Safety boots

Immerse yourself in a world where safety, comfort and robustness meet with our safety boots. At Oxwork, we offer you boots designed to brave the most demanding work environments and provide flawless protection against various attacks such as cold, humidity, shocks and much more.

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  1. Noir
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    Portwest Neptune Rigger S5 CI Safety Boots
    As low as €28.38 €23.65 Regular Price €29.88
  2. Noir / Lime
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    Helly Hansen MAGNI BOA SBH ESD Winter Boots
    As low as €259.20 €216.00 Regular Price €288.00
  3. Marron
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    Portwest MONTANA COMPOSIETELITE S3 HRO safety boots
    As low as €62.98 €52.48 Regular Price €78.72
  4. Water repellent lined safety boots S3 SRC Blaklader Winter
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    Water repellent lined safety boots S3 SRC Blaklader Winter
    As low as €76.93 €64.11 Regular Price €109.91
  5. Dunlop PUROFORT PRO S5 SRC CI lightweight anti-cold lined safety boots
      Falling Price
    Dunlop PUROFORT PRO S5 SRC CI lightweight anti-cold lined safety boots
    As low as €74.30 €61.92 Regular Price €87.42
  6. Winter Box Botte de sécurité en cuir avec doublure chaude Safety Jogger NORDIC S3 SRC CI
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  7. Winterbox botte de sécurité en cuir avec doublure chaude Safety Jogger Alaska S3 SRC CI
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  8. Botte de sécurité Polyuréthanne doublée Coverguard DRY'PU ACTIVE S5 SRC
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    Safety boots Polyurethane lined Coverguard DRY'PU ACTIVE S5 SRC CI
    As low as €48.91 €40.76 Regular Price €57.54
  9. Botte de sécurité agriculture Polyuréthanne Coverguard DRY'PU ENERGY S5 SRC CI
      Falling Price
    Agricultural safety boots Polyurethane Coverguard DRY'PU ENERGY S5 SRC CI
    As low as €52.99 €44.16 Regular Price €62.34
  10. Bottes de sécurité tout terrain sans métal Lemaitre MOJAVE S3 SRC CI
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    Lemaitre MOJAVE S3 SRC CI Metal Free All Terrain Safety Boots
    As low as €99.34 €82.78 Regular Price €116.87
  11. botte de securite fourree rigair pro fur dunlup s5 ci src
      Falling Price
    Lined safety boots RIGAIR PRO FUR Dunlup S5 CI SRC
    As low as €93.26 €77.72 Regular Price €109.72
  12. Botte de sécurité isolante RIGAIR PRO Dunlup S5 CI SRC
    • Promo -30
    RIGAIR PRO Dunlup S5 CI SRC insulated safety boot
    As low as €78.54 €65.45 Regular Price €112.20
  13. Bottes de sécurité protection chimique HAZGUARD FULL SAFETY Dunlop S5
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    Dunlop S5 HAZGUARD FULL SAFETY chemical protection safety boots
    As low as €108.32 €90.27 Regular Price €127.44
  14. Bottes de sécurité mixte PARADE NORDIK S3 profil
    • New
    PARADE NORDIK S3 mixed safety boots
    As low as €98.08 €81.73
  15. Bronze
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    Portwest Rigger Steelite Pro S3 CI HRO work boots
    As low as €40.99 €34.16 Regular Price €58.56
  16. Bottes de sécurité fourrées Saftey Jogger Bestboot S3
      Falling Price
    Saftey Jogger Bestboot S3 lined safety boots
    As low as €77.04 €64.20 Regular Price €85.60
  17. Noir
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    Safety Jogger Hercules S5 SRA safety boots
    As low as €22.68 €18.90 Regular Price €32.40
  18. Blanc
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    Safety Jogger Poseidon S5 SRA safety boots
    As low as €27.00 €22.50 Regular Price €30.00
  19. Jaune
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    Portwest PU S5 CI FO Safety Boot
    As low as €54.16 €45.13 Regular Price €57.00
  20. Brun
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    Lemaitre SBP Riderboot SRC high safety boot 100% non-metallic
    As low as €89.16 €74.30 Regular Price €104.89
  21. Noir / Rouge
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    Lemaitre S3 Tenere SRC safety boots 100% non-metallic
    As low as €97.88 €81.57 Regular Price €115.16
  22. Noir
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    Lemaitre Tundra SBP SRC 100% Non-Metallic High Top Safety Boots
    As low as €96.20 €80.17 Regular Price €137.44
  23. Brun
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    Lemaitre S3 Moon SRC safety boot 100% non-metallic
    As low as €79.45 €66.21 Regular Price €113.50
  24. Marron
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    Lemaitre Buran S3 CI SRC Leather Safety Boots 100% Non Metallic
    As low as €78.28 €65.23 Regular Price €111.82
  25. Marron
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    Lemaitre Transalp S3 lined safety boots
    As low as €96.14 €80.12 Regular Price €113.11
  26. Marron
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    Coverguard Patagonite S3 SRC CI Leather Lined Safety Boot
    As low as €50.90 €42.42 Regular Price €59.88
  27. Marron
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    Coverguard Pyroxite S3 SRC Unlined Leather Safety Boot
    As low as €39.20 €32.67 Regular Price €56.00
  28. Marron
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    Coverguard Piemontite S3 CI SRC Leather Lined Safety Boot
    As low as €62.88 €52.40 Regular Price €73.98
  29. Noir
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    Coverguard Perlite S3 CI SRC Lined Leather Safety Boot
    As low as €45.60 €38.00 Regular Price €57.00
  30. Blanc
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    Dunlop Hygrade Safety SB E FO SRA safety boots
    As low as €23.94 €19.95 Regular Price €34.20

