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Oxwork offers you a wide selection of work jackets and the associated work trousers. The brands HH, Caterpillar, Timberland, Carhartt, Dickies, offer comfortable, waterproof and breathable professional jackets, to be used all year round on your construction sites.

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  1. Surchemise de travail renforcé avec capuche Caterpillar SEQUOIA
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  2. Parka de travail d'hiver haute visibilité PW2 Portwest jaune
      Portwest PW2 Hi-Vis Winter Work Parka
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    • Blouson 3 en 1 haute visibilité imperméable PW3 Portwest Jaune
      • Veste coupe-vent imperméable Kensington Shell Helly Hansen Bleu Marine
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      • Veste de pluie softshell étanche multipoche Oxford Shell Helly Hansen Navy
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      • Veste de travail hybride avec rembourrage thermo Blaklader gris foncé
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      Items 1-32 of 544

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      The body is put to the test in the workplace. Bad weather, heat, cold, bites, cuts, dust, gas... the risks are present whatever the job. To carry out your job in the best conditions of safety and efficiency, wearing suitable work clothes is a priority! Today, many companies voluntarily choose to have their employees wear work jackets. This for their protection. However, wearing it is far from an obligation in some areas.

      Work parka - Work jacket

      The work parka is an essential piece of clothing when working in outside in difficult conditions. It is waterproof and keeps you very warm as it is longer than a jacket or blouson. It is often in the construction and public works trades that parkas are used. They are effective against bad weather and against the cold.

      Work jacket

      The main concern of managers is to ensure the well-being and safety of employees. In many industries, work jackets are considered personal protective equipment ( PPE) required. These outfits are practical and resistant. Winter work jackets must be able to offer you significant thermal capacities. This will allow you to work in good conditions even if the temperature is low.

      The various functions of the work jacket

      This work outfit is far from being limited to a single purpose. Depending on the structure and work environment in which the employee evolves, one can easily give several reasons that would justify wearing it.

      Guaranteeing worker safety and protection is one of its primary functions. In fact, protecting the health of the worker against accidents is the main role of the work jacket.

      The reason for wearing a work jacket can be for the protection of clothes against stains and other soiling in certain cases. This choice will again be made according to the place of work and the type of work carried out. To protect personal clothing, the structure must also equip its employees with it. This in the case where it consists of handling or moving elements that stain or dirty.

      You should still know that the use of the work jacket is not limited to that of a mandatory outfit. Currently, from the smallest to the largest structures, it is used voluntarily for marketing purposes. It is indeed a garment that allows you to maintain a certain brand image.

      Choosing work clothes for winter

      Wearing warm work clothes is essential for doing your job if you work outdoors and are faced with the vagaries of the weather.

      Jacket or parkas?

      Be aware that you have several choices if you are looking for a professional jacket for the winter. You can choose the jacket or the parka to ensure thermal protection.

      You will find all the comfort you need to do your job while being protected from low temperatures thanks to the jackets. They will accompany you in autumn and winter. The 4-in-1 jackets are waterproof and protect against the cold because they combine the characteristics of a windbreaker and a fleece.

      Being longer than a jacket, the work parka protects the kidneys from winter conditions. Thanks to its long cut, neither the cold nor the humidity will pass down your lower back.

      Fleece, wool or thermal clothing?

      Professionals working outdoors are faced with sometimes difficult working conditions during the winter. This is why the INRS (National Institute for Research and Safety) recommends wearing several layers of clothing to fight against the cold. According to this recommendation, you can wear several layers of clothing thanks to fleeces or woolen sweaters.

      To protect you from the cold, the fleece is an effective garment. Whether it's a sweater, a vest or a jacket, fleece is a must for winter . It will protect you from thermal risks thanks to its composition.

      wool sweaters are also very practical to fight against the cold. They retain a large amount of air to keep you warm because they are insulating.