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  1. Noir
      100% Acrylic Blaklader Knitted Beanie
      As low as €9.38 €7.82
    • Bleu Marine
        Blaklader knitted hat 100% cotton
        As low as €11.20 €9.33
      • Marine
          Fleece Lined Blaklader Beanie
          As low as €16.09 €13.41
        • Noir
          • Favourite
          Blaklader rib knit beanie
          As low as €21.84 €18.20
        • Noir / Jaune
            Blaklader breathable neck warmer
            As low as €23.65 €19.71
          • Noir
              Multinorm Blaklader balaclava
              As low as €39.05 €32.54
            • Gris foncé
                Blaklader Merino Wool Beanie
                As low as €36.11 €30.09
              • Noir / jaune
                  Blaklader fleece beanie
                  As low as €13.86 €11.55
                • Marine
                    Blaklader stretch beanie
                    As low as €19.71 €19.71
                  • Noir
                      Blaklader Windproof Earmuff Beanie
                      As low as €19.45 €16.21
                    • Orange
                      • Outlet -10
                      Helly Hansen KENSINGTON Beanie
                      As low as €17.28 €14.40 Regular Price €22.80
                    • Noir
                      • Blaklader reversible stretch beanie
                        • Outlet -40
                        • Favourite
                        Blaklader reversible stretch beanie
                        As low as €12.36 €10.30 Regular Price €20.60
                      • BLAKLADER fire retardant flame retardant beanie
                        • Result Recycled Acrylic Thermal Insulated Beanie
                          • Eco-responsible
                        • Gris / Noir
                            Blaklader beanie 100% MERINO WOOL
                            As low as €32.05 €26.71
                          • Gris Foncé / Jaune
                              Blaklader neck warmer 100% MERINO
                              As low as €29.95 €24.96
                            • Noir
                                Helly Hansen LIFA MERINO NECK GAITER
                                As low as €26.40 €22.00
                              • Navy
                                  Helly Hansen LIFA MAX BEANIE
                                  As low as €24.00 €20.00
                                • Navy
                                  • Gris
                                      Helly Hansen LIFA MERINO Beanie
                                      As low as €26.40 €22.00
                                    • Noir
                                        Carhartt KNIT HAT knitted beanie
                                        As low as €19.28 €16.07
                                      • Bleu Royal
                                        • Outlet -40
                                        Winter hat Result WOOLLY
                                        As low as €2.40 €2.00 Regular Price €2.72
                                      • Bonnet LED Workman Portwest
                                          Workman Portwest LED Beanie
                                          As low as €10.30 €8.58
                                        • Bonnet en maille Oxford Helly Hansen noir
                                            Helly Hansen Oxford Knit Beanie
                                            As low as €21.60 €18.00
                                          • Bonnet Manchester design réversible Helly Hansen gris
                                            • Noir
                                                Dickies EVADALE acrylic work cap
                                                As low as €24.46 €20.38
                                              • Noir
                                                  Portwest Fleece Balaclava
                                                  As low as €5.54 €4.62

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                                                workwear is personal protective equipment, which protects employees from all possible hazards in their work area. But faced with certain constraints, work clothes are not enough to protect workers, which is why it is necessary to add accessories such as hats and balaclavas.

                                                Why wear hats and balaclavas?

                                                First of all, a work cap is protective gear. individual protection specially designed for the head, and which protects it whatever the weather conditions. The beanie keeps your head warm and dry in cold and cool weather, and has increased resistance against weather and wear. It also completes your professional outfit and provides more comfort and winter protection for outdoor workers.

                                                As for the balaclava, it can be worn in autumn, spring or winter, and its insulating materials protect both your head, your face and your neck. In addition to adding the finishing touch to your outfit, the balaclava has various features that are very useful at work. For example, it is designed with enough flexibility to cover your nose, and help filter dust from the air you breathe. If you wear it under a helmet, it absorbs the perspiration that accumulates there, and therefore makes it easier to wash.

                                                Characteristics of a work hat and balaclava

                                                Work hats and balaclavas are present in several sectors of activity such as industry, construction, green spaces, logistics, agri-food, etc. They are available in several sizes, materials and colors, and the models vary according to each use.

                                                The materials used are:

                                                Cotton: a soft, elastic and tenacious fabric, which is a very good conductor of heat. Cotton has excellent absorbency and is very pleasant and silky to the touch.

                                                Acrylic knit: a soft, supple and very easy-care fibre, known for the comfort it provides. It also acts as a thermal insulator, which makes it essential for all seasons.

                                                Merino wool: a thermoregulating material, provides a lot of warmth without making you sweat or retain odors. It has a soft, supple, luxurious appearance and can be worn in all circumstances.

                                                Polypropylene: a very light fiber that does not retain moisture and maintains the ideal temperature in contact with the skin. It is also resistant, comfortable, recyclable and hypoallergenic.

                                                Polyester: this material has always been known for its resistance to abrasion, its good elasticity and its solidity. It is very light and breathable, and it is a quick-drying fabric, which remains an ideal choice for outdoor use.

                                                Spandex: a flexible and lightweight fiber that has increased resistance to abrasion and chemicals. Its elasticity makes it practical and very pleasant to wear.

                                                Fleece fabric: this material offers real protection against the cold, and remains the best ally to face the winter. Apart from its thermal properties, it is also light, resistant and very soft to the touch.

                                                Standards for work caps and balaclavas

                                                Like all PPE, work caps and balaclavas are also subject to certain standards such as:

                                                The EN standard 1149-5 : which guarantees protection against incendiary electrostatic charges in an ATEX zone.

                                                The 61482-1-2 Class 1 standard: which provides protection against electric arcs.

                                                The ISO standard 11612: which attests to the resistance of the accessories to heat and flames.

                                                The EN standard 342: which defines the level of breathability, air permeability and thermal insulation of the accessories.

                                                The EN standard 20471: which requires the presence of fluorescent fabrics and retro-reflective bands which increase visibility in a risk area or on a construction site.

                                                On the other hand, these requirements only apply to certain specific models such as antistatic hoods, multi-standard hoods, or the reflective knitted cap.

                                                How to maintain a hat and a work balaclava?

                                                Work caps and hoods should be washed regularly to remove all dirt and chemicals that have accumulated in the workplace. On the other hand, cleaning must therefore be done according to each composition:

                                                • Acrylic: wash at 30°C, dry flat,
                                                • Wool: wash up to 35°C with air drying,
                                                • Cotton: wash at 60°C for white linens and 40°C for colored linens, with machine drying or line drying,
                                                • Polyester: wash between 30°C and 40°C, this fabric can be put in a dryer or hung on a thread,
                                                • Elastane, fleece, and polypropylene: wash between 30°C and 40°C with flat drying.