Carrying bags

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  1. Eco-responsible sports bag Kimood
    • Eco-responsible
    Eco-responsible sports bag Kimood
    As low as €11.86 €9.88
  2. Camouflage kaki
    • Outlet -40
    Cover for CityGuard 60L
    As low as €18.60 €15.50 Regular Price €31.00
  3. Noir
      CityGuard Briefcase
      As low as €24.17 €24.17
    • Kimood organic cotton shopping bag
      • Eco-responsible
      Kimood organic cotton shopping bag
      As low as €14.94 €12.45
    • Orange / Noir
      • Noir
        • Free delivery
      • Noir
        • Free delivery
      • Sac marin imperméable KIMOOD
        • Eco-responsible
        KIMOOD waterproof duffel bag
        As low as €19.46 €16.22
      • Bleu
        • Eco-responsible
        Messenger bag KIMOOD
        As low as €3.98 €3.32
      • Sac étanche 70L Portwest
          Portwest 70L dry bag
          €38.63 €32.19
        • Noir
          • Free delivery
          Blaklader 110L wheeled travel bag
          As low as €195.82 €163.18
        • Noir
            Helly Hansen Offshore bag
            As low as €48.00 €40.00
          • Sac de transport Portwest
              Portwest 35L Carry Bag
              €17.42 €14.52
            • Noir
                Portwest Carry Bag
                As low as €24.47 €20.39
              • Housse de voyage KIMOOD
                  Kimood travel cover
                  As low as €43.20 €36.00
                • Sac marin étanche Portwest 60L Bleu
                    Portwest 60L Waterproof Duffel Bag
                    As low as €30.97 €25.81
                  • Orange
                      SAMUI Parade work bag
                      As low as €55.38 €46.15
                    • Bleu
                        Parade SANTOS carry bag
                        As low as €64.96 €54.13
                      • Bleu
                          SHOBAG Parade Shoe Bag
                          As low as €18.10 €15.08
                        • Camouflage kaki
                          • Outlet -40
                          CityGuard 80L operational bag
                          As low as €34.20 €28.50 Regular Price €57.00

                        Items 1-32 of 33

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                        Carrying bags

                        Whether for professional activities or for personal needs, carrying bags are essential accessories for moving or having close at hand objects or foodstuffs that maintain our daily lives. Even for occasional tasks, the use of the carrying bag is necessary. Oxwork offers a wide range of carrying bags for various uses.

                        Handle bags

                        Handle bags are the most common. Most of the models offered here fit easily in the trunk of the car, can be transported by two when the contents are very heavy and are wedged above a pile of luggage thanks to their rectangular bottom. These models, with capacities ranging from 50 L to 110 L, can also be used for transporting clothesso many tools. Waterproof models exist that keep your tools and other belongings dry whatever the weather conditions of your mission location.

                        Some models of bags with handles become wheeled bags or trolley bags if the capacity and weight weigh too much on the arms. Not the least of their practicality is the telescopic handle.

                        Design is one of the strong points of handle bags, like this model where anthracite gray and red combine to highlight the aesthetic lines of the bag. The suspenders are adjustable and a zipped side pocket is used to house the worker's shoes or helmet.


                        The backpack stands out for its great practicality. The straps free both hands and the models offered by Oxwork belong to an innovative range both for travel and for everyday use. Robust because made with solid materials, the backpacks are also distinguished by additional security features. One model, for example, is high-visibility to signal the presence of the wearer to motorists thanks to the coated fabric or the retro-reflective bands.

                        Some bags are equipped with an anti-entanglement system which protects the worker against the risk of being caught if his working environment consists of agricultural machinery, woodworking machinery or mechanical industry tools.

                        The computer is transported safely in these other models of backpacks designed specifically for this function. The multiple compartments of each model make it possible to have at hand everything the student or the worker needs to accomplish his task. The compartments are zipped and the one for the computer is padded while mesh pockets are for various PDAs.

                        It can be both a briefcase that you hold in one hand – or over the shoulder – and then turn into a backpack when the need arises.

                        Isothermal bags

                        Whether it's hot food or iced drinks, the insulated bag is the transport solution that Oxwork offers through its multiple equipment for workers.

                        Practical for bringing your lunch to work at the same temperature where it was prepared, the insulated bag is also ideal for the picnic. This rectangular shaped bag has a strap handle that makes it easy to lift. Its 39 x 22 x 19 cm make it a very practical bag with a capacity of up to 17 litres. The SBS type zip offers a guarantee of closing security and protects against inopportune openings that cause the items stored inside to be lost.

                        This other model is a vertical cooler bag. With its 27 x 31 x 14 cm, the bag is more than enough and very practical to have your lunch at the workplace as it was concocted at home. The bag has a large zippered pocket on the front. Likewise, a mesh pocket on the side adds practicality. The shoulder strap is adjustable. Blue or light gray, the bag is elegant in addition to being fully functional.