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    Lemaitre Tundra SBP SRC 100% Non-Metallic High Top Safety Boots
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    Coverguard Perlite S3 CI SRC Lined Leather Safety Boot
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    Winter Box Lined Boots BESTBOOT S3 Safety Jogger
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Women's lined work boots aren't just a trend in shoe fashion. For professionals, this is an essential protective accessory strong> to keep your feet warm, comfortable and safe all day long. If you are looking for a pair, Oxwork invites you to browse its selection of various models of lined boots designed for all trades. And to choose it, we offer you our buying advice below to make your choice in optimal knowledge conditions.

Waterproof lined boots

Choose a pair with a water-resistant membrane. Steel toe linen boots may have water or moisture resistant uppers. Lined safety boots were originally designed to be worn in the most extreme environments. But today, there are two types of sealing. Not all models of women's lined work boots on Oxwork offer reliable waterproof protection. So, check the specifications first and if you are unsure which design to choose, you can always contact us and we can advise you on the most suitable design for you. We offer several S3 SRC models, SRC is a standard which concerns the sole of the boot, rain boot, construction boot, this standard exists for many models. It is a combination of the SRA and SRB standard. The objective of this SRC sole is resistance to slipping on any type of floor (ceramic, steel, etc.) covered with water, detergent or glycerine. They therefore allow the work shoe to be non-slip to avoid all foot injuries.

Lined boots from a well-known brand

Make sure the pair of lined boots you choose are from a reputable and trusted manufacturer. As with most things in life, you are making an investment by selecting a brand that has a reputation for producing models of high quality safety shoes. You will be buying lined boots that have been produced according to current standards, which translates into shoes that have high specifications and offer significant performance in terms of comfort and safety.

Comfortable lined boots

Choose a style that offers good comfort properties in the heel, look for features that include shock-absorbing heels thus avoiding accidents at work as much as possible and removable socks. The shock absorbing heel will reduce the impact your feet experience while walking. This reduction in impact shock helps to reduce fatigue in your feet and provide you with all-day comfort. Other comfort features you should look for when selecting your next pair of furry boots are just as important as comfort. They include the presence of a moisture-wicking lining to draw moisture away from the feet and maintain a healthier environment for your feet all day long.

Lined leather safety boots

On Oxwork, you will find several resistant work boots made of good quality leather. If you choose boots with a leather upper, you should ideally try to choose a style made from top grain leather. This means that the leather that has been used in the manufacture of these work boots has been classified, is of high quality and has a thickness that is normally between 1.8 and 2.4 mm. Grain leather is very resistant to abrasion and offers a good level of natural water resistance. Safety boots that have been designed using a top grain leather upper and have been coupled with a quality waterproof membrane normally provide a high degree of waterproofing. And because of the manufacturing techniques required to produce high-quality shoes, they are usually offered by the most well-known brands.

Why buy a pair when you can afford two?

Many foot specialists will advise you to buy two pairs for good foot health. After being worn, your shoes should dry naturally at room temperature. Never force dry by placing your lined boots next to a heat source. This forced drying will damage your shoes.

Lined boots must dry naturally, not only the outer part that has been in contact with liquids, but also the inside, since the moisture that has accumulated in the inner fur must dry. Using this method of alternating your boots and naturally drying helps with odor-related issues and may help reduce symptoms of some fungal infections.