Find a suitable headgear for every season! Beanie for winter, Oxwork protects you at work whatever the weather conditions.

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  1. Gris / Noir
      Blaklader beanie 100% MERINO WOOL
      As low as €32.05 €26.71
    • Gris Foncé / Jaune
        Blaklader neck warmer 100% MERINO
        As low as €29.95 €24.96
      • Noir
          Helly Hansen LIFA MERINO NECK GAITER
          As low as €26.40 €22.00
        • Navy
            Helly Hansen LIFA MAX BEANIE
            As low as €24.00 €20.00
          • Navy
            • Gris
                Helly Hansen LIFA MERINO Beanie
                As low as €26.40 €22.00
              • Noir
                  Carhartt KNIT HAT knitted beanie
                  As low as €19.28 €16.07
                • Bleu Royal
                  • Outlet -40
                  Winter hat Result WOOLLY
                  As low as €2.40 €2.00 Regular Price €2.72
                • Bonnet LED Workman Portwest
                    Workman Portwest LED Beanie
                    As low as €10.30 €8.58
                  • Bonnet en maille Oxford Helly Hansen noir
                      Helly Hansen Oxford Knit Beanie
                      As low as €21.60 €18.00
                    • Bonnet Manchester design réversible Helly Hansen gris
                      • Noir
                          Carhartt WIP WATCH Beanie
                          As low as €19.04 €15.87
                        • noir
                          • Noir
                              Minto Beanie Helly Hansen
                              As low as €20.40 €17.00
                            • Gris foncé
                                WW Beanie Helly Hansen Beanie
                                As low as €19.20 €16.00
                              • Noir
                                • Promo -40
                                Pen duick fleece beanie
                                As low as €3.98 €3.32
                              • Marine
                                • Noir / Jaune
                                    Blaklader breathable neck warmer
                                    As low as €23.65 €19.71
                                  • Capuche casque Blaklader
                                      Blaklader helmet hood
                                      As low as €16.66 €13.88
                                    • Gris foncé
                                        Blaklader Merino Wool Beanie
                                        As low as €36.11 €30.09
                                      • Noir / jaune
                                          Blaklader fleece beanie
                                          As low as €13.86 €11.55
                                        • Marine
                                            Blaklader stretch beanie
                                            As low as €19.71 €19.71
                                          • Noir
                                              Blaklader Windproof Earmuff Beanie
                                              As low as €19.45 €16.21
                                            • Noir
                                                Dickies EVADALE acrylic work cap
                                                As low as €24.46 €20.38
                                              • Noir
                                                  Portwest Fleece Balaclava
                                                  As low as €5.54 €4.62
                                                • Jaune / Noir
                                                    Portwest Reversible Hi-Vis Beanie
                                                    As low as €4.84 €4.03
                                                  • Marine
                                                    • Jaune
                                                        SVOLVAER Helly Hansen Rain Hat
                                                        As low as €19.20 €16.00

                                                      Items 1-32 of 51

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                                                      The head is the part of the body that requires the most protection. The risks of frequencies are significant and above all fatal. It is therefore necessary to take into account the protection of the head. That said, all situations have their solution. To avoid accidents in the workplace, it is necessary to wear personal protective equipment. When it comes to head protection, what immediately comes to mind are hard hats, balaclavas or caps. Without forgetting the beanies work for protection against the cold, the security, scarves, kitchen caps, etc.

                                                      If you are looking for a beanie to fight the winter season, you will find what you are looking for on Oxwork. The latter has several models of work caps to ensure your protection in your sector of activity, whatever the weather conditions.

                                                      The collection of men's work caps

                                                      Work caps are part of personal protective equipment. Currently, it is easy to find PPE that meets the needs and requirements of various trades. In addition, brands are always innovating for their products, not to mention the companies that are breaking into the market. Beanies, balaclavas, rain hats, neck warmers and even helmet liners are just some of the wide range of professional beanies on the store.

                                                      Work hat against the cold

                                                      Work clothes adapted for the cold allow you to fight against the real ordeal of the cold. Such as work at altitude which is exposed to low temperatures. This can lead to accidents, injuries and illnesses such as the flu or colds. But workers at height aren't the only ones who need to wear protective gear against the cold. There are several trades that require the wearing of work caps like all employees working during the winter season. Activities in cold rooms or air-conditioned are also part of the trades with duty benefit from wearing this professional accessory.

                                                      Here is a non-exhaustive list of work caps:

                                                      Result extreme cold work hat

                                                      The work hat to counter the cold of the brand Result is described, sober and elegant. It is particularly suitable for professionals who have to work in the most difficult climatic environments. It can keep your head warm down to -30°C.

                                                      This hat is rain resistant, has double layers and a 3M treatment for better insulation. It has been designed entirely acrylic and has been tested at a temperature of -30 °C.

                                                      Blaklader high visibility neon yellow beanie

                                                      The high visibility beanie from the Blaklader brand has two colors, fluorescent yellow and fluorescent orange. It has knitted reflective strips and was made with all acrylic. This beanie keeps you warm, gives you optimal visibility in low light working conditions.

                                                      Carhartt work cap

                                                      The work cap from Carhartt is suitable for both men and women. It is also suitable for all trades that require wearing a work cap to protect against the cold. Or simply because you like to wear beanies in various colors to complement your work clothes.

                                                      This wip watch beanie from Carhartt is made of 100% acrylic, with great simplicity and elegance. It keeps your head dry and warm when it's cold.

                                                      Fleece work hat

                                                      There are two types of polar caps on Oxwork:

                                                      • Fleece-lined Beanie by Blaklader

                                                      This beanie has a fleece lining made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. It is very comfortable to wear and allows you to stay warm in difficult working conditions.

                                                      • Hexagon Blaklader Fleece Beanie

                                                      The limited edition Blaklader Hexagon fleece beanie is ideal for protecting yourself from the cold in style. It has been crafted from proprietary fleece fabric, with a smooth, brushed knit fleece inside. The fabric that composes it has been studied for an excellent evacuation of perspiration. So it can keep your head warm and dry while you perform your activities.