Working knee pads

Remember to protect your knees, for all your work on the ground.

To slip under your work pants or over your blue, these professional padded or gel knee pads ensure comfort and protection.

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      Blaklader protective knee pads 15x25cm
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      Coverguard Knee Gel
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        Protective knee pads Blaklader SERVICE
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          Blaklader EVA protective knee pads
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          25 MM Blaklader GEL Protective Knee Pads
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            Portwest Non-Marking Knee Pads
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              Portwest Knee Pads
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                Protective knee pads Diadora UTILITY
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              • Portwest High Density Knee Pads
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                Portwest High Density Knee Pads
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              • Portwest Kneeling Mat
                  Portwest Kneeling Mat
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                    Kneepads Result
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                  18 Items

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                  Working kneepad: ideal compromise between safety and comfort

                  Workers who perform work on the ground must protect themselves by wearing work knee pads. As protective equipment, the knee brace provides compression at the knee for pleasant comfort when you have to work in kneeling position. It offers support and protection at the knee level, especially if the worker has to remain kneeling for a while. To scratch on the overalls, or insert into the pockets of the work pants, the professional knee brace allows certain workers such as tile setters, floor workers or even carpet fitters, to carry out the work without the risk of suffering significant sequelae later.

                  Knee protection: wear work trousers with knee pads for protection

                  When you perform prolonged work while remaining kneeling, without necessarily being a professional in the field, protect yourself by wearing work knee pads. Padded or gel, this equipment prevents the knee from coming into direct contact with the ground. And as this position is uncomfortable, you can very quickly feel pain, or even hurt yourself. These small pads will allow you to work in more comfortable conditions and you will not tire too quickly.

                  In fact, prolonged contact with hard ground can cause knee pain. However, this joint, the most important of our body, is essential to maintain balance and relax.