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  1. Chemise bucheron matelassée Dickies PORTLAND rouge
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    Dickies PORTLAND Quilted Shirt

    As low as €42.77 €35.64 Regular Price €61.10
  2. KARIBAN Sherpa-lined flannel check overshirt
    • Promo -30

    KARIBAN Sherpa-lined flannel check overshirt

    As low as €33.64 €28.03 Regular Price €48.06
  3. Work trousers DIADORA ROCK CAMO
    • Outlet -25

    Work trousers DIADORA ROCK CAMO

    As low as €27.00 €22.50 Regular Price €36.00
  4. Bermuda cargo bicolore multipoche Ripstop Stretch LMA NAVIRE
    • Outlet -30
    • Bestseller

    Two-tone multi-pocket cargo Bermuda Ripstop Stretch LMA NAVIRE

    As low as €30.24 €25.20 Regular Price €43.20
  5. Veste de travail haute visibilité HV stretch multipoches Coverguard HIBANA Jaune
    • Promo -30

    HIBANA Coverguard multi-pocket HV stretch high visibility work jacket

    As low as €34.51 €28.76 Regular Price €49.30
  6. Veste de travail softshell coupe vent stretch à capuche Diadora SAIL Bleu
    • Promo -20

    Diadora SAIL stretch windproof softshell work jacket with hood

    As low as €45.25 €37.71 Regular Price €56.57
  7. Veste de travail Bomber  déparlant avec manches amovibles Diadora D-SWAT bleu
    • Promo -20

    Water-Repellent Bomber Work Jacket with Detachable Sleeves Diadora D-SWAT

    As low as €49.37 €41.14 Regular Price €61.72
  8. Pantalon de travail Stretch Holster haute visibilité PW3 Portwest
      Falling Price

    PW3 Portwest High Visibility Holster Stretch Reinforced Work Trousers

    As low as €62.70 €52.25 Regular Price €66.00
  9. Sweatshirt de travail à capuche renforcé Caterpillar ESSENTIALS SWEAT HOODIE
      Falling Price

    Caterpillar ESSENTIALS SWEAT HOODIE Reinforced Hooded Work Sweatshirt

    As low as €59.29 €49.41 Regular Price €65.88
  10. Gants de travail anti-abrasion anti-déchirure NPR Pro Mousse Nitrile Portwest paire
      Falling Price
    • Bestseller

    Portwest NPR Pro Foam Nitrile Abrasion Work Gloves

    As low as €3.19 €2.66 Regular Price €3.36
  11. Parka de travail hiver haute-visibilité matelassée imperméable avec capuche amovible PW3 Portwest orange
      Falling Price
    • Free delivery
  12. Parka de travail hiver haute-visibilité imperméable Femme PW3 Portwest jaune
    • Promo -30

    Women's PW3 Waterproof Hi-Vis Winter Work Parka Portwest

    As low as €66.44 €55.37 Regular Price €94.92
  13. Pantalon de travail multipoches Stretch Holster avec emplacement genouillères PW3 Portwest
    • Promo -30

    PW3 Portwest Stretch Holster Multipocket Work Trousers with Knee Pads

    As low as €40.49 €33.74 Regular Price €57.84
  14. Chaussure de sécurité montante NORMAN S3 Parade
    • Promo -15

    Parade metal-free boots NORMAN S3 SRC

    As low as €61.56 €51.30 Regular Price €72.42
  15. gants de travail protection impact Coverguard Eurocut Impact 100 face
    • Promo -30

    Coverguard EUROCUT IMPACT 100 impact work gloves (pack of 5)

    As low as €55.44 €46.20 Regular Price €79.20
  16. Bottes de sécurité tout terrain sans métal Lemaitre MOJAVE S3 SRC CI
      Falling Price
    • Bestseller
    • Free delivery

    Lemaitre MOJAVE S3 SRC CI Metal Free All Terrain Safety Boots

    As low as €111.02 €92.52 Regular Price €116.87
  17. sweat shirt col zippe dos rallonge puma work wear anthracite et bleu devant
    • salopette de travail zones reflechissantes puma work wear devant noir/ gris
      • Veste thermique 4 couches WK. Designed To Work - Vue de face
        • Eco-responsible
        • Falling Price

