Working knee pads

Remember to protect your knees, for all your work on the ground.

To slip under your work pants or over your blue, these professional padded or gel knee pads ensure comfort and protection.

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  1. Helly Hansen Xtra Protective Knee Pads

      Helly Hansen Xtra Protective Knee Pads

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    • Paire de genouillères z mousse Inox LMA
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      Pair of LMA stainless steel foam knee pads

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    • Tapis pour s'agenouiller Total Confort PORTWEST
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      Total comfort kneeling mat PORTWEST

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    • Blanc
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      Portwest Non-Marking Knee Pads

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    • Genouillères Portwest dos

        Portwest Knee Pads

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      • Noir
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        Coverguard Knee Gel

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      • Anthracite
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        Protective knee pads Diadora UTILITY

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      • Genouillères de protection Ultimate Gel Portwest
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        Portwest Ultimate Gel Protective Knee Pads

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      • Genouillères coques Portwest Ultra légères
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        Portwest Ultra Light Shell Knee Pads

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      • Genouillères Portwest Super Gel

          Portwest Super Gel Knee Pads

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        • Genouillères de protection STANDARD Helly Hansen

            Helly Hansen STANDARD Protective Knee Pads

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          • Portwest High Density Knee Pads

              Portwest High Density Knee Pads

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            • Portwest Kneeling Mat
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              Portwest Kneeling Mat

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            • Genouillères Result noir
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              Kneepads Result

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            Work knee pad: ideal compromise between safety and comfort

            Workers who carry out work on the ground must protect themselves by wearing work knee pads. As personal protective equipment, the knee brace provides compression in the knee area for pleasant comfort when you have to work in a kneeling position. It offers support and protection at the knee level, especially if the worker has to kneel for a while. To attach to the work overalls, or to insert in the pockets of work pants< /a>, the professional knee brace allows certain workers such as tilers, floor workers or even carpet fitters to carry out work without the risk of suffering significant after-effects later.

            Our work knee pads, designed to fit both men and women, are at the top of our list of essential products for personal protection. Available in black, these garments are made from durable materials like cotton, ensuring both comfort and durability during daily use. These knee pads are designed to provide optimal support to the knees, reducing the risk of injury during demanding tasks. Explore our product range to find the pair that meets your specific work and protection needs.

            Knee protection: wear work pants with knee pads to protect yourself

            When you carry out prolonged work while remaining kneeling, without necessarily being a professional in the field, protect yourself by wearing work knee pads. Padded or gel, this equipment prevents the knee from coming into direct contact with the ground. And since this position is uncomfortable, you can very quickly feel pain, or even hurt yourself. These small pads will allow you to work in more comfortable conditions and you will not tire too quickly.

            In fact, prolonged contact with hard ground can cause knee pain. However, this joint, the most important in our body, is essential for maintaining balance and moving.

            For professionals, faced with these conditions on a daily basis, pain can lead to musculoskeletal disorders, which will seriously affect mobility. In the worst case, the pain can end in hygroma of the knee.

            And for optimal protection of your knees, consider changing your knee pads when they start to become damaged, at the first signs of wear.

            Characteristics of knee pads: professionals and individuals

            There are different types of knee pads, in general, they are made of a resistant rubber or plastic, covered with a layer of light and soft foam. It is this padding which will give a certain bounce to the knee, in contact with the knee pad.

            The polyethylene models have thick foam, which is much more comfortable. They are significantly less sensitive to deformations caused by prolonged contact of the knee with the hard ground. Thus, polyethylene foam knee pads allow more freedom of movement.

            There are also models of gel work knee pads. These knee pads attach to the knee using fasteners ending with buckles. The gel is a malleable and amorphous material, without any shape memory. The gel knee brace is then the most comfortable, but also the least sensitive to wear. If the gel has an optimal lifespan, the elastics of the attachment, for their part, wear out more quickly.

            Finally, when making your choice, choose a knee pad in your size for better support of your knee and easier movement. This will minimize the risk of injury, but also the wear of the material. Take the exact measurement of the circumference of your outstretched leg, then choose the size corresponding to your measurements, to be sure to have a work knee pad that fits your size.

            Adapt your work knee pad to the risks incurred in the field

            For one-off, short-term interventions, opt for work knee pads integrated. They slip easily into a dedicated space, at the knee level of your work pants. These integrated knee pads are thinner. In other words, they are not suitable for prolonged use.

            Knee pads for different professions: construction site, tiler, gardening

            Professionals in trades such as tilers or soliers should instead turn to gel models, which are more comfortable and less marking.

            But there are also knee pads suitable for people who have already suffered from knee problems. For workers returning to work after blood circulation problems, the preventive knee brace is strongly recommended. For active people who suffer from an already weakened joint, they should favor the soft knee brace, which provides more stabilization at the level of the patella. Finally, for people recovering from trauma, it is advisable to use a rigid knee brace, made with rigid materials, to assist mechanical movements of the knee .

            Work knee pads are essential accessories for professionals who perform tasks requiring additional protection and support at the knees. Available to buy online with full details on each product, these knee pads are often offered by reputable brands such as Blaklader and Cofra. Whether for men or women, these knee pads are designed to provide optimal comfort and effective protection against impacts and friction. The tax-inclusive price and fast delivery options make it easier to acquire these protective accessories. Their black color makes them discreet, and some models can be combined with other matching work clothes for a harmonious ensemble.

            User reviews offer practical perspectives on the durability, comfort, and effectiveness of each model. Some types of knee pads, such as those made of stretch, offer increased flexibility, while others incorporate special plates for added protection. These accessories are an essential addition to work clothing and safety footwear, helping to prevent injuries and ensure worker well-being. In short, work knee pads, available in a variety of brands and models, are a crucial complement to personal protective equipment, ensuring optimal protection in demanding work environments.