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Expert in workwear
since 1959

Blåkläder protects the people who work hard and build the societies in which we live. Since 1959, this Swedish supplier of workwear, protective gloves and safety shoes has done everything necessary to make its wearers feel proud and safe in their working environment.



Seams guaranteed for life, technical materials, reinforcements, closures and quality details...


Large number of models and colors available, different styles (raw, distinguished or impactful), spaces designed for branding logos...


Excellent fit (women's and men's cut, up to 3 leg lengths, small and large sizes), ease of movement (stretch), integrated natural materials...

blaklader brand logo

is committed to
societal and environmental respect

Having few manufacturing plants and loyal suppliers makes it possible to maintain a high level of quality, safety, goodwill and reliability throughout the value creation chain. Their sustainable vision? Respect clothes, those who make them, those who sell them and those who wear them. Your potential for sustainable action? Buy quality clothes so better and less. Less purchase means less raw materials, less energy spent, less transport, less waste... Choosing Blaklader means choosing resistant, without compromising on comfort and functionality, and with style to boot !

Over 60 years of expertise in workwear

Blåkläder was established in 1959 in rural Sweden, where its roots were firmly anchored in the heart of the textile industry. With more than 60 years of experience in the sector, the brand has a deep and authentic knowledge from the design to the marketing of workwear.

Today, Blåkläder is established throughout Europe, its workwear is produced in very few factories and thus guarantees exceptional quality. The design basis? To offer resistant, innovative, comfortable and high-performance clothing for the greatest satisfaction of wearers. The services are also of high quality thanks to the total control of the production, a large stock to avoid shortages and a fast delivery within 5 working days from Sweden.

Carefully chosen materials to meet your needs

Producing clothes with highest quality fabrics is the DNA of Blåkläder Workwear. Durable, long-lasting materials save money in the long run and help the planet. Then you have to sew them efficiently so that the clothes can withstand the harshest stains, this is how Blåkläder can guarantee its seams for life!

The comfort of the craftsman, the technician, the truck driver, the electrician, and all those wearing work clothes is the priority of the Swedish manufacturer. This is why Blåkläder is constantly innovating, reviewing its cuts, its functions and its materials, the brand now offers 2-way and 4-way stretch in many of its workwear!

A wide range of products: Trousers, jackets, safety shoes

Clothing for construction, clothing for transport, clothing for industry... Blåkläder has 19,000 unique references and more than 8,000 different models and colors to serve you! With sizes ranging from XS to 6XL and 3 leg lengths on the work trousers, Blåkläder can suit almost any body shape.

Many colors are also available depending on the model to satisfy different tastes. Who said you can't be stylish with work clothes? To go even further in user satisfaction, personalization (embroidery, transfer or special marking) is also possible. You can therefore affix your company logo if you wish, for example!

Since 2016, Blåkläder Workwear has offered a wide range of workwear and personal protective equipment for a large number of professionals. Blåkläder Workwear designs men's clothing as well as work clothes for women. Today, this range for women has developed well and makes it possible to dress many sectors of activity. From now on, each Blåkläder collection offers women's models. 2020 marks the culmination with the release of work pants for pregnant women!
The safety and well-being of workers is their priority. That's why in addition to workwear, knee pads, protective gloves and safety shoes are offered (as well as many other accessories).

In 2020, Blåkläder challenged itself to offer safety shoes as comfortable as a good pair of trainers. Successful bet. Retro, Elite, Gecko or Cradle collection, the new Blåkläder shoes have been designed with experienced orthopedists to provide the most extreme comfort to the feet, effective in the short term as well as in the long term, while including optimal safety!