        Veste thermique 4 couches WK. Designed To Work

        As low as €30.70 €25.58 Regular Price €34.10
      • Sac à dos pour outils et ordinateur portable WK. Designed To Work - Face
          Falling Price

        Backpack for tools and laptop WK. Designed To Work

        As low as €80.81 €67.34 Regular Price €89.78
      • botte de securite fourree rigair pro fur dunlup s5 ci src
        • Promo -5
        • Free delivery

        Lined safety boots RIGAIR PRO FUR Dunlup S5 CI SRC

        As low as €104.23 €86.86 Regular Price €109.72
      • Chemise de travail matelassée épaisse LMA ERABLE
        • Promo -10

        LMA MAPLE Thick Quilted Work Shirt

        As low as €47.17 €39.31 Regular Price €55.50
      • Gant anticoupures Aramide latex HR PORTWEST EN388 / EN407
        • New
        • Falling Price

        Aramide latex HR cut-resistant gloves PORTWEST

        As low as €6.84 €5.70 Regular Price €7.20
      • Pantalon LMA Vulcain
        • New
        • Promo -20

        Two-tone waterproof work trousers with knee pads pockets LMA Vulcain

        As low as €30.52 €25.43 Regular Price €35.90
      • chaussure-de-securite-montante-lemaitre-darwin-s3-src
        • New
        • Promo -20

        LEMAITRE DARWIN S3 SRC high safety shoes

        As low as €68.09 €56.74 Regular Price €85.12
      • chaussures-de-securite-montantes-lemaitre-albi-s3-src
        • New
        • Falling Price

        LEMAITRE ALBI S3 SRC high safety shoes

        As low as €95.33 €79.44 Regular Price €100.34
      • Lanière double outils PORTWEST FP54
        • New
        • Falling Price
        • Free delivery

        PORTWEST FP54 double tool lanyard

        As low as €129.01 €107.51 Regular Price €135.80
      • Jean de travail multipoches à genouillères en denim stretch LMA BARIL
          Falling Price
        • Bestseller

        LMA BARIL stretch denim multi-pocket work jeans with knee pads

        As low as €37.31 €31.09 Regular Price €43.90
      • Écharpe multifonctions antimicrobienne Portwest Bleu
          Falling Price

        Portwest Antimicrobial Multi-Function Scarf

        As low as €8.33 €6.94 Regular Price €8.76
      • Pantalon bûcheron forestier Oak Portwest
        • Promo -30

        Oak Portwest Lumberjack Trousers

        As low as €75.77 €63.14 Regular Price €108.24

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      Lumberjack, pruner by vocation or for your personal activities, it is important to have appropriate clothing during your forestry work. Personal protective equipment or PPE such as lumberjack clothing such as shoes, jacket or lumberjack pants, ensures your safety and avoids any accidents such as a cut from a chainsaw for example. Your safety, our priority! Find a wide selection of clothing on our online store

      Forestry clothing: PPE their importance

      The use of personal protective equipment is mandatory for any use of a chainsaw by an employee or a professional and is strongly recommended for an individual. That's why Oxwork offers you a wide range of safety clothing for loggers. Safety pants, overalls with braces protect your legs by blocking the saw chain in case of accidental contact.

      Indeed, the OAK Chainsaw fabric is a very resistant fabric and has a water-repellent finish on the front of each leg. The helmet with mesh or transparent visor protects the eyes, face and ears at the same time. The face shield prevents metal shavings or shards getting into the eyes, as well as bites and scratches on the face by branches and brambles. Cut-resistant gloves protect against the many small injuries that reach the hands. Lumberjack shoes protect your feet from falling material or trees. Lumberjack outfits must comply with standard EN 381-5. It certifies that the products have been designated to provide leg protection against portable chainsaws.

      The forestry work of loggers and pruners are high-risk jobs. Indeed, the felling of trees and the pruning of branches can lead to serious accidents. Therefore, it requires tremendous caution. Climbing a tree without the proper kit can be deadly.

