Work socks for women

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      Portwest Combat Reinforced Work Socks
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        Coolmax® Carpo Herock work socks
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        Portwest Thermal Socks
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        Lemaitre Lemat winter work sock
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        Lemaitre Lemato winter work sock
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          Lemaitre Lemal breathable work socks
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          Lemaitre Lemir cotton work socks
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          Lemaitre Lindor cotton work socks
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            Blaklader Xwarm extreme cold high socks
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              Winter socks Blaklader Warm
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                Blaklader Light winter socks
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                Blaklader summer/mid-season Dry work socks (set of 2 pairs)
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                Cold weather Blaklader wool socks
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                  Blaklader ankle socks (set of 5 pairs)
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                15 Items

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                The different work socks for women according to their material of manufacture

                Once the humidity and cold of winter sets in , it is very important to keep all parts of the body warm. If the first personal protective equipment that comes to mind are the women's safety shoes, fleeces, women's work pants and beanies, and don't forget the socks. Indeed, the comfort of the feet should not be taken lightly. It is very important to keep them warm, but also dry. And when you are a woman, the external conditions, the incessant movements and the fact of standing for long hours can cause feelings of heavy legs. Fortunately, women's work socks exist!

                Like the men's work socks, their women's variants are made from from different materials. Each of them has its properties and characteristics.

                Women's cotton work socks

                Already used centuries before Christ, cotton is one of the most widely used materials in the design of work socks. It has silky filaments that provide an excellent quality result. Offering unprecedented comfort, cotton has absorbent properties and is suitable, in most cases, for all skin types.

                Wool work socks for women for winter and summer

                To equip yourself well in summer, wool is essential. It is particularly insulating and is very effective at absorbing moisture up to 30% of its weight without becoming damp to the touch. If you opt for wool socks, you are choosing optimal comfort for your feet.

                Work socks for women in coolmax

                Coolmax is a textile material that can be described as very technical. It is recognized for its properties allowing it to keep your feet dry, whatever the circumstances. This type of material is made from Dacron polyester fibers that are known for their moisture wicking properties to the outside. The presence of small channels in the tissue explains this phenomenon. If you are constantly forced to put your feet in water in your work, know that the coolmax is hydrophobic. This means that it dries very quickly.

                Work socks for women reinforced with tactel

                It is a textile that has many qualities including lightness, softness, absorption capacity and control of the body's microclimate. This material dries quickly, is easy to maintain and is particularly durable. In addition to their use in the field of work, tactel socks are also widely used by athletes.

                Work socks for women, perfect for professionals

                The work socks for women have been specially designed to meet the needs of professionals. They effectively combine aesthetics and practicality. As far as cuts are concerned, the choice is wide. Certain parts such as the heel, the Achilles tendon and the tip of the foot benefit from padding in order to provide optimal comfort to its user. The objective is to avoid the inconveniences linked to friction and the sensations of compression.

                At Oxwork, the work socks for women offered can be ordered in batches. This allows a company to supply equipment of the same type, with similar characteristics and properties. Moreover, you have a wide choice for brands, due to the tough competition in the market. The latter also compete in ingenuity to offer quality and very technical products to their consumers.

                Socks and their history

                For the short story of socks, you should know that they were born in Syria, 2000 years before the era we live in. The first were strips of fabric intended to keep the feet of their users warm. Over time, they have become a sign of wealth. After the medieval period, socks positioned themselves as the accessories of choice and will spread in Europe. Their success from then on was well established. In the course of the 15th century, they became essential, especially among the nobility.