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In your professional environment, do you face a noisy environment? Are you a frequent user of noisy machines? There is a simple way to reduce ambient noise and to protect the ear canal against noises that can harm your health. This means is the wearing of earplugs, various types and material of plug exist: foam, elastomer, thermos, plastic, reusable, single use, with or without cord. The earplug brings you great comfort and safety in your daily life.

Sound protection: why wear noise-canceling earplugs?

Humans are said to have five senses, sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Hearing is an incredible sense that can pick up sounds, and if we can say pick up information quickly.

The ear is a particularly fragile organ that allows human beings to fully enjoy this sense, so we must protect it. Indeed, loud noises can cause hearing loss or deafness. A decrease in hearing, but not only. Some people find themselves victims of more or less severe pain in the ear canal that can be extremely unpleasant. To protect against loud noises, earplugs are a great help, as they block the circulation of sound, protect the eardrums by noise reduction.

Earplugs are individual protectors that meet various European standards:

- Standards En 352-2, this standard establishes the requirements for construction, design, performance as well as marking and information for users.

-ANSI S3.19 NRR standards ensure hearing protection provides a predictable level of protection. Indeed, different levels exist according to the needs, so you will find different decibel level, therefore this standard tests the hearing protection in an approved test center, the products sold with the NRR standard specifies that a verification test of the sayable to was performed.

- SNR standards, this standard is an overall attenuation index which indicates the number of dB (decibel) = sound level which the equipment protects overall. With 3 specific levels of protection, H: high frequencies, M: medium frequencies, L: low frequencies.

The implementation of its standards ensures all users of a pair of earplugs the security of optimal protection of their ear canal as well as the objective of noise attenuation.

How to avoid hearing noise in your professional environment?

A significant number of workers face noise hazards in their work. To avoid damaging the eardrums, and for good noise attenuation, there are different hearing protection such as the noise-cancelling headphones and earplugs.

Earplugs are preferred over noise canceling headphones by some users for the discretion of the product. In addition, the plugs are easier to transport and are relatively cheaper per unit ensuring good noise reduction.

safety in the workplace is therefore essential. Business leaders are mostly concerned about the well-being of their employees and recommend wearing hearing protection in noisy places, but also other protections that can be very useful such as safety shoes.

It is therefore essential to equip yourself in the best possible way to protect your ears and thus not lose part of your hearing. Since noise can be dangerous, earplugs seem to be an adequate solution to preserve your body and stay healthy. It is therefore simple to obtain these protections which are available to the greatest number at really attractive prices.

Purchase: What are the best earplugs for working (comfortable, discreet, silicone, foam, reusable, etc.) and where to find them?

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