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    Kariban organic cotton apron
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Ecological workwear plays a real role in protecting the environment. They guarantee the absence of toxic products and ensure the well-being of consumers. It is above all one of the most used work clothes in the agri-food field. The site Oxwork introduces you to its ultra-biological work aprons.

Equip your staff with eco-friendly organic cotton aprons

It is important to take initiatives to stop pollution and environmental degradation. Having your teams wear ecological aprons in certified organic cotton is part of a great gesture for the planet and will be appreciated.

These aprons were designed to stop the degradation of the environment and the decrease of natural resources. Fabrics made of organic cotton are ideal for sensitive skin, since all the substances used in its manufacture are non-toxic and chemical-free. This results in work clothes that are less polluting and healthier in the long term.

Why are traditional cotton work clothes harmful to the environment?

The majority of work aprons are made of 100% traditional cotton, it is one of the most used natural fibers. However, traditional cotton is considered a polluting material after the oil industry. Traditional cotton growing uses a lot of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. This also requires the use of chemical fertilizer as well as a large quantity of water necessary for the evacuation in nature of these toxic products.

Why opt for ecological clothing?

Manufacturers of organic cotton clothing do not use any toxic products to better consume responsibly without polluting nature. Here are a few reasons why biodegradable work aprons are more cost effective for the environment:

  • Organic cotton is not a GMO (genetically modified) product. The various practices used to grow organic cotton reduce the environmental impact.
  • To save water: organic cotton retains water for long periods of time and does not need to be watered constantly. To produce the cotton needed to make a t-shirt from traditional cotton, it takes about 2,700 liters. Moreover, it becomes more economic for organic cotton, because it only consumes 243 liters.
  • Farmers use organic products to grow organic cottons to make the soil healthy without chemicals or pesticides. This helps them a lot in the fight against climate change.
  • To control pests, farmers use natural methods.

What are the benefits of organic clothing?

These garments are the result of an environmentally friendly production method. The production of organic cotton uses less carbon and plays a very important role in stopping pollution and environmental degradation. Many are its advantages:

  • Eco-friendly clothing adheres to strict manufacturing standards to reduce negative effects on the environment. They also bring more value to your organization in order to gain more credibility with your customers concerned about ecological issues.
  • Eco-friendly work aprons are perfect for people with sensitivities or allergies to traditional cotton and the various chemicals they contain. Its organic fabrics are very soft and bring you great comfort without any problems.
  • The absence of chemicals reduces agricultural costs. This type of fabric is therefore cheaper to produce.
  • Organic cotton clothing companies advise consumers to be responsible for preserving the environment. Dressing in organic fabric means that natural is healthier and more profitable.

Wearing ecological clothing is not only measured in terms of reduced price, but above all the fact of wearing natural, comfortable clothing in complete safety.

Discover the selection of eco-friendly aprons on the Oxwork website

The Kariban organic cotton apron is made from 100% organic cotton, very resistant. It is suitable for all trades related to the food industry and very comfortable to wear. This apron has undergone a special treatment, which explains its deliberately aged appearance. This manufacturing process makes each fabric unique, as it involves color variations from one product to another. In addition, this apron has received the OCS 100 certificate (Organic Content Standard) issued by Ecocert Greenlife.

The Robur eco-friendly bib kitchen apron is comfortable and very practical. It is equipped with two pockets with an adjustable neckband by press studs and its fabric is breathable. This apron is made from recycled polyester, tencel lyocell and chemical-free seagal polyester.