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    CityGuard leather rangers
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    Magnum LYNX 8.0 SZ work shoes
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    Magnum LYNX 8.0 CT shell safety shoes
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    Rangers CityGuard MEGATECH
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    CityGuard MEGATECH Double Zip Boots
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    Rangers Magnum STRIKE FORCE 6.0 SZ
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    CityGuard MEGATECH Single Zip Padded Rangers
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Long reserved for the military and men and renowned for their all-terrain qualities, ranger shoes are now available in women's versions. Now very trendy, the models of women's rangers are nowadays the delight of people operating in various sectors, considered to be at risk.

Discover below the advice and information from Oxwork to find the right pairs of shoes.

Why wear ranger shoes?

Foot injuries are an occupational hazard for security professionals, for those operating on difficult terrain or under harsh climatic conditions, as well as for construction site workers. Indeed, you are never safe from falling heavy objects, crushing, false movements that can lead to fractures and other types of lacerations. Therefore, wearing ranger shoes is the best option to prepare for any eventuality.

However, choosing a pair of women's rangers deserves attention to some specific details. Also, a work shoe is supposed to make your working day as easy as possible. As a result, Oxwork offers you a wide range of products, meeting the requirements of quality, comfort and safety standards.

The women's rangers offered by Oxwork protect you while remaining stylish.

Discover the models available at Oxwork

Oxwork's collection of women's rangers for professional use consists of work shoes, safety shoes, from classic rangers, checked models as well as double versions zip from Magnum and City Guard brands.

First, the models of women's rangers offered are light, flexible, breathable and shock-absorbing. These shoes provide better comfort, good practicality and perfect mobility for its users.

Second, they have very durable toe and heel cups. The presence of anti-perforation soles protects you from possible crushing, falls and other work accidents. The outsoles of the women's rangers can also withstand up to 300°C.

On the one hand, the presence of notched and non-slip soles gives them perfect grip in wet and slippery areas. In addition, the quality of the leather and other types of materials used in their upholstery ensure robustness, impermeability, thermal insulation and resistance to any test.

Finally, their ergonomic designs, with the presence of zipper and laces with tips, make them so easy to put on and take off.

Standards for rangers and safety shoes

The women's rangers shoes all meet the EN ISO 20345 standard.

Please note that this international standard EN 20345 sets out the minimum protection requirements for rangers type models and safety shoes. In addition, this attests to the presence of a protective toe cap resistant to an impact of 200 joules as well as a crushing of 15 kN on a pair of shoes. On the one hand, this standard proves compliance with the criteria of comfort, abrasion resistance and slip resistance.

Discover below the additional standards specific to rangers and safety footwear.

  • The S1 standard: for safety shoes intended for indoor activities and equipped with a protective toe cap with a heel shockproof. They are resistant to oils and hydrocarbons.
  • The S1P standard: similar to the S1 standard, but with puncture resistance.
  • The S2 standard: for safety shoes intended for outdoor activities and equipped with resistance to penetration and water absorption.
  • The S3 standard: the S2 standard, but with the addition of a studded sole and puncture resistance.
  • The S4 standard: for shoes with 200 joules protection for the shell, rubber or polymer models with antistatic properties and those resistant to oils and hydrocarbons, with heel energy absorption and closed back.
  • The S5 standard: as for the S4 standard, but with a studded sole and better resistance to perforation.

The site rangers meet the S3 standard. The S1, S1P, S2, and S3 standards are intended for construction and on-site professions. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Oxwork team directly. A welcoming and responsive assistance will respond favorably to your questions.