When you have a job to do, you need practical, functional and comfortable workwear that you can trust, all this is possible with Oxwork.

Need help choosing ?

You don't know which model of workwear to choose from our range? Discover our tips and tricks to equip yourself well!

visual of a man wearing a work jacket

How to choose your work jacket?

To do your job in the best possible way, it is best to be properly equipped and to feel comfortable in your work clothes. That is why Oxwork offers its customers work jackets that are easy to wear and comfortable...

woman wearing several pairs of work jeans

How to choose your work trousers?

To carry out its work correctly, it is very important to choose well its working trousers to be at ease and to have a freedom of movement. This may seem trivial but choosing the wrong work trousers can be dramatic...

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Everything you need to know about standardized clothes !

EN 1149-5 standard, EN ISO 11611 standard, etc. Discover all the standards for your workwear and their properties. We have listed most of the standards for the manufacture of your clothing in order to explain all their characteristics...

Workwear to current standards

Oxwork offers garments for the most diverse applications and requirements. Our products are made from high quality materials and with high quality features. On our website you can find workwear, protective clothing You can find the right workwear, protective clothing and PPE (personal protective equipment) for trade and industry on our website. Find professional clothing that meets the highest safety requirements:

  • NF EN 340: work clothing meeting the general requirements
  • NF EN 342 : workwear with cold protection
  • NF EN 343 : work clothes that protect you from the weather
  • NF EN 381-5 : work clothing for forestry work requiring the use of a chainsaw
  • NF EN 469 : workwear for firefighters
  • NF EN 470 : work clothes (for welders)
  • NF EN 471 : high visibility workwear
  • NF EN 510 : work clothing that protects against entrapment
  • NF EN 531 : heat protective work clothing
  • NF EN 24 920 : water-repellent work clothes
  • NF EN 13 034 : work clothing against chemicals
  • NF EN 1149 : work clothing against electrostatic currents
  • EN ISO 11612 : flame-retardant workwear
  • EN ISO 1149 : antistatic workwear

Workwear with a focus on safety

One of the criteria for our workwear is that you feel comfortable inside, but more importantly, that you feel safe. Do you need safety clothing that protects you from heat and flames or from the danger of an electric arc? of an electric arc? We have them! Our aim is to protect you effectively against physical hazards and health risks.

Un type de vêtement de travail pour une utilisation spécifique

The choice of workwear must be thought through to the last detail. For example, a design with functional pockets is important for work trousers worn by craftsmen. Each trade has its own requirements. And special applications special applications require special features. Hammer loops, ruler pockets, mobile phone pockets, zippered safety pockets, knee pad pockets... all features must be intelligently and planned. For carpenters, wood chips must not get into the pockets, while in the assembly and automotive industries, it is important to protect parts from scratches. Our collection of workwear pays particular attention to the characteristics of the pocket. Their position, size and layout have been defined according to the customers' needs.

Shape and size are unconditional criteria for choosing workwear

Your workwear and you must be above all a perfect fit. Design and size are essential to ensure a comfortable fit. Our wide selection of sizes should give you a wide choice.

Where to buy your professional clothes (trousers, blue, safety shoes, ...) with an online shop?

You and your workwear must be, above all, a perfect fit. A good, modern design and the right size are essential to ensure a comfortable fit. Our wide selection of sizes should give you a wide choice from our different ranges of clothing (work jackets, overalls, work jackets, ...).