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  1. Kariban organic cotton apron
    • Eco-responsible
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    Kariban organic cotton apron
    As low as €15.79 €13.16 Regular Price €16.62
  2. Kimood organic cotton shopping bag
    • Eco-responsible
    Kimood organic cotton shopping bag
    As low as €14.94 €12.45
  3. Noir
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    ROBUR DAX eco-friendly kitchen apron
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  4. Result Recycled Acrylic Thermal Insulated Beanie
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    Result Recycled Acrylic Thermal Insulated Beanie
    As low as €4.67 €3.89 Regular Price €5.18
  5. Sac marin imperméable KIMOOD
    • Eco-responsible
    KIMOOD waterproof duffel bag
    As low as €19.46 €16.22
  6. Bleu
    • Eco-responsible
    KIMOOD toiletry bag
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  7. Naturel
    • Eco-responsible
  8. Noir
    • Eco-responsible
    KIMOOD backpack zipped front pocket
    As low as €6.80 €5.67
  9. Vert Citron
    • Eco-responsible
    Kimood Sport backpack
    As low as €19.46 €16.22
  10. Noir / gris
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    Kimood Multisport Backpack
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  11. Trousse de toilette KIMOOD
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    KIMOOD toiletry bag 4L
    As low as €6.61 €5.51 Regular Price €9.44
  12. Recycled anti-cold gloves LATEX G-TEK 3RX COATING (set of 6 pairs)
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    Recycled anti-cold gloves LATEX G-TEK 3RX COATING (set of 6 pairs)
    As low as €53.77 €44.81 Regular Price €76.82
  13. G-TEK 3RX Recycled Protective Gloves (Pack of 12)
    • Eco-responsible
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    G-TEK 3RX Recycled Protective Gloves (Pack of 12)
    As low as €28.64 €23.87 Regular Price €40.92

13 Items

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In respect of the environment, some industries producing individual work equipment (PPE) have taken the initiative to produce clothing and work accessories eco-friendly. Some products are made from organic fibers such as cotton and some are made from recycled materials.

How do you know if a work accessory is eco-responsible?

Each company manufacturing work equipment must comply with the standards imposed by the European Union before selling a specific product. A work accessory is said to be eco-responsible or ecological by meeting one or more of its standards:

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

The GOTS demonstrates that the textile fibers used in manufacturing are truly organic. This allows respect for the environment. There are 2 certification categories:

  • Level 1: the textile is made up of more than 95% of organic fibers and less than 5% of synthetic or artificial fibers
  • Level 2: The textile is made of more than 70% organic fibers, less than 10% synthetic fibers and less than 20% non-organic fibers

Organic Content Standard (OSC)

The OSC is a certification awarded to non-food products containing more than 95 or even 100% organic materials. This standard is certified by organizations that guarantee the quality of the organic materials present in the product.

Recycled Claim Standard (RCS)

The RCS label is assigned to products made by a part of recycled raw material component. A product is RCS certified when it meets the Chain of Custody requirements of the Content Claim Standard or CCS.

Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

The GRS standard controls recycled components in products so that the manufacturing process, social and environmental practices of the factory are responsible.


The purpose of this standard is to certify the product has no trace of animals. This label also verifies that the product has never been tested on a live animal.

Some examples of models of ecological work accessories

In recent years, many manufacturing industries have started using recycled or organic materials as raw materials. Many everyday tools have already been certified eco-responsible, such as: solid toothpaste, bamboo cutlery, washable wipes, bins, dishes. Below are some examples of accessories used in the middle of work:

Household and fashion accessory: organic cotton shopping bag

This is a shopping bag from the Kimood brand, with contrasting striped handles. It has an internal pocket and magnetic button closure. This bag was made entirely from organic cotton. It has obtained the OCS 100 certificate. This shopping bag is really practical for carrying groceries or other work accessories.

Hair accessory: Recycled hat

The thermal insulated hat from the Result brand was made from recycled acrylic. The factory collects plastic bottles in order to manufacture it, which is very good for the environment. Even though it is made from recycled material, it remains soft to the touch. It is used by road workers or those who work in an external environment during the winter seasons.

Kitchen accessory: Organic cotton apron

The Apron organic cotton is a Kariban brand product. It is made from 100% organic cotton and OCS100 certified. It is adapted in the world of the kitchen with its resistance and the comfort it provides. It is recommended for those who exercise in the kitchen environment. It is also recommended for chalkboard painters.

Bathroom accessory: toiletry bag

For your business trips or your travels, the toiletry bag is a tool to have in order to carry your accessories such as your toothbrush, your deodorant, your perfume, etc. If you are looking for an eco-responsible toiletry bag, there is the Kimood brand model. It is made with 100% waterproof cotton canvas and certified EVE VEGAN.

What gift to buy for an eco-friendly?

For the protection of the environment, some people adopt the green lifestyle. They only buy products from organic stores. If you decide to give a gift to an eco-friendly and you have no idea, the ideal solution is to buy eco-responsible tools such as stainless steel straws, books, tea filters etc...