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Complements: professional noise canceling headphones

Oxwork provides its customers with a wide range of noise-canceling headphones, these headphones can be used without or with earplugs.

Noise-canceling headphones: high volume

The ear muffs offered by Oxwork are made of insulating foam which helps block the propagation of noise that may be higher or lower depending on the client's industry. Thus, these helmets perfectly protect the eardrums of its users. Indeed, loud noises can seriously damage the eardrums. This is why it is very important to choose the right helmet. You will easily notice that several headsets are available, to meet the different needs of different individuals. These protectors are therefore adjustable and come in different colours.

What is the best noise canceling headphones and which one to choose for working?

Choice of noise canceling headphones

When carrying out work at home or in the world of work in general, it is possible to be confronted with noises that can be dangerous to your health (damaged eardrums). To avoid this terrible inconvenience, noise-canceling headphones seem to be an adequate solution. The sound level can be very high (more than 58 decibels). Therefore, it is important to choose the helmet that properly muffles noise, but also allows ease at work. That's why Oxwork is on a mission to provide quality headsets, because customer safety is paramount, moreover, these hearing protectors are comfortable and do not interfere with the worker in carrying out his tasks.

In general, people with hearing protection also face other risks that can harm them physically. To avoid taking the slightest risk, additional equipment exists to protect the head in particular. hard hats are often recommended to complete the outfit. Because it provides a screen between the head and the external elements likely to be dangerous. Of course, other equipment can be added.

Noise at work, what the law says:

Noise pollution is one of the top three workplace health risks. Officially recognized by the regulations relating to PPE, they are also considered dangers with irreversible consequences. The noise protection requirements remain the same even if a recent text from February 2021 plans to make changes to the text on health at work. Noise is considered a real danger and social actors, employees and company managers must protect themselves against it.

Wearing hearing protection is mandatory as soon as the noise level in the environment exceeds 85 decibels. This has been clarified by European Directive 2003/10/EC on the protection of workers from the risks arising from exposure to noise at work. The employer is therefore obliged to inform his employees and equip them with hearing protection and PPE.

Different types of noise canceling headphones - Professional hearing protection

There aredifferent models of ear muffs depending on the needs of each worker.

Passive headphones

Passive headphones typically offer 20 to 37 decibels of attenuation. They attenuate all external noise without sound modulation.

Active noise canceling headphones with sound modulation.

Operating with batteries, these versions have an electronic device on board: the integrated microphone records the sounds before processing them, then transmits them through the loudspeaker. Like this, the device amplifies low sounds such as the voice while attenuating the higher ones in order to allow you to converse with those around you or to remain attentive to the sounds of your environment without having to remove the equipment.

Non-communicating headset

They are recommended for lone workers who do not need to emit or listen to voice alerts. It is indeed impossible to connect a peripheral allowing a communication.

Communicating headset

A communicating headset allows you to stay in touch with your teams. You can therefore connect a walkie-talkie or a telephone to it to answer calls while remaining protected from noise pollution. Some versions, for example, even incorporate a radiocommunication system.

Noise-canceling radio headphones

Called radio noise canceling headphones, they attenuate outside sounds while playing music or the radio. Thisoption is particularly interesting for improving the motivation of professionals performing daunting tasks. However, it should not be confused with a simple headset which obviously does not provide the same protection against outside noise.

Ear muffs

Indeed, if you have to wear a hard hat, it is better to opt for earplugs or noise-canceling visors that attach to the helmet rather than hearing aids.