noir
                • Chemise manches courtes femme Kariban Bleu ciel
                  • Outlet -40
                  Kariban women's short-sleeved shirt
                  As low as €9.59 €7.99 Regular Price €15.98
                • Chemise manches longues pour femme Kariban Violet
                    Kariban women's long-sleeved shirt
                    As low as €19.06 €15.88
                  • Robur ASTI Men's Long Sleeve Service Shirt
                    • Outlet -40
                    Robur ASTI Men's Long Sleeve Service Shirt
                    As low as €20.40 €17.00 Regular Price €34.00
                  • KARIBAN Sherpa-lined flannel check overshirt
                    • KARIBAN WOMEN denim shirt
                        KARIBAN WOMEN denim shirt
                        As low as €30.46 €25.38
                      • KARIBAN denim shirt
                          KARIBAN denim shirt
                          As low as €30.46 €25.38
                        • Chemise bucheron matelassée Dickies PORTLAND rouge
                            Dickies PORTLAND Quilted Shirt
                            As low as €61.10 €50.92
                          • Chemise manches courtes Kariban Violet
                            • Outlet -40
                            Kariban short sleeve shirt
                            As low as €9.59 €7.99 Regular Price €15.98
                          • KARIBAN JOFREY long-sleeved shirt
                            • Outlet -40
                            KARIBAN JOFREY long-sleeved shirt
                            As low as €11.44 €9.53 Regular Price €19.06
                          • Kaki
                            • Bleu / Blanc / Rouge
                              • Outlet -40
                              Diadora CHECK work shirt
                              As low as €21.60 €18.00 Regular Price €36.00
                            • Noir
                                Diadora DENIM work shirt
                                As low as €36.00 €30.00
                              • Beige
                                • Outlet -40
                                Short-sleeved shirt Pen Duick Brandy
                                As low as €13.98 €11.65 Regular Price €16.98
                              • Bleu Marine
                                  Pen Duick Brandy Long Sleeve Shirt
                                  As low as €25.40 €21.17
                                • Gris
                                    Blaklader Men's twill shirt 100% cotton
                                    As low as €71.76 €59.80
                                  • Marine
                                    • Outlet -40
                                    Blaklader Men's short-sleeved twill shirt
                                    As low as €31.02 €25.85 Regular Price €58.43
                                  • Noir
                                      Coverguard CLASS JACKET work jacket
                                      As low as €38.96 €32.47
                                    • Vert / Noir
                                        Albatros WIRE flannel lumberjack shirt
                                        As low as €32.34 €26.95
                                      • Chemise manches longues 2 poches Penduick Jones marine beige
                                        • Gris / Noir
                                          • Bleu ciel
                                            • Outlet -40
                                            OVIEDO Parade long-sleeved work shirt
                                            As low as €14.70 €12.25 Regular Price €24.50

                                          Items 1-32 of 36

                                          Set Descending Direction

                                          Have you just been hired for a new position? Or maybe you're just tired of wearing the same shirt to work? Whatever your motivation, rest assured that choosing the right work shirt is not as complicated as you might think. Here are some tips for choosing and wearing your work shirt.

                                          What is a quality business shirt?

                                          The choice of workwear is important for well-being at work. To know if a work shirt is of quality, three points must be considered: the fabric, the buttons and the seam.

                                          When it comes to fabric, good quality men's work shirts will be slightly thicker and softer to the touch. The biggest mistake is choosing a shirt with a high percentage of synthetic material. Make the right choice and opt for a shirt with at least 80% cotton or linen.

                                          For buttons, since most shirts have plastic buttons, it is more difficult to judge a model based on this criterion. Moreover, it is possible that a major brand chooses this material for purely aesthetic reasons. In any case, a work shirt with buttons made of natural material such as wood, mother-of-pearl or even bamboo is to be preferred.

                                          And in terms of the seam, if it seems to be loose, your work shirt is likely to wear out quickly. Thus, a shirt made to last will have a seam with more stitches. To put it simply, prefer shirts with 8 stitches or more per centimeter. Also remember to check if the work shirt has a special seam in the back. This will allow you to enjoy great freedom of movement, an essential element in the professional world.

                                          Which color should you choose for your men's work shirt?

                                          Pastel colors, for example, tend to lighten the complexion. Yellow is also to be banned, and as for red and green, you must be careful and ensure that these colors do not clash with the rest of your work clothes.

                                          Thus, in order not to make a mistake in your choice, it is always preferable to opt for classic colors, solid colors. So you can very well choose the timeless white, the black, the blue. These base colors are great for contouring other patterns and colors. There are also plaid shirts

                                          What about the sleeves and collar of the shirt: long or short

                                          Are you hesitating between a long-sleeved shirt and a short-sleeved work shirt? To help you decide quickly, know that a long-sleeved shirt is the most suitable in the context of a company. Its practicality and elegant style make it an ideal work shirt. Short-sleeved shirts, on the other hand, are less formal and are more reserved for those who wish to have a casual look. Admittedly, these models are the most widespread and are practical in summer, but you can always roll up the sleeves of your shirt when it is too hot.

                                          When it comes to shirt collars, the rules are not so strict. Here you choose the style you like based on your face shape. The point collar which is the most common style is best suited to a wide face. The wide collar or Windsor collar which reveals more the top of the shirt or tie is best suited to those with a thin face and a thin neck. And finally there is the buttoned collar which attaches the corners of the collar to the shirt.

                                          If you must wear a T-shirt under your work shirt, also pay attention particular to its type of collar. So, if you wear a tie, you can opt for a round neck. If you want to leave the first buttons of your shirt open, opt for a V-neck.

                                          Work shirt can be paired with safety shoes or work pants for more security, do not hesitate to see our selection of products work top and all of our Oxwork products.