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  1. Service skirt Robur AIRELLE
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    Service skirt Robur AIRELLE
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Your work attire can say a lot about you, so if your closet is filled with outfits that completely define your work ethic, be sure to make the right choices. If you wear a neat skirt to your workplace, there are several factors that define your style, creativity, and personality. Step into your workplace with an outfit that completely defies other trends.

Why do you need a service dress?

While workwear may include a variety of styles, wearing an associated service skirt to a professional top will strengthen your image. Cut in the right corners, service skirts are definitely a good choice for comfort and style as long as you balance your professional look.

If you pair a plain black pencil skirt with a beautiful bright patterned top, it will definitely reveal your cheerful attitude. You can always try the classic print skirt with a pull on top to show off your waist and accessories. Whether you choose prints and patterns over simplicity, the idea is to wear an outfit that is comfortable, effective and retains your feminine side. Women choose color and design according to their personality. If you are not used to wearing bold outfits, you should avoid too colorful models and stick to classic service skirts. It can also be worn with women's work shoes.

Choosing work skirts for service: on what criteria?

Your morphology

There are different morphologies for which the choice of a skirt is different from one woman to another. If you have a small body, choose a service skirt fitted to the knee such as a pencil skirt, a wrap skirt or an A-line skirt. Service skirts with center or off-center slits are ideal for lengthening your legs.

If you have an apple or pear shaped body, choose a service skirt shape that highlights your legs and draws attention away from your lack of waistline. Opt for a skirt model with a low waist or without a belt, such as an A-line skirt and a pencil skirt.

If you have an hourglass figure, choose service skirts with a more subtle shape, which have a defined waist in a single yoke. Tapered, flat front skirts are understated and elegant.

The imposed style

Service skirts require a certain length that follows a strict protocol, but you definitely can't get around in layers. Miniskirts are inappropriate and have an indefinite length, but you can choose pencil skirts that hit a little above the knees and are best suited for work attire.

The color

You can't show up dressed in bright colors and shades, because after all, you have to be professional. In general, women prefer to choose neutral colors of black, white, gray, dark blue, etc. 3.

The fabric

If you think buying any type of service skirt might be right for you, think again. Your professional spirit should not be confused with your personal tastes. To do this, you need to combine your flair for fashion with the demands of your workplace. In summer, lighter fabrics like cotton will allow you to walk faster in peace, while in winter, you should consider wool and tweed.