Tidy Professional disposable individual protections

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    Tidy Professional Coverpro 5S Anti-Static Protective Suit
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    Protective coverall with hood Tidy Professional White SPP (Pack of 50)
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    Disposable cap with Tidy Professional visor (Pack of 100)
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    Tidy Professional Aprons Disposable Food Aprons (Pack of 1000)
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    Tidy Professional Oil Resistant Arm Warmers (Pack of 50 pairs)
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    Tidy Professionnal Puffy Round Disposable Charlotte (Pack of 100)
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    Tidy Professional Disposable Catering Cap (Pack of 100)
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    Charlotte disposable clip Tidy Professional (Pack of 100)
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    Tidy Professional Disposable Fishnet Cap (Pack of 1000)
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11 Items

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The usefulness of Tidy Professional disposable personal protection -PPE

Single-use protection or short-use protection are other names for accessories or clothing intended to be used only a few times, or even only once. These protections are generally used in the field of health, in the industry agro-food or anything related to hygiene. Focus on the disposable PPE offered by the Tidy Professional brand and their design standards.

The role of disposable protection is to preserve the health of the worker for a specific period of time. Some are designed to protect against electrical or biological risks for example, but in many areas, they are mainly used to protect against dirt.

Disposable protection protects the worker's personal clothing from projections and splashes during work or to maintain impeccable hygiene in a given space. In the latter case, the protection applies to protect against possible contamination by elements coming from outside that a worker who circulates may have brought. It can also be to guarantee hygiene by preventing a hair from falling and contaminating a space.

While some disposable protection, such as masks, can be worn for more than one work session, their lifespan is defined well in advance. Once the defined time period or number of uses has been reached, all use of the protection must be stopped.

Disposable personal protective equipment:

There are several disposable protective accessories or single-use accessories. The demands and their usefulness vary according to the sectors of activity (health, construction, food industry, factories manufacturing chemical products, roads, etc.). We can still classify them into 5 main categories:

Here, Tidy Professional focuses more on the latter category of protection.

Tidy Professional disposable personal protection and their manufacturing standards

The brand offers several disposable protections that will cover the worker from head to toe, and which are adapted to the activities he carries out.

As the name suggests, overshoes are accessories that protect the shoes of employees and visitors from splashes and splashes. They will also avoid external contamination of a workspace.

Some overshoes are embossed, that is to say designed with reliefs at their base to minimize the risk of falling.

- The disposable cap

It protects the hair while preventing it from falling out by keeping it in a kind of plastic cap. The charlotte must be adjusted to the head of each wearer so that no locks pass through, and contain all types of long, short, bushy, fine hair...

- The Catering Cap

This is another alternative to the disposable charlotte since it also serves to protect the hair and prevent it from falling, helped in this by a fishnet. As its name already suggests, this disposable protection is mainly used in the catering industry. Like the disposable cap, it is light and compact and will not interfere with the employee in his work.

- The beard cover

Like the cap and the charlotte, the role of the beard cover will be to prevent a beard hair from contaminating a given space.

- The oil-resistant cuff

Tidy Professional has designed a cuff specifically to be oil resistant. It thus protects the professional clothing of the worker under the cuff.

- The apron

It protects the body down to the legs. It is ideal for protecting clothing from liquid splashes.

- The protective suit

Like reusable protective suits, the single-use version is EN ISO 13688:2013 certified. This is the basic rule of PPE suits. However, this standard cannot be used alone. Depending on the sector where it will be used, one or more other standards will be added to it to provide the appropriate protection.

Additional standards that govern the design of Tidy Professional disposable coveralls are:

- EN 530: offers protection against abrasions.

- EN 13982-2:2004 + A1:2010 TYPE 5: protects against airborne dry particles

- EN 13034:2005 + A1:2009 TYPE 6: protects against small sprays of liquid chemicals

- EN 1149-5:2008: provides protection against static electricity

- EN 1073-2:2002: protects against contamination from radioactive particles