Lemaitre safety shoes

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  1. Sur chaussures de sécurité adaptable avec embout de protection Tiger Grip VISITOR CONFORT
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    On adaptable safety shoes with Tiger Grip VISITOR COMFORT toecap
    As low as €53.58 €44.65 Regular Price €56.40
  2. Chaussure de sécurité basse Lemaitre Easyblack S2 SRC
    • Outlet -30
    Lemaitre Easyblack S2 SRC low safety shoe
    As low as €81.43 €67.86 Regular Price €116.34
  3. Chaussures de sécurité hautes Lemaitre GEORGE HIGH S3 SRC ESD
    • Free delivery
  4. Chaussures de sécurité basses Lemaitre GEORGE LOW S3 SRC ESD
    • Promo -30
    Low safety shoes Lemaitre GEORGE LOW S3 SRC ESD
    As low as €64.88 €54.07 Regular Price €92.69
  5. Chaussures de sécurité montantes imperméables Lemaitre SUBMARINE S3 SRC WR
    • Free delivery
  6. Baskets de sécurité montantes antistatique Lemaitre RILEY HIGH S3
    • Free delivery
  7. Basket de sécurité basse en cuir résistant embout carbone Lemaitre FLOYD S3 SRC
    • Promo -30
    Lemaitre FLOYD S3 SRC carbon toe resistant leather low safety sneaker
    As low as €80.40 €67.00 Regular Price €114.86
  8. Chaussures de sécurité souples LEMAITRE TRIGGER S1P SRC
    • New
  9. Chaussures de sécurité robustes LEMAITRE MAX UK S3 SRC
    • New
  10. chaussure-de-securite-montante-lemaitre-darwin-s3-src
    • New
    LEMAITRE DARWIN S3 SRC high safety shoes
    As low as €85.12 €70.93
  11. chaussures-de-securite-legeres-lemaitre-roy-s1p-src
    • New
  12. chaussures-de-securite-basses-lemaitre-mustang-s1p-src
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    Low safety shoes LEMAITRE MUSTANG S1P SRC
    As low as €107.90 €89.92
  13. Chaussures de sécurité basses LEMAITRE DERBY MARINE S3 pour homme
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    • Eco-responsible
    • Free delivery
  14. Chaussures de sécurité basses sans métal Lemaitre BLUEFOX S2 SRC WRU
    • Promo -30
    Low metal free safety shoes Lemaitre BLUEFOX S2 SRC WRU
    As low as €51.06 €42.55 Regular Price €72.94
  15. Noir / Rouge
    • Outlet -30
    Safety sandals Lemaitre DEFENDER S1P ESD
    As low as €43.49 €36.24 Regular Price €62.12
  16. Noir
    • Promo -30
    • Free delivery
    High safety shoes Lemaitre ENERGY S3 SRC CI HRO 100% metal free
    As low as €165.40 €137.83 Regular Price €236.28
  17. Noir
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    Work sneakers Lemaitre JOEY O2 ESD SRC
    As low as €74.39 €61.99 Regular Price €106.27
  18. Noir / Rouge
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    Lemaitre MASTER S3 ESD safety shoes
    As low as €48.25 €40.21 Regular Price €68.93
  19. Noir
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    Non-safety high sneakers Lemaitre RALPH O3 ESD SRC
    As low as €84.46 €70.38 Regular Price €120.65
  20. Noir
    • Promo -30
    Non-safety work sneakers Lemaitre RALPH O3 ESD SRC
    As low as €68.36 €56.97 Regular Price €97.67
  21. Noir / Rose
    • Outlet -30
    Women's safety trainers Lemaitre RANDA S1P
    As low as €81.16 €67.63 Regular Price €115.94
  22. Noir / Rouge
    • Outlet -30
    Lemaitre WINNER S1P ESD low safety shoes
    As low as €49.63 €41.36 Regular Price €70.90
  23. Bleu
    • Outlet -30
    Lemaitre SANDFOX S1 SRC low safety shoe 100% non-metallic
    As low as €31.85 €26.54 Regular Price €45.50
  24. Marron
    • Outlet -30
    Lemaitre RAFALE Ventilated S1P SRC low safety shoe 100% non-metallic
    As low as €55.58 €46.32 Regular Price €79.40
  25. Noir
    • Outlet -30
    Safety sandal Lemaitre SPRINTER BLACK S1 SRC
    As low as €36.31 €30.26 Regular Price €51.88

Items 1-32 of 145

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The Lemaitre brand: Safety shoes that meet standards

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) are essential equipment for many companies. Just like the jacket and work pants, protective shoes are part of the said equipment intended to protect best employees working in specific sectors. Today there are many models of protective footwear; designed to best meet the many needs of businesses.

