Anti-fatigue mat

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The range of anti-fatigue mats at Oxwork is equipment that guarantees the safety and comfort of the professional. It can be made from various materials like rubber, vinyl, and even wood. It is especially intended for people who work for long hours in a standing position. The anti-fatigue mat is therefore used to reduce fatigue and pain (back, legs and feet). The user can better concentrate on their work and be more comfortable. In general, these are cashiers, bartenders, counter staff, but also those working in factories that use this type of personal protective and comfort equipment.

The anti-fatigue mat: to effectively reduce pain

A person who works standing up all day spends 20% more energy than someone who sits. This is why the use of an anti-fatigue mat is essential. It consists of small air pockets that stimulate cyclic muscle contractions. Blood circulation is thus improved and the change of posture favored. The head and neck are also more relaxed, the worker benefits from optimal comfort. In addition, while walking, the user may have suffered shocks; back pain is absorbed by the mat. This equipment improves and protects health, but it is also an essential PPE.

Portwest is a personal protective equipment manufacturing brand. Among the Portwest products are the anti-fatigue mats. Here are some that demonstrate efficiency and performance, designed to satisfy professionals and offer them security:

Portwest industrial and ergonomic anti-fatigue mat

This product is very special thanks to its high resistance to wear. This is an anti-fatigue mat model that provides comfort. Durable even in difficult situations, it reduces the risk of slipping with its safety bevel. The materials used in its manufacture are PVC pongee and PVC leather. It has anti-slip, insulating and anti-fatigue properties. This ergonomic mat effectively reduces the feeling of fatigue following long hours of standing and/or activities that require the legs. The use of this equipment for employees, adapted helps to avoid numbness, pain in the feet.

Portwest anti-fatigue floor mat

The Portwest anti-fatigue mat is made from very soft PVC foam. His interest ? It reduces stress, firstly, but also muscle discomfort that is caused by long standing on low temperature floors. The professional becomes much more productive when the constraints he encounters on a daily basis are resolved thanks to the provision of this high-performance mat. The surface is characterized by a beautiful ribbed finish while the edges are bevelled. These characteristics guarantee the durability of the carpet.

Portwest High Strength Anti-Fatigue Mat

This is a model whose quality is excellent. Its surface is non-slip and has drainage power. The anti-fatigue pins are located on the inside face. These provide lasting comfort. Thanks to the connecting edges, the extension of the mat is possible and easy in case the user needs additional length. This highly resistant mat does not wear out in the weather because the material it is made of is solid and robust: a mixture of nitrile and rubber. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The anti-fatigue mat: to increase productivity at work, in the office and in the factory

What is the relationship between the anti-fatigue mat and the productivity of a worker? When the latter suffers from back pain or foot pain, constantly feels heavy legs, is stressed by his uncomfortable position, often has a headache or neck pain, he cannot work properly. As a result, its production and efficiency are low. But, when he has at his disposal equipment that brings him many benefits at the same time: relief of pain, reduction of stress, stability of blood circulation, all the best conditions are met for him. allow you to increase your productivity.