      Oxwork is selling work clothes for lumberjacks and pruners. A wide range of quality and inexpensive products awaits you on the site.

      Equipment and accessories: lumberjack and pruner work clothes


      Sawdust and wood shavings can damage your eyes. As a result, wearing safety glasses is an obligation for optimal eye protection.

      Design, frame and color, you have plenty of choice at Oxwork. So, opt for a model adapted to your face shape while respecting the safety rules. In addition, these standardized, lightweight accessories with adjustable temples are designed for the wearer's comfort during forestry work.


      The height of trees is one of the risks of the profession of lumberjack and pruner. Wearing a protective helmet is however mandatory. To do this, discover the new products for sale on the Oxwork website. For example, the forest helmet model is quite practical. It is equipped with an integrated screen and SNR:29 dB hearing protection, all in one. In addition, it guarantees you an integral defense in the face.


      The harness has the function of restraining its holder in the event of a fall. Indeed, it allows you to work serenely at height. The woodcutter can work in complete safety with quality and very resistant harnesses from Oxwork. In addition, they are adjustable according to your ease. Precisely, it has several points of adjustment at the level of the legs and the chest. Incidentally, donning is child's play with the quick-release buckles.

      For more comfort, choose the 4-point comfort plus model with padded legs, lower back and shoulder straps.

      Ear plugs and headphones

      In a noisy environment, hearing protection is not to be neglected. Therefore, the use of plugs and noise-cancelling headphones will reduce the amount of sound the machine makes towards you. Both are valid in several styles.

      First of all, helmet models with an adjustable and foldable headband are very practical. These can easily fit in your pocket. As for the caps, those equipped with a cord will allow you to hang them up once use is finished, or keep them around your neck during intermittent use.

      Work pants

      To properly cover your lower limbs, wear lumberjack pants is essential. This work ensures optimal protection in your tasks. For this, various models of major brands and of superior quality are available on our site. In addition, the design materials of each pair are carefully selected.

      The elastic provides comfort and readjustment according to your waist size. The pockets distributed on the lateral side, back and front allow as much storage as possible.

      Protective gloves

      Your hands need protective gloves against risks related to working materials. The ideal glove model is the A290 class 0 chainsaw protection Lumberjack. They are ultra comfortable for a few hours of work. The left glove has protective elements that comply with standard EN 381-7 Class 0.16 m/s. You can appropriate the ideal pair by referring to the EN 420 standard according to your knack.

      Lumberjack shoes

      To finish off your outfit, lumberjack shoes are the PPE to have for the most optimal protection of your feet. This PPE must correspond at least to standard S3, and/or S4, and/or S5.

      Here are the standard features:

      • The S3 standard: the S2 standard with the addition of a studded sole and resistance to perforation.
      • The S4 standard: The protection is 200 joules for the shell. All rubber or polymer shoes have antistatic properties. These shoes are resistant to oils and hydrocarbons, energy absorption of the heel and closed back.
      • The S5 standard: The S4 standard as well as a studded sole and puncture resistance.

      Oxwork offers a wide range of safety shoes corresponding to its standards which you can find in the following category.

      Winter logging and pruning clothing: jacket, pants

      Oxwork offers a range of lumberjack or pruner clothing for all seasons. In winter, the safety needs are the same as the rest of the year, but require an additional feature for the comfort of the person wearing the outfit, that of warmth. You will find a winter range on Oxwork, clothing specific to this season (jackets, pants, shirts) provide warmth during cold periods thanks to the material used such as flannel or the lined technique, or the quilted fleece lining. . A special winter jacket or trousers corresponds to the EN343, EN342 standard. Here are the characteristics of its standards:EN343: protective clothing against bad weather, snow, fog and ground humidityEN342: protective clothing against cold

      How to take care of your work clothes?

      Preserve your uniforms by having the habit of respecting their cleaning instructions.

      First, work pants are easy to care for. In addition, they are often made of waterproof fabrics from which stains can disappear even with manual washing.

      Secondly, the protective glasses have to be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth after each use.

      Lately, keep your caps dust-free. Therefore, wash them after each use or replace them directly with a new one if necessary. It will also prevent the introduction of germs into your inner ear.