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  1. Low ecological safety shoes GLOVE ECO MDS S1P SRC HRO
    • Eco-responsible
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    Low ecological safety shoes GLOVE ECO MDS S1P SRC HRO
    As low as €109.72 €91.43 Regular Price €137.15
  2. Eco-responsible safety shoes S1P SRC ESD Safety Jogger MORRIS
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    Eco-responsible safety shoes S1P SRC ESD Safety Jogger MORRIS
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  3. Low safety shoes CHARGE GREEN Puma S1P ESD HRO SRC
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    Low safety shoes CHARGE GREEN Puma S1P ESD HRO SRC
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  4. Low safety shoes Puma Safety SPEED GREEN S1P ESD HRO SRC
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    Low safety shoes Puma Safety SPEED GREEN S1P ESD HRO SRC
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  5. Baskets de sécurité basses éco-responsables respirantes Parade VERGER S1P SRC gris
    • Eco-responsible
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    Parade VERGER S1P SRC eco-responsible low safety trainers
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  6. Chaussures de sécurité basses Puma Safety CHARGE BLACK LOW S1P ESD HRO SRC
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  7. Baskets de sécurité basses vegan Puma Safety CHARGE ORANGE LOW S1P ESD HRO SRC
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  8. Basket de sécurité basses sans métal végan Albatros DRIFTER GREEN LOW S1P SRC
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  9. Basket de sécurité basses sans métal végan Albatros DRIFTER BLACK LOW S1P SRC
    • Eco-responsible

10 Items

Set Descending Direction

The basis of safety at work is work shoes security. Protection against falling objects, crushing, perforation, electric shocks but also breathable and non-slip. If the Oxwork company has until now offered safety shoes that combine quality and comfort, it is now committed to offering ecological shoes.

What are the ecological materials for shoes?

Eco-responsible shoes are shoes produced with ecological materials: components made of recycled plastic from, for example, plastic bottles, leather of vegetable origin, organic cotton. This makes it possible to adopt a more responsible and sustainable manufacturing method that promotes respect for the environment.

The qualification of ethical or responsible shoes also involves the working conditions of employees during production as well as correct remuneration.

Recycled plastic bottle shoes, is that possible?

The Safety Jogger brand offers eco-responsible shoes made from recycled plastic, the famous Morris pair. Each pair is made up of around ten plastic bottles.

The Diadora brand also offers a pair with partly recycled components, which reduces the consumption of natural resources during manufacturing and thus reduces the environmental impact.

Brand of eco-friendly vegan shoes.

Vegan means that all animal materials are prohibited in the manufacture of the products.

The Puma brand is also going green with its two vegan pairs the Speed ​​Green and the Charge Green.

Where to buy eco-responsible shoes?

Whether you are looking for ecological safety shoes for women or men, you can only be seduced by the mixed colors that Oxwork offers. Available from size 36 to 47, you should find a shoe that fits you ;).

Do not hesitate to contact Oxbot, your virtual advisor if you hesitate between two pairs.

You can buy your pair of eco-friendly shoes on Oxwork's eco-friendly page.

Adapted safety shoes

Several important factors can influence a person when making a decision to buy a pair of shoes or safety trainers. Indeed, the majority of individuals are tempted to move towards the acquisition of light and comfortable safety shoes.

This is why Oxwork makes every effort to offer quality goods. Safety shoes can cause problems when moving around in a workplace, but also cause pain in the soles of the feet. To avoid these annoying inconveniences, you have to choose your pair of safety shoes with some care. Whatever your job, you can find the right protective shoes. Oxwork has made it its mission to present a wide qualitative range of comfortable work shoes to fully satisfy its customers.

There are several types of work shoes on the footwear market, because not all workplaces are the same. It is easy to distinguish between outdoor and indoor jobs.

Indeed, a person working in a covered place will not be confronted with climatic problems such as heavy rain or snow. On the contrary, a person working outdoors will be directly affected by these climatic risks.

Therefore, a wide choice is made available to the customer, for example metal-free safety shoes or kitchen shoes. In addition, for hostile environments (cold, shocks, humidity), it is possible to bring boots security very effective.

Oxwork now offers an eco-responsible offer for those who want to work while being green. You can complete your eco-friendly style with tops, low, but also caps as well as gloves.

How to make your shoes last longer?

To prolong the life of your shoes, we recommend that you clean them regularly and protect them with suitable products. Do not dry your shoes on a radiator or near a heat source.

I don't want my shoes anymore, what should I do?

If I no longer want to wear my safety shoes and they are still in good condition, I can resell them on a second-hand site.

If they are too damaged, I look for a collection point for shoes so that they can be recycled in the appropriate sector. Above all, I don't throw my shoe in the normal trash can! This causes a problem in the recovery of my other waste.

Certifications: quality and ecology.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, our shoes meet quality and safety standards. Here are the standards that you can find on our eco-responsible shoes:

EN ISO 20345: all safety footwear must comply with this standard before being put on the market. It brings together fundamental requirements: resistance to impact and crushing of the toe cap, resistance and quality of the materials as well as ergonomics and comfort of the shoe. It also guarantees slip resistance.

It also provides additional requirements: anti-droop (A), protection of the malleolus (AN) and metatarsals (M), insulation against cold (CI) and heat (HI), energy absorption of the heel (E), resistance to hydrocarbons (FO), resistance to cutting (CI), to heat (HRO), to perforation (P) and to water (WR-U).

Several categories are then visible:

  • The S1 standard: Safety shoes for indoor activities. They are resistant to oils and hydrocarbons, with a protective toe and have a heel that absorbs shocks.
  • The S1P standard: The S1 standard to which puncture resistance must be added.
  • The S2 standard: safety shoes for outdoor activities. These shoes are resistant to water penetration and absorption
  • The S3 standard: the S2 standard with the addition of a studded sole and resistance to perforation.
  • The S4 standard: The protection is 200 joules for the shell. All rubber or polymer shoes have antistatic properties. These shoes are resistant to oils and hydrocarbons, heel energy absorption and closed back.
  • The S5 standard: The S4 standard as well as a studded sole and puncture resistance.

ESD: it is an additional standard that allows the dissipation of electrostatic charges.

SRC: This is a special anti-slip standard. It is slip resistant on soap coated ceramic (SRA) and oil on steel (SRB). The SRA plus SRB standard gives the SRC.