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    When working outdoors, the head is often exposed to many dangers. Many workers do not often pay attention to this detail, and yet the head is one of the most fragile parts of the body. Today, a multitude of protective devices make it possible to prevent shocks and thus offer better protection of the head. Among these is the forestry helmet (ideal for lumberjacks). Head for this accessory.

    The forest helmet: what is it?

    As its name suggests, the forestry helmet is simply equipment intended for forestry work. At first it was designed only for this use, but later the forest helmet became more common and finds its use almost everywhere in outdoor work. In general, this type of helmet offers full head protection and this is what differentiates it from ordinary hard hats. This protection goes from the skull to the eyes, passing through the ears, depending on the model. In short, the lumberjack or forestry helmet is a very complete type of helmet, offering optimal protection for the head and the sensitive areas that are often at risk.

    Structure of a forest helmet

    You should know that before it goes on sale, the forestry helmet must pass a series of tests, including the CE examination. During this test, we check certain points such as the resistance of the materials used, whether they support heat, shocks or even wear. The forestry helmet is designed with resistant and shock-absorbing materials, accompanied by a visor and an earpiece. However, some models may not have earbuds, but this mainly depends on the manufacturer and the use for which it was intended. In any case, what you have to remember is that it is a very robust helmet.

    Professional forestry helmets at Oxwork

    The forestry helmets from Oxwork are lightweight protective helmets, robust and comfortable. They combine all the necessary conditions for optimal safety. They feature:

    • An ABS cap: orange or yellow so that the worker is clearly visible in broad daylight.
    • An adjustable textile harness: so that the helmet is properly adjusted to the person wearing it.
    • A visor.
    • A sweatband.
    • A chin strap.
    • An earpiece for hearing protection (otherwise compatible with noise canceling headphones).
    • Openings on the top of the helmet for ventilation and air circulation.
    • A considerable lifespan (7 years).

    Like any other personal protective equipment, forestry helmets meet standards. For those on the site, they are compliant with EN ISO 352 and EN ISO 397.

    To what extent should a forestry helmet be used?

    The use of a forestry helmet can be done in several areas, but it is recommended for use on terrain that is likely to be dangerous. This includes in particular the framework of the woodwork or welding trade, where the eyes, the head and the ears are more exposed to danger. Indeed, when working in carpentry, for example, the noises of the machines can be quite loud and thus gradually damage hearing. The same is true for wood debris that can fly into the eye and cause sight complications. Depending on the job, therefore, you have to choose your materials carefully and look for the one that is most suitable.

    PPE: The forestry helmet, optimized safety

    The forest helmet is one of the best protective gear that may exist regarding head protection. It can be noticed by its robustness and its complete and well finished structure. With its visor and possibly its earpieces, it offers its wearer optimal protection in all circumstances. Note that secure does not necessarily mean uncomfortable. A lumberjack helmet that meets standards should allow its wearer to work while being comfortable. In addition, it is possible to find a cheap forester's helmet, but which does provide effective protection.

    A forestry helmet, complete protection

    Reasons that make the forestry helmet indispensable at work

    Finally, with Oxwork, we can say that the forestry helmet is the perfect protective tool for all workers . Combining comfort, safety and versatility, it is the best alternative for a person working in a dangerous environment. Finally, a short summary of the advantages of a forestry helmet:

    • Optimal protection of the head and sensitive areas (eyes and ears)
    • Robust and durable material
    • Shock absorber function
    • Product tested and meets standards for better head comfort
    • Extensive functionality
    • Suitable for all types of work