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      Portwest Welder Glove
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        G-TEK nitrile foam coated work gloves (pack of 12)
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      Like technical protective gloves, heat-resistant gloves are part of personal protective equipment (generally known by the acronym PPE ). They are used in almost all areas, ranging from industry to mechanics, including catering. Wearing heat-resistant gloves reduces all handling risks. This includes burns, cuts, abrasions, cold and irritations. There is a wide choice of glove models to avoid any risk of burns, but you ask questions: What standard for heat resistant gloves? What are the advantages of this equipment?

      Professional anti-heat gloves: the standards to know

      Before getting to the heart of the matter, you should know that not all protective gloves have the same references. The same goes for European manufacturing standards. For example, a mechanic does not necessarily wear the same equipment as a tree pruner or a chef.

      With regard to heat-resistant gloves, in particular, they must comply with the EN 407 standard. They are often thought to be for welders only. But anyone in contact with heat is obliged to wear it, as a precaution.

      The EN 407 standard establishes the performance level of heat resistant gloves. Each criterion will be evaluated on a scale of 1 to 4. And the higher the indices (levels), the lower the risks.

      The evaluation criteria are divided as follows:

      • A: burning behavior (flame persistence time)
      • B: contact heat resistance
      • C: convective heat resistance
      • D: resistance to radiant heat
      • E: resistance to small splashes of liquid metal (number of drops required to obtain a temperature increase of 40°C)
      • F: resistance to large splashes of molten metal (mass of molten iron required to cause a superficial burn in grams)
      • X: not tested for this hazard

      Why wear an anti-heat glove in the industrial field, in the kitchen, etc?

      Wearing a heat-resistant glove is above all a guarantee of safety. As mentioned above, this personal protective equipment reduces the risk of burns, whatever they may be. It can, for example, preserve you from the heat when you remove a dish from your electric oven or when you open a wood stove. Professionals will be able to have peace of mind when they perform this or that task.

      The anti-heat glove is also intended to be a practical solution. From the choice of material to the design of the equipment, everything has been finely thought out to offer the user maximum comfort. He will not feel any discomfort and will be able to handle the accessories and machines of his choice without the slightest difficulty. To adapt to all requests, the anti-heat gloves are available in several sizes.

      Our tips for finding the best anti-heat gloves

      Warning, not all heat resistant gloves on the market are created equal. To be sure of buying a reliable and quality product, certain parameters must be taken into account. At the top of the list is the EN 407 standard. It is important to always check if the equipment bears this mention. This attests not only to its compliance, but also to the fact that it has been duly tested before being marketed. Also choose heat-resistant gloves made by well-known and recognized brands. It is above all a question of quality.

      To satisfy all tastes and styles, heat-resistant gloves are available in several models. The most important thing to remember is that it is important to invest in quality equipment.

      Where to buy high temperature anti-heat gloves?

      Oxwork offers many models of anti-heat gloves on its website to avoid any risk of burns to your hands and forearms when handling in your profession. You will find a selection at the best value for money.