Lemaitre women's and men's safety shoes: their usefulness

Some sectors have a higher risk of accidents than others. It is precisely with the aim of minimizing these risks linked to the working environment that work clothes - including shoes - have become an obligation within these so-called high-risk companies. The primary purpose of safety shoes is of course to offer a certain level of protection to the person wearing them, and specifically to protect their feet against injuries which represent approximately 7% of accidents at work. Depending on the pair of shoes used, it can protect the feet, calves, but also the ankles, and can protect against risks of different kinds: thermal, mechanical, chemical, electrical, etc.

Beyond simple protection, Lemaitre safety shoes are also manufactured to offer the maximum of comfort. You can thus find soles and comfort pads integrated into certain models to facilitate long walks or driving different vehicles.

Different sectors and trades have different constraints, all safety shoes are designed to respond precisely to these constraints in compliance with standards in effect.

Today, 3 standards each with six levels govern everything related to safety footwear at European level. First of all, the EN 347 standard rated "S" governs shells that can withstand 200 joules of crushing. Then, the EN 346 standard marked "P" governs everything concerning anti-perforation soles. Finally, the EN 347 standard marked "O" regulates everything that concerns work shoes that do not have a shell.

The Lemaitre company benefits from its 40 years of know-how by taking care to include all the appropriate standards in the design of the models according to the sector in which they will be used. We can mention, among others, shoes specially designed to resist perforation, those which adapt to the nature of the terrain and which therefore facilitate frequent movement. We can also mention non-slip shoes, those that are resistant to cold and heat, or those designed without any metal parts to satisfy specific constraints.

Safety shoes that reflect your company's image thanks to Lemaitre

Companies are constantly looking for various ways to stand out from their competitors and catch the eye of potential customers. As always, Lemaitre for safety rose to the challenge. By addressing this increasingly demanding demand from companies, and thanks to an exclusive concept of the brand, it allows the companies in question to dress their agents in the colors of the company. Lemaitre thus offers 3 basic models, but it also offers the guarantee of ISO 20345 certification for all models of personalized shoes.

Lemaitre design safety shoes (high and low)

If the quality of protection is the watchword of the company, the design of the shoes has also been particularly worked. If not so long ago safety shoes were somewhat misshapen, now those days are more than over. The brand now offers its customers several elegant models with a contemporary look. Some of the shoes offered by the brand indeed look like very ordinary sneakers, boots or dress shoes, while making sure to keep the protection side.

Some models are also designed to bring a little pep and color to the general appearance of all users. The latter will thus be able to circulate everywhere with Lemaitre shoes, in street clothes, or even a dressier outfit, without it being a stain.

Lemaitre safety shoes adapted to each profession

Aware of the fact that each worker operates in different working conditions, Oxwork has selected a wide range of safety shoes, for men and for woman, from the Lemaitre brand to meet every need. Whether you work outdoors or indoors, you are spoiled for choice of sturdy safety shoes to resist shocks, comfortable and perfectly waterproof with this brand. Indeed, its objective is to offer you optimal foot protection against the risks of crushing, slipping and perforation in your workplace. Low, high, elegant shoes as well as sneakers are available on the Oxwork website, with sizes ranging from 34 to 50.

Purchase: On which site to buy Lemaitre safety shoes at the best price?

You are looking for safety shoes high or low, boots or Lemaitre kitchen shoes from the Lemaitre brand safety? You are looking for Lemaitre work accessories as well as women safety sneakers. Look no further, we offer many models of the brand's shoes on our Oxwork website. Best value for money guaranteed with various specifications and sizes available.