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          Mechanic and bodybuilder work clothes

          The work of a mechanic and bodybuilder is not easy. This involves uncomfortable positions in an unhealthy workspace due to oil or other messy materials. And let's not talk about the many risks of the job. It is therefore a priority for the mechanic or bodybuilder to have suitable work clothes during diagnostics and troubleshooting.

          A whole range of mechanical and bodybuilder work clothes awaits you on the Oxwork online store.

          The profession of bodybuilder / mechanic

          First of all, the work of the mechanic or bodybuilder is to maintain, repair or fix problems related to automobiles and motorcycles. It checks the various parts of vehicle mechanisms such as the shock absorbers, the brakes, the coolant, checks the condition of the tires and the engine, makes the oil changes, and even electrical connections since cars nowadays are equipped with on-board computers strong> or even new high-tech gadgets; all this to ensure the proper functioning of the car. He also practices smoothing, dent removal, remodeling, straightening and planing strong> in order to refurbish the exterior of the car.

          In the automotive industry, the mechanic's workplace is like a war field, the slippery floor full of motor oils or fuel, the temperature sometimes fiery and sometimes freezing, as well as accidents that can occur at any time. These professionals then demonstrate a colossal ability to adapt in order to be able to intervene when they are needed.

          What does a mechanic wear?

          There are several outfit designs specifically designed for this job. Examples include work jackets, suits, the pants, gloves and safety shoes. The rest is up to you; choose the mostcomfortable outfit without forgetting to consider your own safety.

          Mechanic jumpsuit:

          If you take the suit, it is better if it has pockets to store your tools and work accessories. With a dark color, the stains will not be too visible and plan spare blues to avoid chemical contamination. The CHLORE suit from LMA is robust and ensures your comfort. This must always comply with the standards imposed by the organizations on personal protective equipment.

          Men's and women's mechanic jacket and trousers

          If you prefer jackets and pants in workwear, choose pants made of cotton, poly cotton /strong> or even jeans pants. Some have knee pockets and others do not, it is important to find clothes solid and in which you feel comfortable. You will find solid clothes with materials that are more resistant than others thanks to specific fabrics.

          Safety footwear and accessories for mechanics

          And the safety shoe; it must be able to support the tasks assigned to you while ensuring your performance. The safety shoes must have great flexibility and also lightness, but also follow the S1P SRC standard. ; that is to say non-slip and with resistant soles. Because often, the floors of garages and workshops are covered with oil and hydrocarbons. Then, we have safety shoes or sneakers of the S3 standard which also have a protective shell, with the anti-slip sole, anti-shock and anti-static properties with its resistance to fats and fuels, and also a anti-slip sole. -perforation and water-repellent.

          The accessories are also important for more safety in your daily repairs:

          - Your pairs of gloves must meet EN 420 standards for protective gloves, EN 388:2016 - 3X43D for protection against mechanical risks, and EN 407 - X2XXXX on protection against thermal risks. The cut-resistant gloves HR A611 are made for mechanics and bodybuilders.

          - Next, protective glasses, to avoid dangers or radiation that can harm your sight. These glasses, which are robust, will comply with EN166 and EN170 standards.

          - The breathing mask is an additional piece of equipment that acts as a barrier against the fumes of toxic gases caused by paint guns. It is suitable for bodybuilders who work in paint shops for cars, motorcycles or trucks to provide better working conditions.

          Where to buy cheap mechanic / bodybuilder clothes?

          You can find a wide range of mechanical and bodybuilder work clothes on our website. The right outfit for your job awaits you on our online store Oxwork. In addition, each model is designed according to the standards in force in order to offer you optimal protection while guaranteeing better comfort at work.