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  1. Sweatshirt Caterpillar Banner Gris
      Caterpillar Banner Sweatshirt
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    • Casquette Dickies 100 % coton LOGO
        Dickies 100% Cotton LOGO Cap
        As low as €28.52 €23.77
      • T-shirt  protection chaleur UV 40+ Dickies TEMP-IQ marine
        • Sweat à capuche zippé renforcé en oxford LMA MADRIER
            LMA MADRIER Reinforced oxford zip hoodie
            As low as €53.92 €44.93
          • Chaussures de sécurité montantes RUN NET AIRBOX MID Diadora S1P SRC
              Shoes RUN NET AIRBOX MID Diadora S1P SRC
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            • Chaussures de sécurité basses RUN NET AIRBOX MATRYX LOW Diadora S1P SRC
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            • Chaussures de sécurité basses GLOVE NET LOW PRO Diadora  S3 HRO SRA ESD gris
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              Low shoes GLOVE NET Diadora S3 HRO SRA ESD
              As low as €135.43 €112.86
            • Chaussure de sécurité basses ouverture facile Diadora RUN NET AIRBOX QUICK LOW S3 SRC
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              Low shoes Diadora RUN NET AIRBOX S3 SRC
              As low as €113.15 €94.29
            • Pantalon de travail multipoches Stretch construction Helly Hansen Kensington Beige
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            • Short de travail stretch Oxford Service Helly Hansen marine
              • Basket Chelsea evolution brz low boa S1P noir devant
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              • Basket de sécurité Oxford Low Boa S3 WP Helly Hansen WR HRO SRC ESD
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              • chaussures de securites basses oxford low s3 noir
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              • chaussures de securites oxford mid s3 noir
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                Breathable shoes Oxford Mid S3 HRO SRC
                As low as €174.00 €145.00

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              Inexpensive men's and women's professional work accessories

              The painter and the plasterer ensure the finish and the aesthetics of a house. They must demonstrate finesse and precision. In individual or collective housing, small or large house, their services are a step not to be overlooked for a satisfactory and lasting result.

              - The hard hat

              An accessory essential especially for plasterers, the construction helmetr protects the head from possible falls and knocks. At Oxwork, you have several models available according to your convenience. The PEAKVIEW translucent hard hat, the HEIGHT ENDURANCE ventilated hard hat, etc… with various colors to choose from.

              The cap makes it easier for the workers. It is lighter, more comfortable, and has ventilation eyelets such as the KENSINGTON FLAT Trucker model. In addition, there is the baseball type cap of the Portwest brand to be more stylish. Finally, the high visibility cap ensures your visibility in a wider environment.

              - Painter's suspender jacket

              Wearing a painter overalls will stop splash stains on your clothes. Moreover, the application stage is particularly delicate. This is the one where you absolutely have to put on this uniform in order to remain impeccable at the end of the day.

              When it comes to colors, you are spoiled for choice. Similarly for cutting, its multi-pocket option facilitates access to your tools.

              - Painter pants

              The painter pants is easier to put on. However, it only protects the bottom of your garment. There are several models: with stretch knee pads, 100% cotton, with floating pockets, etc.

              Sewing quality is excellent with triple stitched reinforcements at the front and back crotch. About the fabric, there is 100% cotton and polycotton. For more comfort, Oxwork offers several sizes. Nevertheless, the tightenable waistband can help adjust your outfit.

              - Safety glasses

              The eyes being the most sensitive part of the body, you must wear protective glasses during your working hours. Thanks to the anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-UV options, you can breathe freely and get to work without constraint.

              Oxwork offers quality pairs that meet the required safety standards. Depending on the model, they comply with one or more of the following standards: EN 166; EN 170; EN 172; ANSI/ISEA Z87+ and ANSI/ISEA Z87+ . Its length is adjustable to fit your size.

              - Gloves

              Keep your hands safe when preparing and applying paint, as well as plaster and plaster. That's why at Oxwork, there is a range of gloves for painters and plasterers. Partnering with renowned brands like Portwest, quality is assured.

              In addition, reusable gloves allow you to save more. The quality of its material depends on your preferences. Finally, to know your glove size, follow the instructions on the site. You can buy them by piece or by lot.

              How to take care of your work clothes?

              The bib shorts and the trousers mentioned above can be machine washed at a temperature of up to 60°C. To avoid damaging its color, wash dark clothes separately. Be careful not to bleach and avoid the dryer. Therefore, opt for line drying and ironing at medium temperature. Thus, the longevity of your work clothes is assured.

              As for your goggles, wipe them with a microfiber cloth. This will avoid leaving traces disturbing your vision.

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