To maintain your work trousers, the belt is the essential accessory. A practical and stylish accessory, our belts are adjustable and robust.

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    Notus Herock Adjustable Belt
    As low as €11.56 €9.63 Regular Price €13.60
  2. Ceinture ajustable Zelus Herock
      Zelus Herock adjustable belt
      Special Price €11.56 €9.63 Regular Price €13.60
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      HH Logo Webbing Belt Helly Hansen
      As low as €19.44 €16.20 Regular Price €21.60
    • Ceinture avec boucle plastique Web Belt Helly Hansen
        Belt with plastic buckle Web Belt Helly Hansen
        Special Price €6.48 €5.40 Regular Price €7.20
      • Marron
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        Carhartt Leather Belt
        As low as €52.21 €43.51 Regular Price €61.42
      • Ceinture Belt Helly Hansen
          Belt Helly Hansen
          Special Price €15.12 €12.60 Regular Price €16.80
        • Ceinture de maintien au travail Portwest
            Portwest Work Positioning Belt
            Special Price €18.36 €15.30 Regular Price €19.32
          • LMA BIVOUAC engraved leather belts and metal buckles (set of 4)
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            LMA BIVOUAC engraved leather belts and metal buckles (set of 4)
            As low as €98.17 €81.81 Regular Price €115.50
          • Ceinture en cuir mixte PARADE ALZEN
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            PARADE ALZEN mixed leather belt
            As low as €25.22 €21.02
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            Blaklader Stretch Non-Metallic Stretch Adjustable Belt
            As low as €18.37 €15.31 Regular Price €24.49
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            Blaklader metal buckle leather belt
            As low as €31.99 €26.66 Regular Price €37.64
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            Blaklader plastic buckle belt
            As low as €11.78 €9.82 Regular Price €13.86
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              Carhartt Webbing Belt
              As low as €40.00 €33.33
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              Blaklader textile belt with metal buckle
              As low as €21.30 €17.75 Regular Price €25.06
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              Blaklader leather belt
              As low as €55.92 €46.60 Regular Price €65.78
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              Canvas Blaklader belt 100% cotton
              As low as €22.48 €18.73 Regular Price €26.45
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              Portwest Kidney Belt
              As low as €14.94 €12.45 Regular Price €15.72
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              Coverguard lumbar belt
              As low as €23.44 €19.53 Regular Price €27.58

            23 Items

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            Browse our selection of lumbar belts designed to provide optimal support and increased comfort during your professional activities. These belts are part of our carefully chosen range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) accessories to meet your workplace safety needs.

            The work pants must be well maintained so as not to bother the user. For this, you need an essential accessory: the belt. Both practical and aesthetic, it is available in several colors. The materials with which it can be made are numerous, but they must be robust and adjustable. Manufacturers, to meet all needs, offer belts for all tastes. The buckles are made of metal, plastic… We also find lumbar belts then suspenders, always designed for the comfort of professionals.

            Our work belts, designed for both men and women, are an essential product in the list of personal protective equipment. Available in black, these belts are appreciated for their robustness and the functional details they present. On our site, you can view our customer reviews to better understand the quality and usefulness of these belts, often combined with other equipment such as safety shoes and gloves. Each review is a valuable source of information for those looking to invest in reliable and comfortable work equipment.

            The different materials used (leather, cotton, etc.)

            Belt in cotton, leather, canvas… everything is possible. The material represents an essential criterion in choosing a work belt; it must be of high quality. Leather is a must-have thanks to its robustness and its durability. Artisans create leather work belts with careful finishes and designs. This material can be varnished, raw, perforated, braided, patterned or smoothed. Furthermore, the softness and flexibility of the textile have always met the requirements. Between cotton, canvas, viscose and elastane blend, and polyester, we have a very wide choice. To select, you must refer to the frequency of use and the nature of the professional environment.

            The size of the work belt for pants

            For the professional, the belt is used not to complete his look, but to allow him to work in the best conditions of comfort. However, this does not prevent you from choosing a belt whose external appearance is pleasant to see. Size is a significant criterion (consult our guide). It is considered good if the size of the accessory from the end of the buckle to the middle hole (traditional models have 5, the barb must then be in the third hole) corresponds to the waist size of the user. You can also choose from sizes S to 3XL, one-size models, belts of 85, 95, 105 and 115 cm.

            Safety: The lumbar/back support belt

            The work lumbar belt is necessary for a worker who often adopts poor posture because of the type of activity they carry out. It effectively relieves back pain and allows the professional to continue their profession with peace of mind. Many pathologies are also avoided when using a lumbar belt; it can therefore be used as a preventive measure.

            As it also serves as support, it limits spinal movements. By carrying heavy objects, the worker does not risk having lower back pain. Of course, he must also adopt the right actions, because this accessory must not be used for several successive days.

            The work lumbar belt is often worn over work clothing. The Velcro fastening allows you to adjust the pressure. The material used is often a breathable quilted mesh textile. The wearer should not tighten the support belt too much or leave it too loose.

            The choice of work lumbar belt depends on the type of activity: is the wearer always in a seated position? Is he carrying heavy objects? Is he pursuing a career in extreme sports? Is he in the construction industry? Does he carry out his job while suffering from a pathology such as lower back pain, herniated disc, scoliosis, etc. It is also necessary to take into account the duration of daily work and the frequency of use.

            Men's suspenders for work

            Some professionals prefer work suspenders to hold their pants in place. They are equipped with resistant clips which are for the majority of metal models. The straps attach easily and can be adjusted according to the users' height. Their compositions can be a mixture of fabric, polyester and elastic. As they are dedicated to professional use, they must be wide, flexible and robust. Wearing suspenders does not prevent the use of a lumbar belt.

            Purchase: Where to find a work belt (Carhartt, Dickies, etc.)?

            For everyday comfort and safety in your professional activity, Oxwork offers various models at excellent value for money: adjustable or elastic belt (leather, nylon), lumbar belt, support belt , etc.

            Work belts are essential accessories in the field of personal protective equipment (PPE), playing a functional role while adding a touch of comfort and practicality to work clothing. Available in a variety of renowned brands such as Blaklader, Helly Hansen, Herock, Mascot, and Portwest, these belts are designed to meet the specific needs of professional workers. Made with durable materials, these belts provide sturdy support while withstanding the rigors of the work environment. They are available in a range of colors to suit individual preferences and professional uniform requirements.

            Work belts effectively complete the outfit, allowing workers to carry their tools conveniently while maintaining a neat appearance. Some models feature logos and reflective elements for increased visibility, improving safety in the workplace. The variety of work belts available includes options for men and women, providing a comfortable and secure fit. With fast delivery, professionals can quickly obtain the work belts needed for their daily routine. In summary, work belts are a practical and stylish addition to PPE, contributing to the functionality and safety of workers in a variety of professional environments.

            Discover our selection of headlamps, from torches, from tool carriers, cutter blades and chemical absorbents. Our range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) accessories are carefully selected to ensure maximum quality and safety in the workplace.