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  1. Semelle Intérieure Gel Portwest
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    Portwest Gel Insole
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  2. Semelle intérieure à mémoire Portwest
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    Portwest memory insoles
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  3. Semelle Intérieure Thermique Aluminium Portwest
      Portwest Aluminum Thermal Insoles
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    • Semelles intérieures antibactériens thermiques flexibles ESD SJ3FIT Safety Jogger medium
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      SJ3FIT Safety Jogger ESD Flexible Thermal Antibacterial Insoles
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      Puma Evercushion Pro Footbed Sole
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      Puma Evercushion Plus Footbed
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      Coverguard Orthoclase Breath comfort insole
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    The insole, also called insole, is a very useful accessory for the foot's need for comfort in a safety shoe or in your daily pair of shoes. Oxwork offers insoles of all models for the comfort of workers in all sectors but also for individuals to protect this part of the human body which supports the entire body for various activities.

    Discover our collection of shoe accessories that are essential for your safety at work. Choose from a variety of options such as work socks for all-day comfort of the day and the cleated soles for optimal grip on different terrains.< /p>

    The sole: cushioning, comfort and safety

    It is a removable part that is placed on the bottom of the shoe, safety shoe, or everyday shoe. Various materials are used to make them, including leather, cork, foam, gel, and rubber.

    This internal part which is inserted between the bottom of the shoe and the sole of the foot has the main function of improving the seat of the foot on the shoe. Thus, the sole is firstly designed to relieve the foot. It cushions the shocks reflected by the shoe. It can even absorb these shocks.

    It plays a complementary role in certain body imperfections. Its role is to straighten the arch of the foot or to correct certain defects such as one leg shorter than the other or hollow feet, flat feet or even heavy legs.

    You should know that the health of the feet inevitably influences the health of the entire body, hence the importance of the sole which provides comfort and absorbs a large part of the shock waves that result from our steps.< /p>

    Foot protection: the properties of the sole

    A good sole has many advantages:

    • fills too big a shoe,
    • absorbs perspiration,
    • keeps the foot warm,
    • comfort for the arch of the foot,
    • absorbs shocks.

    How to choose your sole size?

    Sold by size, men's models often differ from women's models. It is in your interest to choose the insole to put in your shoe according to the problem you want to avoid, because not taking into account the importance of a good insole exposes you to various traumas including tendonitis or even joint pain.

    Characteristics of insoles: Why choose the gel insole? Liège? Foam?

    The soles offered by Oxwork are anti-bacteria treated. Your feet stay fresh and clean due to the insulating property of the sole which protects against both cold and heat. With a thickness of a few millimeters, some models are machine washable. Comfort is guaranteed with the materials used, for example:

    • foam: it allows good absorption of perspiration so that your feet remain dry, it also absorbs shock well;
    • gel: excellent anti-shock (cushioning any contact with the ground), ideal for tired feet and sensitive feet, therefore anti-pain insole par excellence;
    • thee cork: very good insulator, the cork sole protects your feet from heat but also from the cold;
    • but also latex, polystyrene…

    How to choose your shoe soles?

    Among a very wide range of soles which gives you a wide choice, the following examples are cited for illustration purposes:

    • the Portwest insoles add reinforcing foam to the cotton to obtain 3 mm of thickness and thus ensure more comfort. Portwest soles are characterized by their quality components and the innovation they provide.
    • The Dickies insulated insoles are machine washable. They are distinguished by their anti-slip properties.
    • The Coveguard Orhtoclase Energy insoles have the particularity of absorbing shock to the heel as much as possible. This thermoplastic rubber heel pad is recommended for people who work on their feet for long hours. It reduces fatigue and protects your back.
    • The Puma Evercushion Pro Foobed polyurethane soles provide continuous foot support, i.e. ideal stability provided by a honeycomb structure. These breathable, quick-drying insoles effectively absorb shock at the heels.
    • The fragrant and breathable Coverguard Orhoclase Breath model is highly recommended in working conditions, because in addition to being comfortable, it is easy to insert and absorbs shock to the heel well.

    Where to buy insoles?

    Are you looking for an insole for your safety shoes or any other pair of shoes? Because you feel discomfort on a daily basis? Do you want better comfort for your feet? Oxwork is there for you, and offers you a wide selection of soles to meet your needs. You will find the sole tailored to your needs on our website.

    Shoe insoles are essential accessories to improve the comfort and support of the feet, whether during a work day or a sporting activity. Available from reputable brands such as Sidas, SofSole, and Famaco, these products offer a variety of features to meet diverse user needs. Cushioned insoles, specially designed to absorb shock, are ideal for sporting activities or for those who spend a lot of time walking. Arched models provide additional support for the arch of the foot, promoting healthy posture. Wool insoles are valued for their ability to regulate temperature and keep feet warm in cold weather. Anti-odor insoles, like those from Sorbothane, guarantee a feeling of freshness throughout the day.

    Our shoe insoles, designed for men and women, are available online and offer an unrivaled level of comfort for walking or sports. These comfortable insoles, featuring arched support, enhance the experience of wearing any type of lace-up shoe. Their ergonomic design helps distribute pressure evenly while walking, reducing fatigue and increasing comfort throughout the day. The delivery of these insoles is fast and reliable, allowing you to quickly benefit from their benefits, whether for your daily activities or your sports sessions.

    Some designs, such as slim insoles, are specially designed to fit narrower shoes. User reviews provide valuable information about the performance, comfort, and effectiveness of each product, helping customers make informed choices. Delivered quickly in France, these insoles are a practical solution to improve the comfort of your existing shoes. In short, shoe insoles play a crucial role in improving the comfort, support, and performance of the feet, whether at work, during leisure, or during sporting activities.