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French PPE designer

COVERGUARD designs, manufactures and distributes a full range of unique products to protect women and men in the workplace.


Shungite S3 ESD HRO SRC coverguard metal free safety shoes


HI-POLY foam insole

Waterproofing and robustness

water-repellent nubuck upper


EVA midsole, composite/textile protection system

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is part of a CSR approach

Holder of the Ecovadis Gold medal, Coverguard works to develop a range of responsible products. This strategy involves using renewable raw materials, such as the DuPontTM Sorona® polyester fiber found in the Sumi thermal jacket or the Sokobie parka. In addition, some of the brand's protective gloves are now Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, and therefore free of harmful substances.

Coverguard, Safety Designer

COVERGUARD designs, manufactures and distributes a full range of unique products to protect women and men in the workplace. The range is organized into 6 categories of PPE: work gloves, safety shoes, work clothing, head protection (helmet, goggles, hearing aids), fall arrest and single use. Covering all market segments, from entry-level to high-end, COVEGUARD is aimed at all sectors of activity: construction, public works, industrial maintenance, communities, logistics, food , the mining, gas or oil industry.

A range covering all building needs

Helmets, noise protection, filter masks, gloves, safety shoes, work and high-visibility clothing: COVERGUARD has developed a range in recent years to meet the protection needs of construction and public works professionals. For the finishing work, the Coverguard S1P – S3 shoes are light, flexible with a modern look integrating materials from the world of sport: EVA, low density polyurethane, etc. As for the gloves, they will be rather of high dexterity with or without protection against the cut and allow to carry out fine work without tiring the hand. For public works workers, Coverguard offers S3 shoe models, usually in water-repellent leather, sometimes with a waterproofing membrane (for certain models like Rock), evacuation channels for liquids and mud, unhooked heels … For the glove, Coverguard develops models with a certain cushioning or even protection on impact, often in leather or latex, with protection against humidity or water.

Innovation and design to make the difference

Launched in 2020, the Coverguard brand now brings together all the group's previous brands under the same umbrella: Earline, Eurotechnique, Lux Optical, Sub Air, Toplock, etc. With design and innovation at the heart of its development strategy, Coverguard imagines its products based on the know-how of the "Coverlab®" community made up of internal and external experts: product managers, designers, pattern makers , healthcare professionals and end users. These specialists feed product development with their knowledge to offer ever more differentiating products.

Performance labels for our remarkable products

In 2022, Coverguard launches the COVERPERF label distinguishing the products of the range which, through their rigorous development, offer users the guarantee of PPE whose performance exceeds the prerequisites of the standards. Breathability, impermeability, abrasion resistance, hypoallergenic: our technical teams have developed specific tests to differentiate these products, according to demanding criteria, based on use and which are based on tests carried out by recognized external laboratories. and independent. For example, the Black Star safety rangers have won the COVERPERF label for their excellent cushioning, and the Phoenix safety helmet has the COVERPERF hypoallergenic label.