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Discover our full range of safety shoes, designed to provide comfort and protection. For those who value durability and classic style, our safety boots leather are a perfect choice. Professionals working in wet and muddy conditions will benefit from the robustness of our S3 safety boots, while more extreme environments requiring maximum protection will be better served by our S5 safety boots. And for those who have to brave the cold, the lined boots for men< /a> combine warmth and safety.

Safety boots: the importance of respecting standards

In an extreme work environment, it is essential to protect your feet. This is why our safety boots offer maximum protection against the aggressions of the most demanding terrains: cold, humidity, hydrocarbons, shocks... Safety boots ensure optimal working conditions at all times. Taller than high-top safety shoes, discover our ideal work boots for professionals. There are many models of work boots and your choice depends on their use and your work environment. Safety boots, fur-lined safety boots, rain boots, winter boots, work boots or even leather safety boots with anti-slip sole, in polyurethane or other material, make your choice.

Safety boots: a plus for workers (construction, public works)

Over the years, specialization in the different trades has increased further. This means that safety boots or other personal protective equipment (PPE) may be essential for some professions and useless for others. We are thinking, for example, of construction and public works employees who need construction boots. It is important to emphasize that the primary function of this equipment is to protect the worker's feet against the risk of accidents, whether mechanical, chemical or physical.

Safety boots: the importance of respecting standards

It is possible to be tempted to buy a safety boot anywhere, given that the price seems very attractive or that these shoes have a good external appearance. However, it should be remembered that there are a certain number of standards to respect, even when we are talking about safety boots. Indeed, equipment that does not comply with current standards may not offer optimal protection to the worker. In other words, the latter's safety is not completely assured and he risks being injured, burned or even left with significant after-effects in the event of an accident. It should also be remembered that 7% of workplace accidents concern foot injuries. This may involve crushing, slipping, laceration, false movement or the penetration of foreign bodies into the arch of the foot.

S1, S2, S3, S4, S5 standards for safety boots?

Like most safety shoes, the safety boot is intended to guarantee protection to the worker against a certain risk. Depending on the type of work, these may be mechanical, chemical, biological or thermal, puncture, crush, etc. Depending on the specific needs of the trade concerned, the standards to be respected for the corresponding shoes will also vary. In general, safety shoes must meet the EN 345 standard which will also be accompanied by the CE marking. Thus, safety boots are required to comply with the EN 345 S2 standard which corresponds to a shoe with a closed rear and which has antistatic safety while absorbing possible shocks at the heel. Furthermore, they must be waterproof in order to offer a certain comfort to the worker in the exercise of his duties. The S3 standard provides other characteristics such as resistance to mineral oils and hydrocarbons (FO) and the presence of a water-repellent upper made from a material displaying increased resistance to water penetration and absorption (WRU). It is however useful to note that certain articles can meet up to the standard S4 or S5, depending on the case.

