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      Notus Herock Adjustable Belt
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      Carhartt Leather Belt
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    How to choose a work belt for women?

    Do you work in difficult conditions? The decision you need to make first and foremost is to invest in high quality belts that go with your workwear . The belt is essential not only for comfort, but also for safety. Because falling trousers can cause some damage when you're hard at work .

    You may have purchased women's safety shoes, a trousers with practical pockets and knee protectors as well as other personal protective equipment. Now you have to search for the best work belt.

    Oxwork, your PPE supplier

    The work belts for women on Oxwork are sturdy and practical. They are designed for work and outdoor activities. Our work belts in leather or high quality synthetic material are made to last.

    At Oxwork, find our work belts that meet the needs of many trades, including mechanics, electricians, construction workers, police officers and other uniformed professionals. Our work belts are your allies whenever you need an accessory that accompanies you and makes your job easier. Choose from a wide range of styles, colors and sizes to find a work belt that fits your style and budget.

    You can find various ordinary belts, designed for everyday fashion on Oxwork. But you also have our collection of work belts that are perfect for any type of outfit. Our tool belts are available in different designs. They are the true companions of carpenters, mechanics and many other craftsmen and professionals who need quick access to their tools.

    When buying a work belt, features and functionality are more important to you than style. Reliable work belts guarantee that you have perfect control of your trade in the most difficult conditions. Depending on your profession, you can choose the design that suits you:

    • Work belt for electricians: if you are an electrician , you might need to climb poles while carrying your tools close at hand. So, your work belt should have a number of spacious pockets to store all your paraphernalia.
    • Work belt for roofers: if you are a roofer, you might need hooks and pockets, useful features on a roofer's work belt.
    • Work belt for plumbers: if you are a plumber, you will have to work in the humidity. Water can damage a leather belt. Instead, we suggest you choose from our selection of water-resistant fabric belts.
    • Work belt for carpenters: If you work with wood, you need work belts made of thicker materials and with pockets that can hold sharp carpenter tools. We think heavy-duty leather work belts are best for carpenters.

    The most common materials used for work belts are fabric, polyester canvas, nylon, suede and classic leather.

    Other features to consider on a work belt

    Other elements that make up the body belt should attract your attention and determine your choice:

    • Pockets: Most work belts have a number of pockets to store your tools.
    • Holders: You can find work belts with loops to hold the hammer and other tools.
    • Hooks: Some belts come with hooks for your convenience.
    • Gusseted pockets: These are strong, easily accessible pockets where you can put bolts, nuts and nails. As they contain tools and hardware parts, they are more durable than other pockets.
    • Zipped pockets: small items can easily fall out. This is why the presence of zippered pockets is important.

    Reinforced pockets: some pockets have double stitching making them more robust and allowing you to carry your tools without problems.