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  1. Chapeau bandana confortable WK. Designed To Work Blanc
    • Wine
      • Beige
          Kariban polycotton apron
          As low as €9.20 €7.67
        • Wine
            Kariban sommelier apron
            As low as €12.96 €10.80
          • Noir
              Service Apron Kariban Cellar Apron
              As low as €10.82 €9.02
            • Vert Citron
                KARIBAN CHILD apron
                As low as €9.20 €7.67
              • Sabots de travail Crocs Bistro SRC Marine profil
                  Crocs Bistro SRC Work Clogs
                  As low as €56.06 €46.72
                • Portwest Chainmail Gloves 45cm
                  • Free delivery
                  Portwest Chainmail Gloves 45cm
                  As low as €184.80 €154.00
                • Portwest Breathable Kitchen Jacket
                    Portwest Breathable Kitchen Jacket
                    As low as €24.55 €20.46
                  • Portwest Breathable Cooking Pants
                      Portwest Breathable Cooking Pants
                      As low as €19.98 €16.65
                    • Portwest Breathable Kitchen Bandana
                        Portwest Breathable Kitchen Bandana
                        As low as €4.75 €3.96
                      • Portwest Breathable Mesh Short Sleeve Kitchen Jacket
                        • Kariban organic cotton apron
                          • Eco-responsible
                          Kariban organic cotton apron
                          As low as €16.62 €13.85
                        • WOMEN'S ROBUR ESCALE long-sleeved breathable chef's jacket
                          • Eco-responsible
                          • Outlet -40
                          WOMEN'S ROBUR ESCALE long-sleeved breathable chef's jacket
                          As low as €36.60 €30.50 Regular Price €61.00
                        • Pantalon de cuisine écologique FEMME ROBUR ECUME
                          • Eco-responsible
                        • ROBUR DUNES short-sleeved eco-friendly kitchen jacket
                          • Eco-responsible
                        • ROBUR DAX eco-friendly kitchen apron
                          • Eco-responsible
                          ROBUR DAX eco-friendly kitchen apron
                          As low as €24.40 €20.33
                        • ROBUR DETROIT eco-friendly kitchen pants
                          • Eco-responsible
                          • Outlet -40
                          ROBUR DETROIT eco-friendly kitchen pants
                          As low as €33.96 €28.30 Regular Price €56.60
                        • Ecological kitchen cap ROBUR DORIE (set of 2)
                          • Eco-responsible

                        Items 1-32 of 232

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                        Use of wearing protective clothing in the kitchen - Cook / Butcher / Butcher

                        Like any other professional, workers in the kitchen and catering industry wear work clothes to protect themselves from dirt, but also from the risks that may arise at work. Moreover, on this subject, article R4323-95 of the Labor Code stipulates that it is the employer's responsibility to provide, free of charge, the personal protective equipment necessary for the safety of employees. This law applies to all sectors of activity, in particular the catering trade.

                        Wearing kitchen clothing is necessary for three well-defined reasons: worker protection, hygiene and comfort.

                        It is useful to protect yourself by wearing suitable PPE, because in the kitchen the risks are not less. In addition to dirt, exposure to oil, liquids and flame… during service must be taken into consideration. In order to avoid burns, cuts or other accidents, professionals are obliged to wear appropriate work clothes.

                        Also for a question of hygiene, cooks, waiters and all staff in establishments handling foodstuffs must comply with HACCP standards. This is to protect consumers from the risk of food contamination.

                        The profession of cooks and restaurateurs requires a lot of freedom of movement and movement. It is therefore logical that professionals are dressed in comfortable outfits to best ensure their service during the day. It starts from head to toe:the hat, the kitchen jackets and the safety shoes.

                        Types of kitchen clothing (jacket, pants, blouse, safety shoes, etc.)

                        Kitchen outfits are quite wide, but those that are mandatory are jackets, trousers, hat or headdress, single-use gloves and safety shoes.

                        • The kitchen jackets and kitchen pants or butcher's pants: these are the first pieces of clothing to make up the kitchen outfit. They must be comfortable, loose and made of breathable material such as cotton in order to protect the wearer, but also for ease of movement and to allow the skin to breathe. Generally, the jackets are white in color, with long sleeves and provided with a small collar. And the pants are pocketless to prevent the proliferation of germs.
                        • The headdress (toque, bandana, charlotte, caps): it is the mandatory headgear for hygienic reasons. Whether it's the hat, the charlotte or the bandana, they have the same role of covering the hair to avoid any risk of it falling into the dishes.
                        • Disposable gloves: just like the headdress, single-use gloves are made for hygienic reasons, especially in Fast Foods or in places requiring the direct use of the hand.
                        • The kitchen shoes: they are made to protect workers' feet against certain accidents such as the risk of slipping. Under the EN ISO 20345 standard, kitchen shoes are non-slip. They come in various forms: clogs, boots, sneakers, sandals...

                        Cheap work clothes for kitchen professionals on Oxwork

                        To meet the needs of professionals, Oxwork has selected a range of kitchen clothes of impeccable quality and following standards. It offers clothing tops, bottoms and accessories.

                        • Kitchen clothing tops: cook jackets, service shirts, service jackets (long sleeve or short sleeve), cooking t-shirts, long or short aprons.
                        • Kitchen clothing bottoms: men's and women's kitchen pants, with or without patterns.
                        • Accessories: toques, bandanas, forecaps, caps, berets

                        The site's cooking clothes are made of strong and soft materials such as polyester, cotton or polycotton in order to combine comfort and safety.

                        Oxwork also offers kitchen shoes to complete the outfit. These shoes are available on the site in different sizes, for men and women. The choice can be made between sandals, clogs, low or high sneakers and many other models.

                        Kitchen clothing standards

                        This personal protective equipment is subject to rules like all PPE. They follow the standards on work clothes according to their protection categories (EN ISO 340 for general devices).

                        What differentiates them is the DIN 10524: 2012-04 regulation recommending the wearing of white or pastel kitchen outfits.