Safety boots or shoes?

Boots or shoes, the safety of your feet will be ensured! In fact, both must comply with standards to be safe. The notable difference concerns safety boots which will provide you with more optimal comfort during the fall/winter, in particular by their height which will encompass your leg more as well as by the fur-lined characteristic of certain models. The boots will thus protect you more effectively against the cold and rain.

A wide range of safety boots - shell / padded / leather / etc

When we talk about safety boots, it should be noted that manufacturers offer businesses and the public a wide range of articles intended to meet all requirements. In order to offer maximum comfort to workers, certain models are lined or lined. Others are equipped with reinforcement at the toe cap or protection at the metatarsal level. There are also boots intended for winter or which are already included in waders. In addition, as the requirements in the food industry are very draconian, it is now possible to order specific boots for workers in this sector. Regarding the material with which these safety shoes are made, the choice is generally between leather and rubber. You should carefully inform yourself about the requirements of your trade before making your purchases, in order to avoid waste.

Where to find and buy professional safety boots at the best price online?

Are you looking for work boots, safety boots or even fur-lined safety boots or rain boots? We offer various articles on our website

Safety boots for men and women: always a trendy look even on construction sites

Do not believe that today's safety boot is still identical to that used a decade ago or even five years ago. Indeed, safety shoe manufacturers continue to innovate and adapt their products so as not to remain on the fringes of strong>trendy, while keeping in focus the original protection function. Portwest, Helly Hansen, Dickies, Lemaitre, Puma Safety or even Safety Jogger manages to stand out very well by offering a young look and at the forefront of fashion to their different models.

Several models are available on our e-commerce site, here is a small selection by category:

Dunlop Work Boots

The Dunlop brand develops and manufactures high quality boots combining unique expertise with innovative technologies. Their goal is to provide you with the comfort and protection you need to stand and walk all day. Come and discover the boot models on

For winter, the solution, Lemaitre men's/women's fur-lined safety boots and many others

Does your job require specific protection for your feet? Do you need standardized safety shoes, but winter is approaching? Opted for fur-lined safety boots which will bring you comfort and safety. Oxwork offers you its selection of fur-lined safety boots.

Safety boots are an essential element in many work environments, providing protection and comfort to workers. PVC and polyurethane models, like those from recognized brands such as Jallatte and Baudou, are particularly appreciated for their durability and resistance. These boots, often available in black, can be matched with various safety clothing like rugged jackets and pants. Additionally, size, or shoe size, is a crucial criterion when selecting a pair of boots, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum comfort. Suppliers of these products, such as Singer, often offer free shipping to facilitate the acquisition of this essential equipment. Additionally, it is common to find matching safety gloves designed to provide complete protection. Potential customers can usually view a list of products with specific details, including the reference (ref.) and reviews from other users, to help make an informed choice. This information is crucial to ensure that the selected product meets the required safety standards, including the SRC standard, which ensures optimal grip on slippery surfaces.

For those looking for protection and style, our safety sneakers combine modern comfort and safety standards. Professionals preferring extra protection can choose from our high-top safety shoes, while for flexibility and ease of movement, our low safety shoes are ideal. For security guards, we offer security guard shoes specially designed for alertness and comfort over long periods of time. Our kitchen safety shoes keep chefs and kitchen staff safe. kitchen, while our safety clogs offer an easy-on option. For environments where metals are not permitted, opt for our safety shoes metal free. If lightweight is a priority, our lightweight safety shoes are perfect. For after-work outings on the town, we have dress shoes elegant and secure. For aquatic or wet work, explore our waders and waders. And for protection against rain or splashes, our overshoes and waterproof safety shoes are your best friend.