Beanies / balaclavas for women

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  1. Navy
      Helly Hansen LIFA MAX BEANIE
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      Helly Hansen LIFA MAX BALACLAVA Balaclava
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      Carhartt KNIT HAT knitted beanie
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        Portwest Rechargeable Double LED Beanie
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        Portwest Fleece Balaclava
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          Portwest Reversible Hi-Vis Beanie
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            SVOLVAER Helly Hansen Rain Hat
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              Blaklader rib knit beanie
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            • Capuche casque Blaklader
                Blaklader helmet hood
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                  Multinorm Blaklader balaclava
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                  Carhartt WIP WATCH Beanie
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                  Helly Hansen LIFA MERINO Beanie
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                • Bleu Marine
                    Blaklader knitted hat 100% cotton
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                    Pen duick fleece beanie
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                  22 Items

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                  Staying warm during any outdoor activity winter should be a priority. Leaving your face and neck exposed to the cold wind can lead to frostbite or irritation. On a cold and windy day, your face and lips will quickly chill, causing great discomfort. You will no longer be able to carry out your work properly under such conditions. Avoid all those annoying problems by using a beanie or balaclava to protect your neck, this accessory protects both your head and the skin of your face.

                  Where to buy your warm and original winter hat?

                  There are different types and models of original beanies and practical and trendy women's balaclavas on Oxwork, we offer original models, with different colors and sizes, you can choose short or long ones to add a finishing touch to your your look. Clothing and accessories are also offered to complete your outfit, there are also work pants for women as well as women's safety shoes. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose from our collection. No matter what design of this accessory you prefer or whether the beanie is colorful, here are some tips on how to choose the best beanie and the best balaclava for women.

                  How to choose a hat and which model to wear (short-long-wide-thin)?

                  For a woman, the choice of a beanie is often made in relation to the shape of her face. In this sense, to find the hat that suits you in our collection, pay attention to your facial morphology.

                  Square face

                  Broad cheekbones, well-defined features and a wide, flat forehead? You have a square face. For your beanie, you should choose models of beanies that lengthen your face.

                  Rectangular face

                  The rectangular face is long and thin, with a fairly high forehead. When looking for the perfect beanie from our selection, choose one that visually shortens your face and hides its upper part.

                  Heart-shaped face

                  A broad forehead, a pointed chin and a well-defined jawline are the main characteristics of a heart-shaped face. If you have this type of face, you must take into account that it is important to cover your forehead and visually round the lower part.

                  Oval face

                  If you are lucky enough to have an oval face, with a fairly symmetrical facial morphology, a low forehead and wide cheeks, you can wear just about any beanie you want. Just be careful that it doesn't stretch the look of your face too much.

                  How to choose a balaclava?

                  A balaclava is more effective than a beanie if you are looking to protect yourself from cold winds when working outside. To choose one, here are some criteria to know.


                  Be sure to choose a soft, allergen-free fabric that will not cause any rashes. Look for a balaclava made with premium fabrics that will keep your skin warm and dry in even the coldest and harshest weather conditions.

                  Generally, polyester fleece reinforced with lycra fiber is the best thermal protection against wind, dust, snow or any other element that can damage the skin. You can also invest in a balaclava with temperature control technology that keeps you warm in cold weather and prevents sweating in hot weather.


                  The little details make all the difference. A longer, extra-long neck in the front prevents cold air or wind from touching the skin. In addition, a 4-way stretch with flat seams means a good fit. Buy a balaclava that will not only keep you warm, but wick away moisture properly.

                  Field of vision

                  It is very important to know how a balaclava influences your vision. Choose a specially designed hood with a hole large enough for the eyes.


                  Different models of balaclavas can be rolled up or pleated like a collar around the neck. Choose a balaclava that you can transform into a face mask, bandana, mask and many more so you can wear it according to the situation.


                  Most women's balaclavas on Oxwork are one size fits most. Depending on the elasticity of the material. Be sure to read the product description carefully before making your choice.