Work overalls for women

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  1. Combinaison de travail Redhawk Dickies Marine
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    Dickies Redhawk Work Coverall
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  2. Bleu
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    Blue bugatti Taloche LMA 100% cotton coverall
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  3. Orange
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    Portwest C811 Work Coveralls
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  4. Bleu Royal
      Portwest Polycotton Euro Work Coverall
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      Liverpool Portwest Combination
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    • Rouge
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      Dickies 100% cotton coverall with retro reflective stripes
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    6 Items

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    Women's overalls - Professional outfit / clothing

    Are you looking for work overalls to make you feel safe and comfortable in your job? Oxwork offers you some of the best models on the market. Discover below the important points about our products and a short guide to find the right coveralls you need.

    What distinguishes our women's overalls from others?

    Oxwork is your expert in workwear and other PPE. We have a large and varied catalog of products for professionals from all walks of life. If you need work overalls, we invite you to browse our selection of the best work overalls for women. They stand out from other offers for the following reasons:

    Overalls offering reliable protection in one piece

    The special thing about our coveralls is that they are all-in-one clothing. a (top and bottom) that give you the combined seamless protection of a number of different garments. If you're wearing coveralls, you're protected from neck to toe without having to match multiple pieces of clothing. Overalls combine the benefits of work pants and work jackets. work as a practical individual element with which you are immediately and fully protected.

    Simple and easy-to-use overalls

    Put on work clothes has never been easier, as you can slip into overalls at any time without any problems. Our classic models of coveralls mostly have a practical zipper and do not have buttons to allow you to put them on more easily. Thanks to the quick and easy way to put on our coveralls, you save valuable time and make your working day much easier.

    Overalls that can be worn over other clothes

    A work overall that can be put on in a very short time is an advantage that allows you to put it directly on your usual clothes without having to take them off or change them. Our coveralls are designed in such a way that you can easily put them on over trousers and thus protect yourself quickly if necessary. Don't worry about the size, because our coveralls are loose enough to give you the flexibility to wear extra clothes underneath.

    Comfortable overalls

    Our coveralls are as comfortable as overalls. The upper and lower parts are cleverly combined so you don't have to worry about slipping pants or an impractical jacket. The continuous fit of our coveralls ensures that the sleeves and leggings fit properly.

    How to choose work overalls?

    What should you look for when buying coveralls? Here are the criteria you should consider.


    What material is the coverall of your choice made of? Is it a high quality fabric that gives you the sturdiness and comfort you need? We recommend that you take a closer look and find out in advance what materials the coveralls that are part of your own selection are made of. The material is essential for both longevity and protection. Only robust materials that have the required strength and quality can withstand the high demands of workplaces and remain in perfect condition even after repeated use.

    Besides this reliable sturdiness, the material of your coveralls should also be comfortable. It should feel soft against your skin, not feel stiff, and adapt to your movements so you can work without restriction. We recommend cotton coveralls that offer you exactly these advantages.

    Size and cut

    Pay attention to size and fit (see our guide). If you must put on coveralls, you should consider leaving enough room for the clothes you will be leaving underneath. It is also important that the sleeve and leg lengths are correct and that they are neither too short nor too long. You should feel perfectly comfortable in your coveralls, as you often wear them for several hours.

    Additional features

    The little things often make the difference. This also applies to overalls. If you want comfort on all levels, we recommend paying attention to detail. Does the model you are interested in have features such as extra pockets, zippers or an adjustable waist? Find out in advance if they are essential to your work.