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      The safety of each worker depends on their vigilance and above all on their protective equipment. All professionals in any trade, whether welder, mechanic, cook or construction mason, must wear personal protective equipment.

      Especially for professional welders, the clothing required to ensure safety for this trade is of paramount importance. This equipment ranges from eye protection goggles, face protection masks, helmets to hand protection gloves. This is still a non-exhaustive list of protective clothing for the work of welders. In this work, the eyes and the face need more protection than others. Indeed, these are the parts most exposed to sparks during welding.

      Discover on Oxwork eye protection, ideal protective glasses to protect your eyes in your work environment.

      Standards for safety glasses

      The choice of protective eyewear is very important. Before choosing the pairs of glasses, make sure that they are adapted to the shape of your face, without pressure and provide effective protection for your eyes.

      There are different categories of eye protection standards, classified under different sections of each industry sector. First there is the general standard for protective eyewear EN 166. This is a general specification which includes optical quality, resistance to mechanical risks, currents, shocks and impacts. Then there is the EN 169 standard which is a welding filter. The EN 170 standard was imposed to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays. As for the EN 172 standard, it is a sun protection filter for industrial use. EN 175 is the standard followed by protective equipment for welding work. Filters for hot welding