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Discover our range of light, comfortable and functional work tunics. Our tunics are aimed at all professions, whether you are a hairdresser, nurse or even a caregiver. At Oxwork you will find the tunic that suits you, and at the best price!

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  1. Blanc
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    Portwest Short Sleeve Tunic
    As low as €8.06 €6.72 Regular Price €11.52
  2. WOMEN VELILLA tunic with press studs
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    WOMEN VELILLA tunic with press studs
    As low as €24.56 €20.47 Regular Price €35.10
  3. VELILLA short-sleeved cotton tunic
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    VELILLA short-sleeved cotton tunic
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  4. WOMEN VELILLA Zipped tunic
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    WOMEN VELILLA Zipped tunic
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    As low as €6.92 €5.77 Regular Price €9.90
  6. Tunique médicale manches courtes polycoton WK. Designed To Work Blanc
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    WK polycotton short-sleeved medical tunic. Designed To Work
    As low as €11.26 €9.38 Regular Price €16.08
  7. Blanc
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    White medical tunic LMA BISTOURI
    As low as €17.80 €14.83
  8. Blanc
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    White medical tunic Isacco Unisex
    As low as €12.59 €10.49 Regular Price €17.98
  9. Marine
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    Portwest workwear men's medical tunic
    As low as €13.36 €11.13 Regular Price €19.08
  10. Blanc
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    Robur CAPELLA Wellness Tunic
    As low as €20.44 €17.03 Regular Price €29.20
  11. Blanc/Bleu
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    Well-being tunic with short sleeves Robur MILOR
    As low as €27.58 €22.98 Regular Price €39.40

12 Items

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Some professions require you to wear work clothes for hygiene or protection reasons. These outfits must be worn on a daily basis and it is preferable that you feel comfortable in them. Moreover, a priori, there is no norm on professional tunics . So you have great freedom in terms of choice, a good reason to take your time when choosing your uniform. Don't worry, we'll help you!

Which material is best for a work tunic?

Knowing that hygiene is essential at work, your work blouse or tunic must always remain clean. It is therefore preferable to opt for an outfit that is easy to wash and that will not degrade quickly.

Cotton, polyester and poly-cotton are popular materials for their ease of care. Of these three materials, poly-cotton remains the most widely used. Indeed, unlike 100% cotton, it has the advantage of better withstanding high temperature washing. It wrinkles little and dries quickly, which is pretty handy if you have to put your tunic in the washing machine.

In terms of comfort, poly-cotton is known to resist moisture. It's also flexible and lightweight, but your work top will be less breathable than a model designed in 100% cotton. The latter is also more resistant than the fabric made from the mixture of cotton and polyester. In addition, cotton defends itself well, but since it is above all necessary to see the practical side of things, it is preferable to opt for a professional poly-cotton tunic. Besides, you can always compensate for this lack of breathability by choosing a cut that will make you more comfortable.

Which cut should you choose for your work tunic?

First of all, it is important to distinguish between a blouse and a tunic. Know then that a tunic tends to have a straight cut while a blouse is generally more flared at the bottom. In terms of length, the majority of tunics stop at the buttocks while the blouse can fall to the knee. Moreover, if the blouse is buttoned on the front, a tunic is put on.

The work tunic can be long or short-sleeved. The choice of a short-sleeved tunic is, however, more than a matter of taste. This will allow the professional to better practice his care. Since he will not be bothered by the sleeves, he will be able to perform certain maneuvers. Moreover, the first rule is to privilege your comfort since you will wear your professional tunic every day. Besides the fit, it's important to make sure it fits your size properly (check with our guide). Moreover, professional tunics are generally loose so as not to hinder professionals in their gestures.

An outfit, work clothes, of course, but with style!

You can very well give yourself the freedom to focus on aesthetics, especially if you are in a private sector. You can opt for a tunic with kimono sleeves or with an officer collar for example.

Favoring the aesthetics of your tunic can be a significant asset for your brand image. So that you can convey a positive image of your establishment, you can currently choose from the many models on the market.

Work tunics to meet all needs - Men and Women

Oxwork is selling a wide range of functional and comfortable work tunics for men and for women and at low prices. Tunics are available in all sizes, ranging from XS to 3XL, and in several colors (white, blue, navy, black and green) to fit your business, to your needs, your tastes and your morphology. Nurse, caregiver, beautician, hairdresser, … You will find the appropriate tunic on the site. Models with zip closure and press studs are available for more practicality and comfort.

Order your work tunic on Oxwork and get better value for money!